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If Rafi had sung these songs

This article is written by Mr. H.V.Guru Murthy

Mohd Rafi with other playback singers

Mohd Rafi with other playback singers

Just imagine if Mohammed Rafi Saab had sung “Mere Naina Sawan Bhadon” from ‘Mehbooba’ instead of Kishore. Well, this classical song was a Do Pehlu, sung both by KK and Lata. RD Burman, the Music Director of the movie had chosen these two Singers for rendering the song. Where as Lata excelled, in fact sung effortlessly, KK showed the strain and could not match Lataji in this round and RDB lost a golden opportunity to give one of the best do-pehlu’s of Hindi film industry. KK was not suited for this classical number and if only RDB had given this song to Rafi, the Farishta would have converted this song to a memorable one, matching Lata, step by step, sur by sur.

The magnum opus of Raj Kapoor’s ‘Mera Naam Joker’ had a Mukesh-Asha qawali “Daag Na Lag Jaaye”. Definitely this song perhaps was composed with Mukesh’s limitations in mind otherwise, SJ could have made a much better fast paced qawali if they had chosen Rafi. But the hero was Raj Kapoor for whom Mukesh was the voice but let us not forget in the same movie, he had Rafi singing for him “Sazde Heer”.

Similarly Mahendra’s “Tum Nacho Ras Barse” should have been by Rafi as the efforts of Mahendra looks very pedestrian in this classical song from ‘Naagmandir’. Mahendra, the self confessed ‘Shishya’ of Rafi, otherwise was a good singer with a remarkable capacity to raise his pitch as in ‘”Na Muh Chupake Jiyo” of ‘Humraj’.

There are umpteen number of songs which when played on radio, we felt like closing our ears as the songs did not suit the singers or the Singers were not able to do justice to the songs. Agreed, the lyrics of some of the songs were pathetic and some had poor music, but those singers could not lift the song, the way Rafiji or Lataji or Mannada could do.

Mohd Rafi along with Kishore Da, Mukesh Bhai, Talat Saab and other playback singers

Mohd Rafi along with Kishore Da, Mukesh Bhai, Talat Saab and other playback singers

For example, for songs like “Aji Ho, Taas Ke Bawan Patte”, “Bina Badarake Bijuria Aise Chamke” from ‘Bandhan’, “Barkha Rani”, “Mehnat Hamara Jeevan” from ‘Nadaan’, “Ye Tere Pyaar Ka Dar” from ‘My Love’, even “Taron Me Sajke” from ‘Jal Bin Machli Nritya Bin Bijli’, etc. Rafiji should have been chosen and definitely Rafiji would have made these songs sound much better. Mukeshji, otherwise, has given us umpteen number of wonderful songs especially for Raj Kapoor, Manoj Kumar, etc. but he had his limitations and MDs who used Mukesh within these limitations were successful in getting hummable and memorable songs from him. If Rafi had sung the above songs, perhaps, the result would have been much better, though it should be admitted that these songs were not meant to be great songs.

Similar was the case with Kishore. KK was not suited for classical numbers, in fact, for hero Kishore, Rafi gave his divine voice in “Man Mora Bawra” in ‘Raagini’, because the song was slightly classical and the MD OP Nayyar felt that Rafi could do better justice. Similarly SJ chose Rafi to croon for KK in “Ajab Hai Daastan” in ‘Shararat’ because the song required singing at high notes, which KK was not adept at and which was Rafi’s forte.

I personally feel, songs like “Jara Nazaronse Kehdoji” from ‘Bees Saal Baad’, “Main Intezar Karun” from ‘Dushman’, “Jaise Ko Taisa Mila”, “Sala Main To Saab Ban Gaya” from ‘Sagina’, etc. would have been much better if the Music Directors had taken Rafi to play back. In fact, I read some where that KK was not ready to record the ‘Dushman’ song and suggested Rafi for the same, but the MDs LP forced him to record it, how I wish they had not done so.

The above mentioned songs neither were great songs nor made use of the strengths of the Singers singing them nor considered the weakness of these singers. No doubt, most of these songs were not meant to be great songs, but would have been made ‘passable’ by Rafi.

Agreed, singers like Talat, Mukesh, KK, Mahendra, Hemant, Mannada were all greats having given us very many memorable songs, but Rafi was the greatest, who could have done equal justice to any song sung by these great Singers apart from making some poor songs into passable numbers as he did for his own songs like “Ae Shukar Ke Tu Hai Ladka” from ‘Himmat’, “Aaaa, Lag Ja Gale Dilruba” from ‘Dus Lakh’, “O Jaane Jaan Chale Kahan” from ‘Gustaki Maaf’, “Chakke Me Chakka” from ‘Brahmachari’, “Ae Meri Jaane Chaman”, “Kauvan Chala Hansa Ki Chaal” from ‘Around the World’, “Main Hun Jaani Tera” from ‘Bhai Bhai’, “Jawani Mast Hai Dagar” from ‘Vachan’, “Dil Mera Legayi Lal Batuve Me” from ‘Rootha Na Karo’, “Ashiq Hun Ek” from ‘Pagla Kahin Ka’, etc. All these songs were so so, the only saving grace being Rafiji’s singing.

