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Floral Tributes at HIS Grave

This was posted by Mr. Yunus (dryunussumra) @ HF.

Aye suroN kay badshah aawaz kay ai jadooger
Yad may reri huwee hai aaj sab ki aankh ter

Woh ghazal ho, ya bhajan ho, dadra ho ya khayal
Koi paydab kar saka na aaj tak teri misaal

Jab talak zinda raha, her ek ko tujh pay naazs tha
Filmi duniya may bohut maqbool aur mumtaaz tha

Naghmagi ka teri sab say hi juda andaaz tha
Tha galay may soze teray, ya galay may saaz tha

Teray saani kay liyey hum phir rahay hain dar badar
Aye suroN kay badshah aawaz kay aye jaadoogar

Kis tarah bhoolay gey tujh ko aye Rafi, ahlay watan
Woh ghazal ho geet ho thumri ho ya koi bhajan

Sab teri aawaaz say naghmay huway hain purasar
Aye suroN kay badsha aawaz kay aye jadooger

Following are the pictures taken at Rafi Sahab’s samadhi (grave) on 31st July 2006. Amongst all the Rafi fans, also seen is the singer, Shabbir Kumar.

Floral tributes to Rafi Sahab

Floral tributes to Rafi Sahab

Floral tributes to Rafi Sahab

Floral tributes to Rafi Sahab

Floral tributes to Rafi Sahab

Floral tributes to Rafi Sahab

Floral tributes to Rafi Sahab

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13 Blog Comments to “Floral Tributes at HIS Grave”

  1. Muhammad Zaheer says:

    I read here on web pages that Rafi Sahib’s grave has been flattened due to need of land for more graves. Its very bad and never happen. Its not part of any Islamic Sharia. If it is done in Saudia Arabia, the reason only to stop worshiping graves. But its not like the case here.

  2. shammi says:

    Thank you so much Yunusji for sharing these pictures, it means so much to us fans. He was without a shadow of doubt the best singer in the world and a great human being. May his soul rest in peace, I hope his popularity will continue and he’ll be remembered for many decades to come.

  3. utpal kumar sarma says:

    Rafi ji’s voice is immortal, just like him plz provide me his grave and residential address……

  4. utpal kumar sarma says:

    Late Rafi ji is my God……. May his soul Rest In Peace. I always wanted o meet his family members….. but dnt know how to proceed

  5. SIVAM says:

    Hi ! I’m a die hard fan of The great singer Rafi saab . May I know where is the grave of the legend ? In mumbai or in Lahore ? if it is in mumbai where about ? thank u in advance foe answering all my question .

  6. naresh says:

    I cannot express my love for Rafisaab in words. His voice was divine and the God’s greatest gift to an human being.

  7. sk shadab says:

    Thnks mr yunus for showing a glimse of rafi sahab grave however i shall be grateful to you if you kindly provide us a recent visiting glimse .

    Sk shadab kolkata

  8. main mohammed rafi ka sahab ka fine hun main aaj bhi aun ki gaane sunta hun

  9. Anmol Singh says:

    So far I use to have a glimpse of Rafi Saab’s memorial (Tomb) from far, while traveling by Bus route 231. Thanks to Yunus Saab for bringing us the view of Rafi Saab’s memorial so close through the above photographs.

  10. Thank you so much for showing me how his house looked. It is an utter gravience that he died. May god bless his soul with peace.

  11. Sebastin Valam says:

    This is very nice of you and thank you for the photos.
    Can you please provide me the address of the grave.

  12. Nair says:

    Thanks to Mr. Yonus for providing these snaps of fans paying tribute to Rafi Sahab

  13. mohanflora says:

    Dear Yunus,
    Thank you so much for having paid the floral tributes to the greatest of all singers and showing us a glimpse of the same! Shabbirbhai was there 26 years ago too. I hope arrangements will have been taken to take care of his samadhi!

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