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Jism ko mout aati hai lekin…

This article is written by Dr.Sumra Yunus

Ek Fankar, Mohd Rafi

Ek Fankar, Mohd Rafi

Music is the food of love and Mohammed Rafi gave romantic voice to Indian film music.

Rafi’s name will have a magical attraction to people for ever. He contributed many heart-warming patriotic songs and immortal romantic melodies to the treasury of Hindi film music. His voice created a vibrant passion and charmed millions of music lovers all over the country and abroad.

One could listen to his voice for ever and never get tired. Once charmed by the mystical spell of his voice, one experienced the ecstacy of true music vibrating down to the core of the heart.

Playback singing in Hindi cinema started 52 years ago. A series of singers having special flair entered the scene. But never after Saigal has one heared such a dominating voice as that of Rafi. His golden voice was chiselled and polished by eminent music directors and every cre of his songs became intricate jewels of permanent value.

The quality of his voice kept people spell-bound and his voice turned out to be a feast for mllions of ears. His records made megahits on the entertainment scene.




28000 songs in a career spanning three decades are Rafi’s contribution to music in Hndi cinema. More than a million fans gave him a standing ovation in Sri Lanka. In Hondurus, people, enchanted by his songs, delayed his flight back home.

He was a artiste who commanded attention and respect and above all love, embraced by the watchman of the presidential palace and the President himself. On the first Repubilc Day, he was allotted three minutes to sing, but was asked by the audience to continue his songs for 30 minutes.

That was the magic of Rafi. That was the legend, Rafi, a scarce specimen of a singer in history Not many of his predecessors nor any of his successors seem to have equalled him, none excelled him. No one has reached his pride of place in music world even eight years after his death.

Rafi is no more with us. But his songs will continue to reveberate for years to come every day from records, radio and the TV.

Original photographs are available at Hamara Forums.

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11 Blog Comments to “Jism ko mout aati hai lekin…”

  1. Imran Rustam says:

    Nice Write up.

    Rafi sb is in every moment of our life, either we are sad or happy. He represents every person with his melodious voice. He is the man of centuries. Love u Rafi Sb.


  2. Surjit Chana says:

    Just to add that what has become of bollywood now. Its backrupt and shameless and tasteless. I grew up listening to the MASTER (I call him that) and still miss him so dearly. HE left so many GEMS for us mortals to enjoy. At this very moment I am listening to “Tum Mujhe Youn Bhula Na Paoge Jab Kabi Bhi Sunoge Geet Mere Sang Sang Tum Bhi Guggunao Ge” Yes SIR I am doing just that. Dear MASTER we will forever be grateful for your GEMS. Shukriya Jee.

  3. Rajkumar Akela says:

    My Dear Rafians !
    I am looking for the song “O duniya ke rakhwale…” that Rafi Sahab sang in his LIVE concert in Albert Hall (London).
    Can someone share it with me ? My e-mail ID is…
    Thanks to one and all.
    Rajkumar Akela

  4. Bernard N. Singh says:

    i have the song suno suno aye duniya walo, but i dont know how to put it on utube, any help would be welcome thanks

  5. Mohammad Shakil I. Kazi says:

    I’m big fan of Rafi Sahab. His magical voice touch to my heart as fragrance. He is still living in millions of hearts and in his beautiful songs……

    I miss him really….

    Shakil I. Kazi


    I would like to listen and save song of Great Rafi Saab- SUNO SUNO AYE DUNIYA WALO BAPU KI YE AMAR KAHANI, WO BAPU JO PUJ HAI ITNA, JITNA GANGA MA KA PAANI…song on Mahatma Gandhiji’s life. Can any fan help me?

  7. dr virag dave says:

    a devotional article

    all the best.

    with all best regards,

    dr. virag dave

  8. shrirang nwathe says:

    dr. sumra sb,

    a fully devotional article. Really praisworthy. I have seen the photogrpahs too. Everything in the memory of Rafi sb is just great idea. wish all the best for GM Ansari group to continue the tradition.
    Rafi sb jaisa na koi huva, na koi hoga….
    na jaane kitne aanssoo bahaaye hamne unki yaad me.
    He was ULTIMATE.

    shrirang nawathe

  9. Doctor Sumra Sahab,

    Your write up has really attracted my attention as it comes very close to my levels of involvement with music. any write, which is to very pregnant with too many details of lyricists, md’s etc. has never been my cup of tea for a comment.

    after reading this master piece from you, i got sucked into the cesspool of Mohd Rafi the person and the personality.

    Your description of him has treaded into newer areas hitherto not expressed by other writers.

    It is extrremely difficult to take up to writing about Mohd Rafi Sahab because of his magnanimity. At one instance, one felt he was the most ordinary soul on earth but behind that aura was a radiant light which one could only attribute to saints.

    Mohd Rafi the mendicant, singing saint, magical singer, singing awataar, god himself with a form. You may call him anything and it is just apt and every music lover approves of it instanteneously.

    Rafi Sahab, brings billions and billions of people all over the world together on one platform, under one umbrella, under one thought, under one spell.

    As long as human life exists rafi sahab will be heard, discussed, debated, loved, revered and worshiped.

    All that i have expressed about rafi sahab are my personal true feelings about him, but, this only holds good provided ( even rafi sahab would vouch for it ), we respect the existance and greatness of other singing personalities of retro music, the likes of manna dey, hemant kumar, talat mahmood, mahendra kapoor, kishore kumar. C.Ramchandra, C.H.Atma and many more.

    These other names, I have just mentioned are just a few names, i might have missed out on a few more too. Rafi Sahab considered Swargiya Kundanlal Saigal as an inspiring guru and infact hindi film songs got a shape of its own from voices of saigal, k.c.dey, pankaj mullick etc.

    The above singing names are tru(e)ly great names, I have heard all of them over and over again from my childhood and always brings forth the sweet memories of that golden era.

    All these singers sang so well that without a word of praise to these singers, one could not have completed the journey of the world one indian music.
    they were all very good human beings with very simple habits and always sang from their heart.


    Usain Bolt the worlds fastest 100 meters athlete is great only in comparision to those behind him as no.2 and no.3 etc.

    Likewise if we had only rafi sahab singing and none other around him it would be like – not knowing the greatness of light un less you see darkness.

    I have expressed myself differently without sounding boring being rafi centric all through, as in my opinion he looms large in the midst of all these other great singers of those times.

    I thank you Dr.Suman Sahab for highlighting gthe humane aspect of Rafi Sahab which no sould on earth will ever question. He was truely GOD himself.

    ramesh narain kurpad,

  10. A S MURTY says:

    Sumra Yunus sahab, first of all congratulations for this wonderful write up. While we knew the fan following rafi sahab has in Sri Lanka, you came up with :” In Hondurus, people, enchanted by his songs, delayed his flight back home”. This is some pleasant news to me. Also please tell us about the photographs accompanying your article. I can make out that they were taken on the occasion of 29th Death anniversary of rafi sahab last july, but which city ? I will also check up on hamara forums, the link for which is given in your article too.

  11. sameer shaikh says:

    i am big fan of mohammad rafi sahab. iam 24 years old.
    when i was of 13. i lisened song of m.rafi sahab”maine pucha chan se”
    and from that day voice of m. rafi sahab become medicine for me.
    mohammad rafi sahab i love you

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