No doubt that the other Singers had their own strengths and when the MDs used these strengths, we got good songs. Mukeshji was very much suited for ‘dard bhare nagme’. Hemant was very much suited for songs of Mukesh type, and especially which were based on Bengal folk tunes and Ravindra Sangeet. Talat was king of gazal.

Mahendra was definitely a versatile singer, his forte being the effortless ease with which he used to raise his voice. He was also good at soft romantic songs. Kishore was another versatile singer who could sing any type of songs, especially he was very good for comic songs though he has also given us some soulful numbers in his career.

All these singers though had limitations while singing classical or qawali numbers or singing at high pitches or with much ‘alaap’. Also the ‘ada’ which Rafiji used to add in his numbers, the feelings, the trembling voice with which he used to sing the tearful numbers could not be found in the songs of most of these singers. Mannada was one exception, who was equally at ease in all type of songs like Rafiji, but some how, his voice could not be identified with most of the heroes except perhaps Raj Kapoor.

Of course, these are purely my personal views which some fans may not agree but, I am sure there will be some, who would think the same way.

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147 Blog Comments to “If Rafi had sung these songs”

  1. P. Haldar says:

    Dear myk,

    I haven’t followed post-1980 music closely but once in a while a song has touched me. One such song is pancham’s “ek ladki ko dekha to aisa laga”. What a fantastic composition! By then, Hope had deserted him, most of his chelas except a few close ones had also left him. He must have plunged deep into his reservoir of talent to produce such a masterpiece. I just love the music — strings, wind and percussion without any brass or synthesizer. Tell me one thing: is that ghattam or something else? The string sounds seem to be emanating from a sitar.

    The bhanwar must have stung him a second time… ooooh. Should have dialed Rafi saab in heaven; God only knows what heights he would have taken this composition to. And Pancham would have said, “But Rafi saab, I didn’t create this tune!”

  2. P. Haldar says:

    post 96:

    Dear Ali bhai,

    After the grand success of Aradhana, Shakti Samanta dubbed the film in Bengali. The original tunes and singers (save Rafi) were kept; it was our dear Pancham’s handiwork. SD had no role in the recordings. Here’s the Bengali version of “Gunguna rahe hai bhanwre”:

    Asha spins a web around Kishore and strangles him.

  3. P. Haldar says:

    post 92:

    usha ji, you are correct; it’s “savere ka suraj” I was talking about:

    no one remembers it now but try to imagine the tune in rafi’s voice… it could very well have become one of the greatest songs of the 70s.

  4. sudip_dat says:


    is it ‘Savere Ka Suraj’ from Ek bar muskura do?

  5. Ali Rashid says:

    Ref. Post 85:

    Haldar-ji, you wrote:

    “But years earlier, RD did give a beautiful do-pehlu to lata-rafi only to see lata’s version vanish into thin air.”

    That beautiful do pehlu is indeed “Wadiyan mera daman”, one of RD’s finest and most melodious compositions from Abhilasha.

    What song are you referring to when you mentioned:

    “Also, he gave an opportunity to Kishore to do a do-pehlu with Rafi (not in pkm); Kishore fans prefer not to talk about this one.”

  6. Harvinder says:

    Nitish Sinha – post 93.
    Thank you for the clarification.

  7. nitish sinha says:

    Haldar Bhai(post no 60)
    Yeah, I have also seen some comical interpretations discussing high and low notes in such a lucid way by the same person who made kishoreda ‘bhajan samrat’ that I really wondered about his knowledge!
    I have also spent some rare moments with many classical stalwarts.Once i get the opportunity spending two days with one of the pioneer of Gwalior Gharana L.K.Panditjee and his celebrated daughter Meeta pandit. And HE exclaimed during some talks with me “Bus ek ‘SA ‘ sahi sahi lag jaye to jeevan safal ho jaye’…….And I was really amazed by his simplicity with the statement made by a person who is known as most knowledgeable person as far as Hindustani Classical music is concerned!
    And here are some person who think himself so much knowledgeable that they could find fallacies in the singing and sur of rafisaab, manna de……..
    In the 70s, a ghazal singer criticized rafisaab’s singing and kishoreda roared in protest, how could these ghazal singer dare to crticize rafisaab singing, jinke baare me kuchh kehne ki himmat bhi hum logon ko nahi hai..

