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Down the memory lanes, Recount your personal experiences

This article is written by Nasir @ HF

We cannot do without movies and their ambience. A cinema-hall is a place where all castes and creeds visit with joy and expectation. We all have, I’m sure, different stories to tell. The younger generations need to know how things were different in the bygone era in this connection. We can go down to the 80’s, 70’e, 60’e, 50’s and even 40’s, depending upon our age and perigrinations.

So, apart from the Indian cities, whether you’re located in L.A. or London, or New Jersey or Australia, or Lahore, or Karachi, please tell us what happened when a particular movie was released, what was the condition of cinema halls, did you attend the premieres? What new things your experienced? No, we don’t need Star connection. You’re the Star. So tell us.

(I will tell one to begin with).


This we don’t see now for the obvious reasons. But back in the fifties, especially, I noticed as a child that whenever the cinema-goers came out of the cinema-hall, they used to rush to the song-book peddlers. The songs of the old movies used to so melodius that it became a must to purchase a booklet from the peddlers.
The price was One Anna (or six paisa).

Again, we used to hear only some two stanzas of the songs since the space in the records was inadequate. In the movies, therefore, we could enjoy those extra verses.

Some people did crazy stuff too. I remember an incident where a Suraiya’s fan actually fled with all her records. He was caught at Khandala when the police heard those songs emanating from a bungalow. The thief was blissfully enjoying those recorded songs.

Radio broadcasts were a popular source of songs and musics besides the news. We used to enjoy the Radio Ceylon, All India Radio, and Vivadh Bharti. The 7.30 a.m. programme in Radio Ceylon was of old songs of Rafi Sahaab, Lataji, Shamshaad, and others. Later on they started playing K.L. Saigal’s songs towards the end. On the first of the month, we used to hear Kishore’s KHUSH HAI ZAMAANA AAJ PEHLI TARIKH HAI.
The 8 pm. slot was for new songs: AAPKI FARMAISH. The signature tune always began with Naushad Sahaab’s long music (Dastaan?). All India Radio had lots of Afghans who sent in their requests for songs. Later on, with the decline of Radio Ceylon which became Sri Lanka Radio Corporation Vivadh Bharti came into prominence. My favourite was the 7.30 to 8 a.m slot meant for the old songs. Also they told us about Raagas on which those were based. I used to make a list.

And so on and so forth. Wishing to hear from you all too


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4 Blog Comments to “Down the memory lanes, Recount your personal experiences”

  1. Anmol Singh says:

    Hi Nasir,

    The songs booklets were popular till the early eighties, the last I saw was way back in 1982-83. There after as the music standards started detoriating, the songs booklets as such also vanished. I am not very sure on this. Possibly in 1986 – 87 film making vitnessed its worst phase ever. During this period many old films of 1950s to 70s were released which did a better business than the new releases of that time. This trend continued till QSQT was released in 1988. This was were melody one once saw a come back.

  2. mohanflora says:

    A web with a view:
    A couch. A white-clad, coy, exquisite woman prone on it. The man at her cute feet drools: “Are you the moon at its lustrous best, or are you the sun?/ Whatever you are, I swear by God, you are without compare… ” For good measure the man, on all fours, hides the glowing face of the woman from the moon, lest the moon decides to take his place…

    Bleah! When I watch the sequence of “Chaudavin ka chand… ” I desperately seek one note, one miserable note, in Rafi’s voice that doesn’t drip syrup, one lousy word in Shakeel Badayuni lyrics that doesn’t ooze honey and one little expression on Waheeda face that breaks the monotony of perfect beauty and one flickering emotion in Guru Dutt’s simpering gestures. Sadly no. That’s why perhaps it’s called a classic.

  3. Roger says:

    Mohanflora ke bare me mai kya kahu! Ye video sab kaha se post karegi ye samag ma nahi aata. Shaayad ye aurat ek jadoogar hai!

  4. mohanflora says:

    Click on the following link and enjoy one of the great Rafi songs in hindi films”Tere mere sapne ab ek rang hai” from Guide!

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