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Jaane Kahan Gayi Dil Mera Le Gayi

This article is written by Mr. Ashok Parekh

Mohd Rafi

Mohd Rafi

Jaane Kahan Gayi Dil Mera Le Gayi” is one of my favourite songs amongst innemerous songs by Rafisaab. I had neither seen this movie (Dil Apna Aur Preet Parayi) nor this song on television or anywhere but I was always curious to know who might have leap singing this song on the screen as I was sure the hero Rajkumar was not the one. Recently I saw this song on ‘youtube’ and was surprised to find that it was a lesser known actor Raj Kishore (one of the Kishore Kumar’s musical mandli in Padosan) and that it was a street song.

This made me to further go into Rafisaab songs under various categories such as: (1) Street songs (2) Background songs (3) Songs picturised on unknown / lesser known actors and few songs (4) wherein Rafisaaab’s songs going with the Title of the movie.

I went through the treasure of songs available at ‘youtube’, only to observe that it would be a mammoth exercise to go through what is available on this wonderful website on which rafisaab’s fans have posted immeasurable number of songs (this again could be possible because of the fact that Rafisaab had had landed his godly voice to these many songs).

Watch the video of this song. Courtesy: Suhanee11 at Youtube

This is my first attempt of posting on this website and only a few of such songs from a huge repertoire of Rafisaab’s songs under these categories have been listed.

While listing these songs, I have my personal observations too which are mentioned at the end of the lists.

Background songs (where no-one lip sings):

1. Na tu zamin ke liye na aasman ke liye – DASTAAN
2. Waqt ke din aur raat -WAQT
3. Bijli giri kahan se begane ho gaye hum – PICNIC
4. Jaisa kiya hai tu ne waisa hi tu bharega – SHAADI
5. Ye duniya patang – PATANG
6. Le lo le lo duayen mabaap ki – MABAAP
7. Bhala karne wale bhalai kiye jaa – GHAR SANSAR
8. Kar chale hum fida jano tan saathiyo – HAQEEQAT
9. Chal Ud Jaa Re Panchhi – BHABHI
10. Sur badle badle kaise kismet ki sehnai – BARKHA
11. Ana hai to aa raah men kuchh der nahin hai – NAYA DAUR

Most of such songs convey philosophy of life and situation wise absolutely crucial in the entire movie. Further, many such songs contain title of the movie like Daastan, Waqt, Patang and Mabaap.

Mohd Rafi

Mohd Rafi

Street songs:

1. Ai bahare bag duniya chand roz -  BOMBAY KA CHOR
2. Zindgi hai kya sun meri jaa – MAYA
3. Leke pehla pehla pyaar – C.I.D.
4. Ramaiya wasta waiya – SHREE 420
5. Deewane hai deewano ko na ghar chahiye – ZANZEER
6. Dilwale ab teri gali par aa pahunche – KALA  PANI
7. Ek paisa de de – VACHAN
8. Aulad walo phulo phalo – DUS LAKH
9. Tera khilona tuta balak – ANMOL GHADI
10. Main Rikshawala – CHHOTI BAHEN
11. It ki dukki Pan ka Ikka – HOWRAH BRIDGE

Again, the songs of this category also convey philosophy of life. Most of such songs are picturised on unknown / lesser known actors. Few exceptions in the above list are songs from Maya (Dev Anand), Kala Pani (Dev Anand & Madhubala), Chhoti Bahen (Mehmood) and Howrah Bridge (Om Prakash).

Songs on lesser known / unknown actors:

1. Jaane kahan gayi dil mera le gayi – DIL APNA AUR PREET PARAYI
2. Tu shaukh kali main mast pawan – MAIN SUHAGAN HOON
3. Teri pasand kya hai ye tuj ko khabar nahin – EK DIN KA BAADSHAH
4. Hai kali kali ke lab par – LALA RUKH
5. Teri aankh ka jo  ishara na ho to – NAYI ROSHNI
6. Ho ya qurbaan – KABULIWALA
7. Ajab tori duniya – DO BIGHA ZAMIN
8. Akhiyan sang akhiyan lagi aaj – BADA AADMI
9. Aaj apna ho no par kal hamara hai – KAL HAMARA HAI
10. Aaj ki raat badi shokh badi natkhat hai – NAI UMAR KI NAI FASAL
11. Apni aankhon me basakar – THOKAR

The actors in the above songs are mostly unknown except in song number five (Shailesh Kumar) and eleven (Baldev Khosa) who had an insignificant career in the movies.