  8. nitish sinha says:

    Harvinder jee(post #48) and Haldar jee(post#59)
    ‘Poochho na kaise ‘ was never meant for RafiSaab.There were many such stories written by the likes of Subhas K Jha and Raju Bharatan sitting in their dining/bedroom/bathroom.This song is surely one of the best song of HFM and manna da sung it brilliantly.Just read the actual story related to this song written by manna da himself in his autobiography:
    “One evening, around nine PM he(Burman da) dropped in at Anandan after dinner and walked into our drawing room unannounced, clad in a sleeveless vest and lungi. He held a piece of paper in his hand and was brimming with excitement.’mana’, he said , fetch your harmonium fast and note down this tune!You must record this song tomorrow.Remember, since it’s based on Raga Ahir Bhairavi, you’ll have to improvise the tune as best as you can.’
    It was only after I had noted down the tune and sung it for him that sachin da appeared to relax..The following day, I recorded the song,’Poccho na kaise maine rain bitai, which would become a runaway success…….”

  9. Usha Bimriwal says:

    Haldar sahab post 83 is talking about ‘sabere ka sooraj tumhare liye hai, sung by Kishore with which OP was highly dissatisfied..

    Isn’t it Haldar sahab?

    Usha Bimriwal.
    Ajmeri Sangeet Parishad.

  10. Siva says:

    Haldar ji–refer post 83 and the clue in it–is it by any chance “roop tera aisa darpan mein na samay, khusboo tere tan ki daman mein na samay mujhe khusihi mili itni…” composed by OP Nayyar????
    I think you should now end the suspense…..

  11. narayan says:

    Haldar da,
    Adaab Rafi !
    The 1st song I guess should be ” badi sooni hai ” from film Mili
    The 2nd song could be ” Roop tera aisa darpan mein na samay” from Ek Baar Muskara do

  12. J.K. Bhagchandani says:

    Haldar ji, (post 83)

    Are you referring to the title song of the film ‘Ek baar muskara do’ (Kishore-Asha duet) or ‘Kitne atal the tere iraade, yaad to kar tu wafa ke waade…..’ of the same film?

  13. achal rangaswamy says:

    i do not know the film or the actor in question, but i am perhaps aware that producer s. mukherji had asked rafi saab to compose music for one of his films, but rafi saab politely turned down the offer saying he would prefer to concentrate on singing. am i riight haldar saab ?

  14. Ali Rashid says:

    Dear Haldar-saab,

    In your years of following HFM, have you come across anything that suggests SDB and Rafi had a misunderstanding after recording “Mera man tera pyaasa” ?. Sid (in his last post) mentioned that he received news that Rafi did not show up for the recording of “Dil aaj shaayar”, and SDB gave this song to Kishore.

  15. sid says:

    @ haldar ji:

    oh wait it is a good hint.. i know that s mukherjee asked rafisaab to compose. he is linked to my fav actress rani.

    well i dunno abt his characters, but i do know that he was involved with:
    paying guest- chod do aanchal
    munimji – jeevan ki safar mein raahi

    is it any of the above or any other songs from either of the 2 movies?

    personally i would like to hear chod do aanchal in rafis voice but it is not in the dustbin of history 😛

    so it was probably jeevan ke safar mein raahi..

    surprisingly again arghya and I had a chat abt jeevan ki safar mein. he told me it was a decent song but not his personal fav. personally i like tht song too..

    if u look at the sd kk ones i would like rafi to have sung shokiyon mein gola jaaye and aaj madhhosh hua jaaye.

  16. P. Haldar says:

    Gurumurthy ji,

    You wrote that “KK showed the strain and could not match Lataji in this round and RDB lost a golden opportunity to give one of the best do-pehlu’s of Hindi film industry.”

    But years earlier, RD did give a beautiful do-pehlu to lata-rafi only to see lata’s version vanish into thin air. Also, he gave an opportunity to Kishore to do a do-pehlu with Rafi (not in pkm); Kishore fans prefer not to talk about this one.

    As for Kishore’s “mere naina sawan bhadon”, let me be blunt. I realise that a lot of folks consider this song to be great; what I’m expressing here is my personal (subjective) opinion. I just can’t stand the song. when the song used to be played on radio, my first instinct was to switch the radio off. I doubt Kishore was seriously looking forward to this song; I think he faked it. Pancham must have had put immense pressure on him to deliver the song. Bhupinder would have been a better choice. I know this is a harsh comment to make but that’s the way I feel. I’d rather listen to Kishore’s own composition for himself: “thandi hawa yeh chand…”; that’s vintage Kishore!

