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Main Geet Gaaoon Pyaar Ke

By Achal Rangaswamy from Ahmedabad

Main Geet Gaaoon Pyaar Ke

A recently released movie had an absolutely irrelevant , irreverent and rude remark about Rafi Sahab and his penchant for singing only sad songs that were meant to make the singer and his listeners cry.

Like me, many others reacted very strongly to this dialogue mouthed by the leading lady in the film, but over a week we all got over it. Simple reason, the remark was not worth a penny, nor was the film, its makers and the need to have inserted that dialogue in the film.

Another reason for my saying so is that Rafi Sahab perhaps holds a record for singing the most number of romantic, uplifting and inspiring songs , even based purely and only on the subject of love. He made it sound sublime and divine. Where was the need, or the occasion, or the desire or even thought , for the singer to cry. Or let me put it this way, when he actually did cry during a song, it was because he was expressing pathos, so deep that any other mood would not have fit the song.

Let’s just look at a few songs that Rafi Sahab sang to express love.

To start with, the very title of my article. A very famous non-film song of his, Main geet gaaoon pyaar ke. Rafi Sahab goes on to say MERE LIYE TOH BAS YEHI PAL HAIN HASEEN BAHAAR KE. TUM SAAMNE BAITHI RAHO, MAIN GEET GAAOON PYAAR KE. What an absolutely delightful thought and rendering. The song is over 4o years old , but sounds so fresh and energetic even today. Where is any need to cry? Where is any need to mope, rave or rant. Love expressed in its most simple yet beautiful manner.

Tu Mere Saamne Hai, Teri Zulfein Hai Khuli is perhaps one of the most sensual and sensuous songs in the history of HFM. Rafi Sahab does great justice to it. I am tempted to say that if any young man ventures to sing this song and does justice to it , his lady love is surely going to fall for it. All said most respectfully. So telling is the song in terms of seriousness, sincerity and passion.

Aise Toh Na Dekho , Ke Humko Nasha Ho Jaaye. This gem from Teen Deviyan has had thousands of young men singing their heart out. Dulcet tune, great lyrics yes. But the true life to the song appears to be the youthful and vibrant voice that pleads for release from intoxication and total surrender. Who else could have done justice to this number but Rafi Sahab? Dev Anand Sahab himself has admitted that this was an extremely romantic and catchy note.

The most sung, the most played on the radio, and for years a very popular number is Teri Pyaari Pyaari Surat Ko Kisiki Nazar Na Lagey. One is almost tempted to sing further and say Chashme Buddoor. To the song. Because the song itself ran the risk of being envied and ruled over, as it climbed the popularity charts and hit parade winner lists. Pure love, simple words, a dedicated lover , and a plaint to the heroine to keep herself from watchful eyes.

Tumse Kahoon Ik Baat Paron si Halki Halki Halki. Let us try and discover a more soft, sensuous and romantic number. We shall fail. The song does, of course, have a close cousin in a different mode, where the singer describes the feelings of a young lady love. Kahin ek Masoom Naazuk si Ladki. Sheer poetry, rendered superbly by our idol. Both different moods, but both absolutely in awe of the lady, sung superbly and never failing to keep the romantic mood at its most supreme.

Yeh Mera Prem Patra Padhkar is the most hummable and popular of Rafi Sahab’s songs. It has been playing for over 50 years now, yet sounding fresh, simple, devoted and truly inspiring. Never has declaration of love sounded so divine or sublime.

Likhe jo Khat Tujhe, a song from the turn of the decade 60s caught our fancy when we were in school. We all must have sung it for some classmate or the other! Even as a 7th standard schoolboy, I couldn’t help sing this one at a school function,only to be told by my class teacher to sing a patriotic song! Yet, I treasured this song in my heart for many years. I still do.

And at the top of my list is what I consider to be Rafi Sahab’s most romantic and reassuring songs. Tere Mere Sapne Ab Ek Rang Hai from Guide. A fifty plus year old song. Way way beyond any declaration of love that today’s singers belt out. Whether there is a wajah or not!!

Tere Mere Sapne is such a benchmark that perhaps no singer could ever dream of touching, leave along scaling or going beyond. I am willing to bet that any lover in distress needs to express this song with the utmost care and reverence that Rafi Sahab does in the song. The result would only be positive !!

