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Magic of Rafi

By Dr. Kuldeep Mathur.

Mohd Rafi

Mohd Rafi

India has produced many great singers, since great Tansen, Sehgal and Mohammed Rafi is considered in this link.  Many of the Historians and Hindi film critics wrote about them and their life’s but very few of them had engaged to see the celestial singing of the above noted singers of their time.

What a voice they had! Our present generation is much more linked with Mohammed Rafi and prefer his songs because of their excellent, marvelous and celestial singing naturally pure and melodious voice still enthralls us, his songs connect us with emotional moments of life.

Rafi means

A – And
F – Famous
I – Icon

His God like voice is heavenly divine. Rafi was in a league of his own. It seems, there will never be music like his. Such a peaceful and beautiful atmosphere he created in his singing.

He was a real gem. His voice was enchanting and persuasive. Everybody enjoyed his singing; the clarity of words, the expression, and the modulation was excellent. Music is itself religion. Those who wet their soul with music they got their god. We know music is universal language of mankind. Those songs sung by Rafi take you back to the incomparable golden era of Hindi film music of the 50’s and 60’s. You can immensely feel the genius. His control was very technical, his emotions were a mastery as he also captured human emotions. One more master piece from the Mohammed Rafi.

A voice with fathomless depth and unattainable divinity that was unique in all sense. Most of his singing period with Naushad (Music Director) and lyricist Shakeel Badayuni. Vivacious Shakeel graced Indian screen for a short period but left a durable impression though grace, beauty and dignity.

Rafi has sung this vintage song of legend. Thereby Naushad contribution to cine music will be written in golden letters as and when in the history of Indian cine music comes to be written. No one replaced humble modest and pious Rafi sahib. He himself is a book on HOW TO SING?

At the time of recording he was very keen to know on which artist is the song going to be picturised. Hence, he had to pick up the emotions and actions of that particular artist in his voice. Due to this ability, his playback voice changed the fate of many Indian film actors and made them superstars of their time.

Mohd Rafi

Mohd Rafi

During his lifetime he received many awards but there awards are nothing before talents. Despite being Muslim, he created his magic in bhajans and proved that their is no parallel of his voice.

In the end of this article we can say that he had soothingly divine voice and a lovely expression of the old gem with highly melodious and unique voice.

Fame is fickle, legends live forever. His songs have hypnotizing effect. This is etched in the memory of many millions of his fans world wide.

Many vintage his talents and mind blowing performance, voice quality softness are one of the rare qualities of his singing.

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11 Blog Comments to “Magic of Rafi”

  1. josh says:

    hi my name is josh and rafi is part of my very core there for if anyone who loves rafi as i please join this group and we will keep this legend’s memory alive

  2. Suranjan says:

    also rare & remarkable, amazing & adorable, friendly & fantastic, inspiring & immortal (rafi)

  3. SAJID says:

    maybe singer may born someday close to rafisahab voice, but to be like him, humble, honest, down to earth , family person, is next to impossible

  4. Binu Nair says:

    r.a.f.i stands for rare and famous indian – in a way.

    an eternal voice to sum up. the article itself is so well articulated by dr kuldip mathur.

    mohd rafi saaheb was so close to all the gods – that’s why his voice is sounds so soothing and eternal.

    we have Not heard Tansen or his Guru but has read about their singing prowess.

    mohd rafi’s songs will be heard for ages when ever we talk or hear good music.

    music, melody and mohd rafi will always be ‘ inseperable ‘.

    from the rafi foundation, mumbai.

    Cell : 9833 250 701

  5. vinod mehru says:

    dear mathur ji,

    aaj aapka lekh poora padha aur onika setia ji ke vichaar bhi padhe achha laga , aap dono ko bahut bahut dhaniyabaad aur shubhkaamnaaye.
    vinod mehru

  6. Ali says:

    The meaning of mohd rafi is no music without him,as we know it said about Bollywood music it born in end of 1940’s was child in 1950’s, young in 1960’s, old in 1970’s and death in 1980, that all because of mohd rafi and this is a history

  7. Esa Harshad says:

    iam a44 yr old man hearing rafi sahebs voice from my child hood since my grand father was a ditribiter of columbia ,H MV before my birth, still today iuse to listen only rafi songs immpeccable voice has no comparison

  8. Rajiv Dutta says:

    I love those who love rafi because they all must be pure and beatiful souls like rafi .

  9. Bhadrika says:

    Dr. Kuldeepji,
    Thank you very much for publish those momentum which we never know about him. also many many thanks to given the Sweet meaning of Name… few words from me of Rafi Saab..!!!
    ” Shahad (Honey) sirf kuchh pal ke liye juban ko Mithas (Sweetness) deta hai, par Rafi Saab ki awaz jab kaano mein gunjti hai to Dil ke sath sari Zindagi Taumr meethi ho jati hai…”

  10. Onika Setia says:

    Dear kuldeep ji , sabse pehle aapka shukriya jo aapne rafi sahab ke naam ka matlab spasht kiya .ek pryas meine bhi kiya hai jo is prakar hai -:




  11. vinod mehru says:

    Dr Kuldeep Mathur ji, aap ka bahut bahut dhaniyabaad rafi sahab ka rafi words ka meaning batane ke liye, details mein phir likhoonga.
    vinod mehru

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