Songs going with the Title of the movie:

1. Is mulk ki sarhad ko koi chhu nahi sakta – AANKHEN
2. Kaun apna kaun paraya – KAUN APNA KAUN PARAYA
3. The song going with title of LAL QILA
4. The song going with title of HEER (Music by Anil Biswas)
5. The song going with title of MAA KE AANSOO (Music by Sardar Malik)

There may be many more movies which start with Rafisaab’s song along with its title. But as I said earlier, this list along with the previous three lists would only grow with the contribution of illustrious writers / fans of Rafisaab on the forum.

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29 Blog Comments to “Jaane Kahan Gayi Dil Mera Le Gayi”

  1. Amjad ansari says:

    Mr. Ashok Parekh
    Nice article on MD Rafi saheb – The greatest singer.

    One clarification on
    Aulad walo phulo phalo – DUS LAKH

    This song is not from Dus Lakh but EK PHOOL DO MALI

    DUS LAKH SONG IS – Tum ek paise doge to wo Dus lajh dega

  2. Imran Rustam says:

    Very Nice Article…………………

    “Jane Kahan Gayi….Dil Mera Lay Gai” is also my favorite one. Many other songs lies under these categories (Street Songs & Background Songs) are very meaningful and full of lessons of life……………… Rafi Sb the master of all sorts of songs sung easily such songs as well.

    Thanks Mr. Ashok Parekh for choosing the topic.

    Long Live Rafi Sb.


  3. Ashok Parekh says:

    post 23 & 24

    you are absolutely right girishji (post 24), the fourth category songs are those being played along with the title / credit of the films and not title songs in another meaning as described by jee-bee in post no.23.
    i am sure there may be many more songs by refisaab under such category but then it is hard to find them out. as i said, the list can go up with the valuable contributions from the veterans of the forum.

    ashok parekh

  4. Savitaa Garcia says:

    post 25,,syntax error,,I never meant to add “ji” suffix to my name,,its a mistake sory,,”ji” is term used as symbol of respect but I don`t deserve that,,, perhaps thankfully thinking of murty ji I wrote that,,,,,,,sorry

  5. Savitaa Ji says:

    thanx a lot Murty ji n everyone for their sharing attitude!yes, This is a Rafi forum…..with reflection of Rafi sahab`s personality everywhere!

  6. girish prahalad says:

    Jae-Bee Ji post 23

    If i have not misunderstood, in the fourth category Ashok ji talks about songs that goes or is played simultaneously when the movies titles / credits are being shown and not about title songs like the ones you have mentioned. Pardon me if i am wrong.

    Incidentally, i had written an article on the title songs of Rafisaab sometime back in the same forum.

    many thanks for your comments.

  7. Jae-Bee says:

    Shri Girish Prahaladji re: your post 1, r u saying u can’t recall any song for the 4th category, which is title songs? if so, then according to my calculation (pardon me if I’m wrong, and feel free to correct me, I’ll be very thankful) Our Rafi sahb has sung more title songs than any singer male or female. To make it easy, just pick my fav. actor Shammijee – Junglee, Pagla kahin ka, Budtamese, Raajkumar, Tumsa nahin dekha, Tumse achha kaun hai, etc. Then Dev sahb, then Dharmendrajee and so on. To make a list of title songs by Rafi sahb is a very time consuming task and rightfully so. Long live the Betaaz Badshah of Indian music

  8. SANJAY ARORA says:

    refer mail 18,the song is `tum kaun maamul ,main kaun swami ,`

  9. A S MURTY says:

    Savitaaji, I have the song listed by you in post 15. Great song indeed. In case you want it just mail to me at and I will send the same to you. Anwar-ul-Haq saab also has offered to send you the same and you may contact either of us.

  10. Jae-Bee says:

    Savitaaji, u can either type the song title on you-tube, or simply type “songs of Jagte Raho” on you-tube. The latter will give u another gem by Mukeshji – “Zindagi khwaab hai” enjoy

  11. biman baruah says:

    dear ashok ji
    welldone. a specific classification of great rafi gems. the songs mentioned in the article are great ones. please keep it up.
    with best wishes & regards
    biman, sivasagar, assam

  12. Jae-Bee says:

    A double bonus for rafi fans. A song for an unknown actor and also the title song by rafi sahb: Ganga tera pani amrit.
    Rafi sahb also sang a song for O.P. Rahlan in his movie Phool aur Patthar md Ravi I don’t recall the song but it went like ” Jamoore upar kya – asmaan..” can somebody come up with the title of this song?