I can go on and on. I can talk of Dil Ka Bhanwar karey Pukar. I can mention Maine Poocha Chaand se. I can take the name of Ae Phoolon ki Rani Bahaaron Ki Malika. Or Phir Wohi Dil Laaya Hoon. Or even a Bahut Shukriya or a Pukarta Chala Hoon Main. Or Aapke Haseen Rukh pe aaj Naya Noor Hai.

For every stupid remark made by irresponsible and ignorant filmmakers and artistes there are at least a hundred songs, no less that hit you between your eyes, as fresh, romantic, catchy, lyrical and most importantly, elevating to the discerning listener.

Rafi Sahab lived his life the same way. Singing, and silencing his jealous detractors and jealous critics.

I rest my case. May each of his songs keep romance, love, bonding and happiness alive in this world that needs all of the above so badly.

Wishing Rafi Sahab a VERY HAPPY 92ND Birthday !!!!

Bahut Shukriya Badi Meherbani !!

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28 Blog Comments to “Main Geet Gaaoon Pyaar Ke”

  1. samuel george says:

    Rafi sab is the best and most popular singer in the Indian continent among all male and female singers. some notable examples are songs from dulari,deedar,baijubawra,sasural,chandivi ka chand and so many.

  2. Roy Pelay says:

    I am very proud of you. I think that if some one make such a remark about a divine soul who contributes so much everlasting memory in the minds of millions,
    should just listen to a few song of Rafi Saab that you pointed out.

  3. mukesh says:

    Shame on Anushka.shame on karan

  4. Ramchandra Shrestha says:

    In every same version songs sung by Rafi Saab to Lata, Lata has never been able to catch the punch given by Rafi Saab. In the song of Teri ankho ke siva….Lata can’t render… rakha kya hai; again in O mere shahekhuba, … Lata couldn’t reach the peak ….jane janana…koi dusara; in tum mujhe yun….Lata couln’t hit the punch at jab kabhi bhi sunoge…tume mujhe yun…gungunaoge…; and many more. The punch made by Rafi Saab is never been easy for Lata. This the fact and true fact. If you listen those songs carefully, it can be noticed.

  5. Ramchandra Shrestha says:

    Wah, what a beautiful comments. Rafi Saab the great singer of the years.

  6. Vidya says:

    I would like to add one more song sung by Rafi sahab ” Tum mujhe yun bhula na paaoge ” in film Pagla Kahi ka.. After hearing this song I wanted to see the video to know the situation because there was so much hurt was filled in that particular song, a lover reminding his lover about the days they spent together. Only Rafi could put so many emotions in any song. It has a female version sung by Lataji, though her version was good but it could not touch my heart. Rafi Sahab’s version takes me to a different world, my heart melts. How could he bring in such emotions in any song.. There are so many beautiful songs sung by Rafi Sahab, it’s difficult to choose the best. Every song is a Gem..

  7. Adeel Haidry says:

    Lata and Aasha have jealous views about rafi sb. as every body knows. Majority have considered that rafi sb. far ahead and better to Lata. Rafi sb fun is unlimited and Lata fun is limited.

  8. shammi says:

    unfortunately you will never get the likes of Lata condeming what Karan Johar has said. She was always opposed to Mohd Rafi as her jealously always got the better of her. I think if she did she may actually gain some respect from Mohd Rafi fans. Not many people question her talent as a singer as we are aware of that. However, her quality as a good human doesn’t exist and we’ve heard from many people over the years regarding this. As for Karan Johar his controversies obviously make for good sales for his book, and the title of his book sums him up, I personally wouldn’t give him the time of day.

  9. Zafar Ahmad says:

    Firstly, Lata gi must speak in favour of Rafi sb. and oppose strongly to Mr.Karan but she did not do so. Rafi is far ahead to Lata gi as Kishor Kumar had said at the time to Rafi sb. death. Some jealous persons want to decrease rafi popularity and is making ground for Lata gi that is bigger to Rafi sb.

    Rafian’s we must abuse to Mr.Karan and his film.