  17. J.K. Bhagchandani says:

    Haldar ji,

    Hope you did not miss my posts 67 and 68 which remained under moderation for nearly 2 days. Sid’s post was initially at no. 69 (as you correctly referred in post 81).. but now it is showing at 78 and 79. Some moderation hazards, I guess. Anyway.. the second question of your quiz: Was it the ‘Sagina’ song?

  18. P. Haldar says:

    One more hint (this is practically a giveaway):

    The man who composed this song had once remarked, “Without Rafi there would be no OP.” The song has become so obscure that no one talks about it. But listen to it and imagine the song in Rafi’s voice and you’ll start marveling at the beauty of this composition; is has shades of “tukde hai mere dil ke ay yaar tere aansoo”.

  19. AHAMED KUTTY says:

    refr post 52
    dear friend,
    you know something about kk.according to you kk is a well known singer and younger
    generation are not aware of rafi saab.rafi saab did not sing a single song in malayalam
    language.but he is our own singer in kerala.he had performed live programmes even
    in small towns of kerala in addition to big know your great kk had saught the
    help of yesudasji for performing a live programme in cochin even though kk sung a
    song in malayalam language.also almost all singers of bollywood including kk sung
    in malayalam language that include lataji,ashaji,mannadha,hemalata,talat mehmood
    and except our poor kk all the singer’s song became superhits.

    every 31st july in kerala various programmes are conducting about rafi saab and i
    have seen small children at the age of 7 (boys and girls)singing rafi saab’s song.
    yesterday i have seen a musical programme about kk in calicut in small room
    with a handful of listerners.

    “kaccha aam ko meeta nahi karna”.it will spoil your mouth as well as your taste.

  20. P. Haldar says:

    post 69:

    sid, yes it’s “dil aaj shayar hai”. In my opinion, Kishore sang it really well and brought out Dev Anand’s nuances vividly. This is a song that could have gone either way, but I still like to speculate how it’d have sounded in Rafi’s voice. Rafi’s “mera man pyaasa” is so beautiful; it was included in the background track for an American film a few years ago.

    As for the other question on the quiz, here’s a hint. The film or one of the film’s characters is linked to a titan in the hindi film industry. This person had once requested Rafi saab to compose the music for one of his films.

  21. J.K. Bhagchandani says:

    Dear Administrator Sir,
    What is wrong with my last two posts? They are still indicating as ‘under moderation’ even after more than 24 hrs. Did I write something unprintable? If so, I am sorry… but let me know what is that that is wrong with the post.

  22. sid says:

    oh wait is the song itself dil aaj shaayar hai?

  23. sid says:

    @ 61:

    PLEASE give us the hint in your second question.

    The first one is debatable.

    The gems that came out after the switch were milisongs , also phoolon ke rang se, khilte hain gul yahaan,the abhimaan songs(ironically the best song in this film where the people threw money in the theatre was? 😉 ) but really the number of good songs that came from the rafi and sd combo was much better , if you look at the productivity ratio, so according to me , it was not a good decision. He could have just used them in a balanced proportion.

    And arghya told me that sdb stopped using rafi saahab after kk sang dil aaj shayar hai, for which rafi missed the recording.

    weird how he used him again in abhimaan.

    Was it because in the movie the people comment how the lady is better than the man in teri binidya re?

  24. shashank says:

    Post No:56: 56J.K. Bhagchandaniji,

    Yes Priyaji said correct, who will contribute an articles or photos to u all in future coz of bad and abused comments written by u all. read the comments, if priyaji has taken a step why not I also shouldnt take same thing in future. I also have very rare photos of the legends. We take pain to collect the information of this legends and just we write something, this pple make “Hungama” without knowing any knowledge of music also. I dont bother to say it. Its enough giving such comments in future. The moderator should take it very seriously abt this things in future.

  25. sudip_dat says:

    Answers to quiz questions by Haldar.

    1. Dil aaj shayar
    2. There are so many that I can only take a guess at the one you are thinking of. My list includes “Priye Praneswari”, “Aakhon mein humne aapke” (though this maybe after Rafi’s death), “Waada tera waada”…

    Having said that, I am not a believer that Rafi would have bettered every single Kishore song. Urban tunes like “Phir wohi Raat hai” or “Badi sooni sooni hai” suited Kishore’s baritone and I would prefer him singing those.

  26. Vikram says:

    Debjyoti, you are at it again. Looks like you were never taught to show respect to others. By disrespecting Rafi you have shown your true character. Had Kishore Kumar been alive, he would have kicked your behind and would have trashed an idiotic fan like you. He himself had temendous respect for Rafi Sahab. I have no problem if you like Kishore Kumar. But, to highlight your idol by hurling abuses at the greatest ever singer is just plane immaturish and outright outlandish.