  13. savitaa says:

    Anwar-ul-Haque sahab! I`m indebted! I`m really greatful to u ,,,I would rather mail u my mail Id….thank you

  14. Anwar-ul-Haque says:

    ref. post 15,

    Dear Savitaa Garcia ji,

    I have this song available with me (actually provided to me by Hussein Sheikh Sahab). You can provide your e-mail address to me either on this site or my below e-mail address. I will send the same to you.

    Thanks and best regards.


  15. Savitaa Garcia says:

    Jae bee can u tell me any online link available for this song “te main jhoot boliya”,,,its crazy song,,,,I like it very much!!

  16. savitaa says:

    girish Ji thank you for the link and ur attitude or intentions,,,thanx!

  17. Jae-Bee says:

    Rafi sahb and Balbir – from movie Jaagte Raho on two unknowns was titled Te main Jooth…. Koiyna O Koiyna md salil chowdhry. This song in 1956 brought the bhangra tune and dance in main stream bollywood

  18. kanji patel - UK says:

    A small coreection to the list of songs listed under the heading ” street songs ”

    Song no. 8 Aulad walon phulon-phalo is from the film EK PHOOL DO MALI and DUS LAKH.

  19. girish prahalad says:

    Corrections – my earlier post 10

    let me clarify that i had no malicious intent in posting the link

  20. girish prahalad says:

    Savita ji post 5

    Let me clarify that i had malicious intent in posting the link.
    I just wanted to bring to other rafifans attention that dulalsen had used his tune nigahen na phero which was rendered superbly by rafisaab for the unreleased movie black prince in the kannada movie punarjanma.

    Here is rafisaab’s gem of a song from the kannada movie “onde balliya hoogalu” (phool ek daali ke) rougly translated into hindi

    hope every rafifan enjoys it.

  21. girish prahalad says:

    having problems posting messages

  22. Anwar-ul-Haque says:

    Dear Ashok ji,

    A nice piece of work! You very correctly identifying the worth of youtube. Actually this site contains hundreds of gems of Rafi Sahab posted by his fans. and it is also one of my personel favourites web sites.

    Regarding four categories you have mentioned, Rafi Sahab is there for any category. You think of any unique category and Rafi Sahab will be there for you. This is another uniqueness of this greatest singer of all times.

    Thanks and best regards.


  23. Ashok Parekh says:


    you are right, aulad walo phulo phalo is from ‘ek phul do mali’. it was ‘garibon ki suno woh tumhari sunega’ which is from the film ‘dus lakh’. thanks for correcting me.

  24. Raghunaath says:

    Hi Ashok,

    Ur article is full of memorable information and very interesting as well.Pl give us more and more articles like this

  25. Savitaa says:

    girish prahalad ji,,u r most welcome over here as u appears to be a quite decent person,,however,,,,,on the subject of wrong forum I must let u know that,,if u r here to share with us something,,,many many thanx as we r all lover of music over here so we appriciate every arts as fine art is something that connects a person to god easiar than mere debates

    But if u are here to show another version of Rafi sahab in another voice,,know it for sure,,,there can never be another version of rafi sahab`s song,,whatever Rafi sahab has sung,,,,,is blessed with divinity,,,,we love Rafi sahab`s voice and what is called other version is that for music directors not for voice,,,,,,,So Rafi sahab is peerless and plz have a look on this person this kind of person`s presence in such a glamour word,,,forget film industry just have look on matrialism around us,,,,we can`t find anyone like Rafi sahab and also at the same time so much divotion for singing,,,,and unmatched voice and extreme talent! thank you!

  26. Manjula says:


  27. Manjula says:

    hi there,

    i am a good fan of mahammed rafi, and i have heard a lot of his old songs and love them all.
    i was wondering, looking at the list of above songs WHETHER the song below is from the film –

    8. Aulad walo phulo phalo – DUS LAKH

  28. girish prahalad says:

    sorry if i am posting it in the wrong forum, but couldn’t resist giving
    the link to the kannada version of the rafi gem “nigahen na phero” from black prince, composed by the same md – dulalsen for a movie called Punarjanma

    needless to say it is picturised on Annavru Dr. Rajkumar

    apologies once again if it is the wrong forum.

  29. girish prahalad says:

    Ashok Parekh ji

    Many thanks for a very nicely written article with loads of information.

    Would just like to add just one song each to the categories you have mentioned in your article-

    1. Shamma bujhne ko chali – ganga kil lehren (background song)
    2. mat pooch mera hai kaun watan – mr india ( street song)
    3. ya kehde hum insaan nahin – chhaya ( unknown actor)

    i cannot recall any song that fits into the fourth category.

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