  10. H V GURU MURTHY says:


    We know that Rafi saab has sung so many romantic songs that the particular dialogue in the movie is stupid. Anyhow, even in the movie it was an inaccuous dialogue, no deep meaning should be attached, it deserves to be ignored. Let us enjoy Rafiji’s songs.v

  11. Zafar Ahmad says:

    Dear Bernard n. singh,

    Please open google site and write only vote to rafi. Then put vote to rafi sb.

  12. Zafar Ahmad says:

    I request to all Rafians to cast vote to Rafi sb.
    You can vote to rafi sb. after every one hour.
    Rafi sb. is the one of the best singer of the world in all aspects as you know.
    He is now on 6th position of the world at this time. He must be on 1st place. Thanks

  13. sumita says:

    I LOVE U, RAFIJI The Divine Singer. Everything changes but Divinity and thirst for The Divine. So also the thirst for Rafiji’s songs. Happy 2017 to All.

  14. shakeel ahmed says:

    In my comments dated 25.12.2016 I had mentioned a couplet describing the humble nature of Rafi sahab there is a small correction and the same be read thus underlined word is what omitted earlier……. kisi ko bhi os ke khad ka gumana tha ..O AASMA tha lekin phir bi sar jhokaye baitah tha.

  15. SalRafi says:

    Achal, good article. I haven’t seen the movie, so correct me if I am wrong. The dialog was even severe insulting to the Legend than you interpreted. She was not mentioning he is good at sad songs. What she says is he singing is like crying!!!
    Unfortunately the film maker a ghantu (apology for my French, I literally mean it) didn’t even apologized for it. Again this is as much as my knowledge goes.

  16. n.g.ramaswamy says:

    very well said Achalji. Superb.

  17. Rafi Fan says:

    I swear I”ll never watch any movie / programme related to Anushka Sharma or that dot headed Karan Johar.

  18. Raghavan Vasudevan says:

    You live in our hearts for ever Rafi sahib and happy birthday.

    We have grown up listening to Rafi from kids to school life, to college days
    then married life and now in the evening of our life who have grand children
    Rafi has come along with us all the way. For every moment of life ,for every occasion of life Rafi has sung.

    Rafi’s songs were hear in our ears always and his fame will live longer than
    our own life.

  19. SNambiath says:

    Achalji, dogs bark at anything and everything. Including the Moon. That does not make the Moon a thief! 🙂

    The best way is to ignore such idiotic comments – if you talk about it, it will trend on Social Media and make a mountain out of a molehill!!

    Peace and Merry Christmas to all Rafians the world over!!

  20. shakeel ahmed says:

    Very nice article by Sri Achal Rangaswamy a timely one and on the auspicious occasion of birthday of our beloved greatest iconic singer Muhammad Rafi sahab whom the entire nation adores , the most humble person to take birth on 24.12.1924.To end here a small Urdu couplet….kabhi kisi ku os ke khad ka gumana tha …O adami tha lekin sar jhokaye baitah tha.

  21. Anil Labroo says:

    Rafi Sahab’s Birthday good wishes to all Rafi Fans.
    On this day 82 years ago, God decided to send an Angel in human form to amuse & sooth millions with his own voice. Blessed are the people of this era who got to hear Rafi Sahab’s singing. Our gratitude to Almighty God for this wonderful gift.
    Could someone inform me about any Rafi fan group in Delhi where singers render Rafi Sahab’s songs on Karaoke. Thanks.

  22. siraj ray says:


  23. Israr says:

    Wishing Rafi Sahab a VERY HAPPY 92ND Birthday !!!!

    Achal Ji aapne bhut badiya define kiya un na janne walon ke liye… Great A
    chal jiiii

  24. Anonymous says:

    Wishing Rafi Sahab a VERY HAPPY 92ND Birthday !!!!

  25. Dr. Khaja Aliuddin says:

    Great article, Achal!
    ” Tumhari bartari hai aaj bhi khayem zamane me
    Khyamath tak bajega aapka danka RAFI SAHAB ”

    A Diehard fan of Rafi Sahab

  26. what is the site to vote for god of all singers so that he can be NO 1

  27. Zafar Ahmad says:

    Rafian can cast vote to Rafi Sahib after every one hour because your favorite singer is one of the best in world. At this time Rafi Sahib is on 6th position in the world. This man should be on first place.

  28. Ali says:

    Happy birthday to You Mohd Rafi ,I can forget my kids and wife even my own birthday but not Mohd Rafi

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