    Man (If you are one), are full of garbage. You don’t deserve to be called a human being because you have humiliated someone who was loved and respected like a saint by most of the music directors and his competitors. Go check for yourself what kind of a human being he was. Watch the movie Krodh and see for yourself the tribute Amitabh Bacchan pays to Rafi sahab. Same Amitabh had refused to work with Kishore Kumar at one point of time.

    You need to get yourself purged from all your evils. For that you don’t have to go to an exorcist (your intelligence tells me that you will most likely end up there). The best person to rid you of your evils would be Manna Dey. He will tell you that being a bengali does’nt mean that you can shove things under the carpet all the time. Manna Dey sahab has made it very clear umpteen times that there was just no competition for Mohammad Rafi. I am sure you will hate him for telling the truth. Or go ask Pyarelal ji or other music directors. I am sure you they will all bang the door on you.

    I do not doubt the singing prowess of Kishore Kumar. He was a great singer in his own right. Some of his songs are darn good. He had a good throw and a booming voice. But, had limitations. Most of his songs are pretty easy to replicate. Whereas Mohammad Rafi’s voice characteristics were out of this world. He could sing just about anything. There was no genre that he did not sing, that too with ease and elan.

    It’s infact, pointless to compare Rafi with any other singer. When it comes to singing abilities, I would always rate Manna Dey higher than kishore Da any day. It’s another story that his voice did not suit the quintessential Bollywood hero. Like Rafi, he sang all kind of songs with aplomb. Kishore Kumar has also rendered some great gems. But, the kind of dedication Rafi had for music puts him apart from his contemporaries.

  27. rafibhakt baiju says:

    just read an article in one of the most prestigious newspaper of india:-‘the hindu’ about rafi sahab.:-
    “He was Mukesh, Talat Mehmood, Mahendra Kapoor, Manna Dey, Kishore Kumar, all rolled into one.”
    Kitna sahi likha hai. I think rafisahab is something more than that!
    enjoy this article:

  28. rafibhakt baiju says:

    dont worry about this debjyoti(or debu baba as I affectionately called him).he was banned even from the largest community of kishoreda on orkut (the same community where all the members used to play antakshari only) many a times.
    Soon another fanatics like argyha dutta and others will join the party here, I suppose.
    kuchh din pehle rajesh roshan ka ek interview suna tha radio par jahan unhone bataya tha ki kis tarah ‘kunwara baap’ ke ek gaane ke liye kishoreda ne yeh kehkar rafi saab ke paas bhej diya tha ki is gaane ko rafi saab hi gaa sakte hai.
    isi tarah shabbir kumar aur mohammed aziz(on a bangla channel) ka bhi interview aaya tha TV par jisme inhone bataya tha kishore ne unse khud kaha tha ki “i am also bhakt of rafi saab’.
    another ancedote:in early 70s, a friend of kishoreda exclaimed :’aapne to rafi ki chhutti kar di’ In reply kishoreda ne us shakhs ke chehre par ek zordar thappar lagaya tha.
    so kishoreda or every singer accepted the supremacy of rafi sahab whole heartedly.
    but these mean minded fanatics ………
    khuda khair kare.
    agar aaj kishoreda aaj maujood hote to ek baar phir aise fanatics ko zordar jawaab dete, aise hi kuchh thappar lagakar.

  29. Harvinder says:

    Haldar ji – post 59. I salute you for sharing your thoughts.
    Post 61- Quiz
    My answer isSaala mein to Saheb ban Gaya” – Sagina. Total misfit by Kishore da on Dilip Kumar. Whether or not my answer is right. I know for sure that Rafi sahab had a fall out with Dilip Kumar. Could it be that Dilip Kumar asked for this song to be sung by Kishore, which hurt Rafi saheb as he was definately down those days.

  30. Sanjeev Kumar Dixit says:

    hello my dear RAFI &KISHORE fans,i could not under stand why wee are quarreling just like a children while they was very closed friends. KISHORE DA WAS ALSO A GREAT FAN OF RAFI SAHEB & THERE WAS ONLY ONE PIC. IN HIS HOME & THAT WAS OF MOHD RAFI.
    I am also a fan of RAFI JI & respects both of the LEGENDS, because every RAFI fan must to be the follower of his character & pl stop this fight now.
    thanks &Regards,

  31. shashank says:

    Quote: Once Laxmikant-pyarelal wanted to give this song “Nafrat ki duniya” from the Haati Meri Shaati to Kishoreda, and he straightway he told laxmiji that this song will not suit to him, it will be suited to only one grt8 singer Rafisahab and this song went to rafis hand. It was really a grt8 human nature of kishoreda and rafisahab when they were in bad times, both helped each other. So, some songs which kishoreda wanted to sing, rafi sahab sang at the last moment.

    If possible meet old people who met kishoreda or rafisahab, and listen what they tell u. I met some of them, and told me also. At the last moment rafisahab had been called to sing in the recording day.

  32. shashank says:

    One thing I want to say is Mr.Gurumurthyji indeedly not insulted any one in this article. It is his views. Sometimes, whenever i hear the songs of all this legends i just feel that whatever the music directors did a most fantastic job in their career. Plz try to sing one song of Kishoreda or Rafisahab in a stage, u will understand what pain they have taken to sing. Its not easy to sing, I have learnt classical music for some months, its really difficult job. Plz take harmonium and play u will understand it, not computerised machines dont use it. It is not only music composers job it is a team work by all the actors/actresses/producers/directors. So it is not that way that “Mere Naina Sawan Baado” could have sang Rafisahab also, I tell yes. Why not? I am also a grt8 fan of all this legends. So, I tell u that this article is really marvellous and rare one.

    I know some months back I was just trying to write same article discussed by my friends. How this song would sang by another singer? How would have been?

    Some songs sung by Kishoreda and Rafisahab in duets also. Can u verify who is better singer, no. Both are legends. Also Kishoreda told in his interview that Mohdrafi was a better singer than me. Plz. hear his words and do write the comments. Rafi and Kishoreda are both the legends mind u all. So, this writer not tried to insult it.

    If this happens, I will admit the admin plz. close down this site only. He can do with in a second, who will be the losers we all, Rafian fans.

    It is interesting article plz read it thoroughly and then make ur comments.

    I feel everybody should appreciate the writer rather than abusing him and Vikas, Debjyoti, Priyaji dont feel bad for this ok.


    shashank chickermane

  33. J.K. Bhagchandani says:

    In my previous post second last para “…… in response to this article” shouild be read as ‘in response to that article”. My reference was to that Kishore’s article…. but the word this suggests as if I am referring to this article (I mean ‘If Rafi had sung these songs’) The typo/ grammetical error is regretted.

  34. J.K. Bhagchandani says:

    Haldar ji,

    First of all I wish to convey you my deep admiration and compliments for your musical knowledge, taste and understanding. I find your posts brilliant and crisp.

    Coming to you post 60, you are absolutely right. My interaction on that forum was indeed with the guy you correctly identified. It was for the first time that I visited that forum and read the article ‘Devine Voice of devotional Kishore’. I thought that the article is bit too much. Kishore though a great singer in his own right, had done nothing noteworthy in the Bhajan sections of the Hindi film music to deserve a full fledged write-up. I just conveyed my opinion there. That indeed opened a Pandora box… the posts shifted to abuse factor (between fans) and what not. I admit that I could have conveyed my opinion more subtly, but in retrospect I realize that even that would not have helped. This guy is so biased that even a hint of Rafi being projected as superior to Kishore in any post is enough for him to loose his sleep and respond immediately with more bizarre and pathetic arguments. When one Mr. Vitthal suggested that Rafi scored over over Kishore in melody, he immediately sent him a link (of song Hawaaon pe likh do hawaaon ke naam…from the film ‘Do Duni Chaar’) and argued that in the song Kishore is no lesser in melody too. Well the song is great indeed, but the way he rushed to argue was laughable (like a school kid eager to show his homework).

    During all these interactions I read other posts also in response to this article (which I should have done in the first place before sending my first post) and realized that all the points that I had raised, had already been taken up by many learned and genuine music lovers like you. Your posts were absolutely great, to the point and conveyed everything that I wanted to convey. Had I read all these before sending my first post, may be I would not sent any post.

    Anyway, now coming to your 2 quiz questions (post 61); my guess for the first one is ‘Dil aaj shaayar hai gam aaj nagma hai…. (Gambler)’. Second one is real tough… please give some hint.

  35. ALI says:

    Sir Debjyoti I agree with you that there are many people who does not even know who is Rafi or Kishoreda as there are many in the world they don’t know if there is a country on the map called India but people of todays generation should know sonu Nigam as you know when they know sonu they should know Mohd Rafi because sonu is like moon light which having the light of the sun that is mohd Rafi…
    shammi Kapoor never tried to replace mohd rafi with other singer but Rajesh Khanna and bachchan did many time,Rajesh Khanna best romnatic songs sang by Mohd Rafi and Bachchan by Mukesh ji……..
    RD Burman went for his first song to Mohd rafi and Lata ji so i agree that KK was unkown that time but why RD Burman used mohd Rafi more than your Kishoreda from 1977 to 1980.
    Why music director like OPN and actor like shammi Ji said if there was no mohd Rafi there was no OPN and same shammi ji said ,who used the same word to Kishoreda????!!!!who was the loser when Kishoreda stop to sing for big B and who was loser whenOPN stop to use mohd rafi?about OPN i have the answer as OPN said that was my bigest mistake and please answer what mr bachchan lost?!!!
    I think your on of those people when they listen to Mohd Rafi they think that is Kishoreda.
    Naushad Ji used KK only once and never use him again and OPN never use Lata ji but still they are list of best music directors of all time and please give me one name?you say Anil Biswas ji this my answer before you ask Anil Biswas ji used mohd Rafi for more tha 12 songs but Kk only 6 songs and Anil ji was the best music director in 1940’s and he lost his place in 1950’s becaose he didn’t use mohd rafi and RD is one of few who used one singer in all songs of the film ND THAT SINGER WAS MOHD RAFI AND NOT kk JI

  36. Madhur says:

    It is said that man makes God in his image. It therefore follows that you are a bhakt when you understand and praise the qualities of the object of your bhakti. However, you become a true bhakt when those same qualities start manifesting in you.

    Insofar as Rafi Sahab is concerned, remember that truths do not require debate, explanations or other props, it is self-efflugent.

  37. shashank says:

    All the singers/music directors of yesteryears are unique and originals. So, there is no point to whom this songs wanted to give and sing.

  38. SHASHANK says:

    To Everybody,

    I have just read all the comments from everyone in this article. But one thing I want to point out that the contributors who take so much of pain in writing/ posting photos or whatever will be, plz do appreciate it. Keep this site clean and pure. Whatever Mr.Guru Murthyji wrote from his heart. Today we hear the songs of this grt8 legends. Its upto Music directors to choose which song he should give. If shankar Jaikishan wants Rafisahab he will take the first choice. Its upto Actors/Actresses/Producers/Directors choice

  39. BINU NAIR says:


    ABOUT 50,000 RAFI FANS VISIT THE SITE EVERY FORTNIGHT AND just a few hundred visitors see the other site – is an established fact now. so, please do not bother about the BAKWAS over there as the saying goes : Barking dog, seldom bite.

    leave these few regional parasites alone. jal, jal ke marna bhi ek habit hai inke liye…………….

    binu nair

  40. P. Haldar says:

    Two more quiz questions:

    1. SD gambled with this song by giving it to Kishore. Question: Was he right?

    2. This is one Kishore song from the 70s that went to the dustbin of history. But this one could have been a memorable one if sung by …. Question: Which song is this? (This is a difficult question and I’m willing to provide hints if needed.)

  41. P. Haldar says:

    post 56:

    Mr. Bhagchandani,

    Did you by chance interact with the joker who used to masquerade here as a journalist-cum-detective? If so, it’s the same guy who thinks that R. D. Burman used only two violinists (Uttam Singh and Babloo Chakravarti) in his entire career. He wrote an article on the devotional songs of Kishore. I didn’t realise that Kishore was involved with the bhakti movement but after reading his article, my eyes opened. I even suggested a title for an album of Kishore’s devotional songs: “Bhole o Bhhole”. You can expect a lot of eye-opening articles from him in the near future: “Bhajan-Samrat Kishore”, “Desh-Bhakt Kishore”, “Shor-e-Qawal”, “Gham-bhari-Shor”…. Even Kishore da, the great comedian that he was, would have appreciated this fellow’s jokes. But don’t take him lightly; he has a degree in music and only talks in terms of octaves, high notes and low notes. If not anything, “mere naina sawan bhadon” has made Kishore’s fans musically literate. In our youth, when we wanted to listen to pure classical music, we used to attend Dover Lane Music Conference and other such events. I have in my possession unreleased recordings of some of the biggest names in classical music, but I don’t talk about these people because this is not the right forum. But look at these guys — they listen to pancham and kishore and become expert commentators on hindustani classical music.

  42. P. Haldar says:

    post 48:

    Harvinder ji,

    I didn’t know about the “puchho na kaise” incident till very recently. I read somewhere that rafi saab became too emotional and requested manna da to render it. From whatever little I know of rafi saab, I can tell you that the story does not sound true. He has sung many such songs in his life, including the pathos-laden “tere bin sooni” in the same film and I just can’t visualise him breaking down in front of s. d. burman and asking his good friend to sing it. A lot of stories now circulate in the press, including the one by a moron called subhash jha, who has written that lata and rafi didn’t sing together for 14 years! We need to read these stories with a bag of salt. I had met Manna da backstage three years ago and if I had known about the incident then, I’d have definitely asked him. I had specifically requested Manna da to sing “puchho na kaise” and I can tell you that even at such a late age, he did a fantastic job.

    If it is indeed true that rafi was involved in the incident, here is a possible explanation. Please note that this is nothing but speculation on my part. The song is based on a nazrul geeti in which both sd and manna dey were proficient. SD might have asked Manna to pick up the tune and then told him to make Rafi rehearse the song. Rafi, upon hearing Manna, might have realised that there was no way he could surpass him, and that might have been why he had conceded the song to Manna. Please note again that I’m not a “detective”; this is pure speculation on my part. But you’ll have to remember there was a lot of camaraderie among the male singers — rafi, manna, talat, hemant, mukesh and kishore were genuinely good souls.

  43. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Post 52: Joker of the week.

  44. vikas sharma says:


  45. J.K. Bhagchandani says:

    Posts 39, 40 and 41: Priyaji did you mean that to be your last post for this site? Oh no!! Please Priya madam don’t say that. You are such a dedicated Rafi-fan. Your posts are great.You, Binuji, Haldar saab, Kapil, MYK, Anmol Sinbhji, Gurumurthyji, etc. are the pillars of this Rafi-fans’ forum and this forum needs you. I plead you not to stop writing.

    Regarding your point that Kishore’s name is being used to insult Rafiji’s name, I agree with you. I had the first hand experience on that forum recently. I was literally kicked out from there. In none of my posts did I write any adverse words about Kishoreda. I had only written about some bhajans of Kishore that I thought were not the best of all time/ all singers bhajans. I time and again wrote that I consider Kishoreda a great singer… but writing about Kishoreda anything less than no.1 is simply indigestible to them. I took up the issue of fans abusing each other, I was shown the abusive language of some posts at this forum which were mainly written in retaliation to some provocation from a Kishore fan. I was prepared to concede that yes, rafi fans should not have used that kind of language but before that I was kicked out, and in the process they even used terms such as ‘terrorists’, ‘goondas’ etc’ for Rafi fans, and this Rafi forum dubbed as Al Qaida of music. I was even accused of someone on deputation to their forum for some ‘specific’ purpose. My interaction was seen as a ‘game’. I realized that there is no point fighting against biased and bigots. One Mr Vitthal assumed the role of match referee and acted like Mike Denness. Not even a word he wrote against the above said derogatory words used by the favourite fan of that forum.

    With above background I can understand your distress for the politics of 70s that we all are aware of. So please do not feel bad about your blogs and messages of fighting. But yes, we can in future be careful that we do not use bad language. We can concentrate more on wrting about Rafi’s songs, his qualities etc. We all love Kishore too. It is the hopeless attempt of his biased fans to project him above Rafi saab that irritates us. And these Kishore fans know it very well, that is why they deliberately poke their noses.

    But anyway let me not carried away. I wrote this post only to request you to continue writing your posts for this site. Thanks.

  46. binu nair says:

    POST 51 : SO AS EXPECTED U HAVE ARRIVED. U ARE FROM WEST BENGAL NA?? i will tell u some facts…..
    i know of many people in bengal, khandwa, patna etc who are great mohd rafi lovers. when i mention the songs : Oh duniya ke rakhwale or the madhuban me radhika, their eyes get moist and looks upon the heavens as if to thank the gods.

    yes. debijyoti ganguly: all the songs sung by mohd rafi “were” to be given to kishore kumar but from 1948 onwards up to 70s but, but – kishore was found to be “terribly incompetent” for these songs by the composers. u are not bigger than these great composers na………….
    kishore da also gave eleven songs to mohd rafi and rafi playbacked for kishore da…… u remember na?
    so who is competent debojyit ganguly?????? come on don’t sound childish yaar…


  47. BINU NAIR says:



  48. Narayan says:

    Priya Sanyalji,
    Pl do not quit for some jokers who do not know about the vast treasures of Rafi sahab’s evergreen music.. these few ppl are kuween mein medhak..
    Forgive them and let all of us Rafi bakts enjoy in the heavenly melodies of our icon…
    All the show of Rafi sahab in any corner of the world is full with music lovers and a great success even after 29 years of his departure to heaven..
    Infact Rafi sahab has not left us he is with us always smiling and entertaining us..
    No power in the universe can stop our love for him.. Infact he has the largest fan following from big cities to small town n villages…
    For any details pl email to or sms to 9886779557 …
    with melodious regards,
    Baar Baar Rafi Fan Club

    Jab thak chand , suraj aur sitare rahnge tab thak Rafi sahab sabke dil mein pyaar se rahenga…
    Rafi sahab tusi great ho

  49. Debjyoti says:

    Very bad article,I think every song sang by Rafi would have gone to Kishoreda as Kishoreda is the greatest singer in the world.Kishoreda songs are still loved by young people,but there are many people of todays generation who does not even know who is Rafi.Kishoreda rules the world.

  50. priya Sanyal says:

    dear moderator plz let above two post of mine be published…I swear not to trobule u again…its my last post…
    namste n best wishes to u also……

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