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Door Rahkar Na Karo Baat – An Immortalized Affirmation

This article is written by Mr. Nagesh Sidhanti

Mohd Rafi

Mohd Rafi

A ghazal usually deals with the whole spectrum of human experience, with its central concern being love. The underdog’s bard , Sahir Ludhianvi, who refused to eulogise Khuda(God), Husn(Beauty) and Jaam(Wine), occasionally departed from his bitter but sensitive lyrics. The result of one such welcome exception is the song ‘Door Rahkar Na Karo Baat‘ from the movie Amaanat, Starring Manoj Kumar and Sadhana.

Sahir Ludhianvi, had this uncanny ability of giving his poetry an intellectual aura with socially relevant and fascinating questions posed, capturing the imagination of rebellious youth especially. The transference of his Faizian ideologies into intensely lyrical pitch, was the quintessence of this progressive writer.

Yet, Sahir seemed to have chosen a tender moment, while penning ‘Door Rahkar ‘ enhancing the significance of the lines. Here he renounces his often-stifled romantic outlook into a neatly conveyed affirmation to the beloved.


Here are the simple but well adorned lines.

Door Rahkar Na Karo Baat, Qareeb Aajao,
Yaad Rahejayegi Yeh Raat, Qareeb Aajao,

Sahir, with these opening lines, summerises the mood of the song, with a gentle compulsion. An assurance to the girl, hesitant in her first crush but bold enough to break confines of forbidden conventions, when bestowed with confidence.

Ek Muddat Se, Tamannah Thi, Tumhe Chooneki,
Aaj Bas Mein Nahin, Jazbaat, Kareeb Aajao,

After the protagonist achieves a comfort level, he then goes on to subtly express his yearning to consummate his love and his helplessness in dealing with his own emotions… a crushing urge to manifest his love at physical level.

Sard Jhonkon Se, Bhadakte Hein, Badan Mein Sholay,
Jaan Le Legi, Yeh Barsaat, Kareeb Aajao,

Sahir deliberately brings in a metaphorical suggestion of cold breeze igniting the bodily desires, brushing strokes of intensity and passion. That when love is unbridled, even rain serves as an aphrodisiacal agent and the man conveniently blames the rain-induced nostalgia for his excited state.

Is Qadar Humse Jhijakne Ki Zuroorat Kya Hai,
Zindagi Bhar Ka Hai, Ab Saath, Kareeb Aa Jaao

Here, Sahir makes a masterly closing statement of intimating the girl that her hesitation can be safely rested under the manly assurance of lifetime companionship, that their love is beyond the trappings of common infatuation.

Mohd Rafi

Mohd Rafi

Ravi Shankar Sharma, the composer epitomized the beauty of the women in his composition, Jaan-e-Bahaar Husn Tera Bemisaal Hai, an oh-so-romantic genre of song by Rafi Sahab.  On this occasion however, Ravi employs a minimal but intense tune to suit Rafi Sahab’s tonal quality. The collective understanding of  Ravi and Sahir of the woman’s hesitation in love, has been clearly acknowledged by the use of soft instrumentation.  Ravi adapts his favorite Raag Malkauns, which is a late evening raag, to this song. This pentatonic raag, usually brings out meditative and introverted andaaz to the rendition, as in case of ‘Door Rahkar’.

The prelude as well as interlude Baansuri, beautifully sets up a soothing ambience, complimenting the poet’s intent. Ravi, the tunesmith then orchestrates the song with  pleasing tonal variations, thus setting up stage for Mohammed Rafi sahab to do the honors.

When Rafi Sahab takes up alluring lyrics such as this one , its often an unfair deal to the poet. In ‘ Door Rahkar ‘ Rafi Sahab unwittingly relegates both ‘shabhd’ and ‘ raag’ into peripheral components, with amazing invocation of pure ‘ bhaav’.  This normally is the grudging admission of principal players of a song architecture, the lyricists and the composers, whenever Rafi Sahab undertakes the rendition.

Rafi Sahab sings Door Rahkar with a softly undulating texture in his voice, for the lines such as ‘ ek muddat se tamannah thi tumhe choone ki’ in the repeat line of antara. The voice modulation is in between a tremor and a quiver. His ability to control the throw in fractional values, makes the nearest competing singer fight for the sixth place.  He then packs the song ambience,  and reinforces the assurance in the phrase ‘ qareeb aa jaao’, in his own inimitable ways. Just observe his attention to detail, as in the way he pronounces the word ‘qareeb’. The high octave notes in the antara are handled like fish taken to water with sudden transition of repeat lines in introverted mode. All antaras are unique and are dealt with renewed style each time. Rafi Sahab finally leaves no ambiguity to the woman in question when he sings ‘ zindagi bhar ka hai ab saath’ with an everlasting and comforting emotional caress. Just similar to the way his rendition leaves his bhakts in helplessly transcendental state.

Yet another affirmation gets immortalized in the voice of the virtuoso.

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55 Blog Comments to “Door Rahkar Na Karo Baat – An Immortalized Affirmation”

  1. Nagesh Sidhanti says:

    Aadab Rafi,

    Dear Utthara, after all you are the guiding force for most Baar Baar
    Rafi writers on this forum, so credit for any good work…. obviously
    would be shared with you.

    Your comments are heartwarming to say the least. Thanks very
    much. I humbly accept them in both hands.

    Vasudevji, shukriya for the comment. I don’t write anywhere else
    sir. To me personally, there is hardly anyother singer who can inspire
    the way Rafi sab does. Thanks once again.

    Warm regards

    Nagesh Sidhanti

  2. P. Haldar says:

    dear binu ji,

    just a point of clarification: in my previous post, the “little sister” reference is to lakshmi mata, not to santoshi mata.

  3. Vasudev says:

    Hello nagesh ji,

    door rahkar is a fine example of Rafi sab’s exemplary abilities
    and your review is complimentary to the efforts of the lyricist,
    singer and composer. Loved the way you have brought it to the
    logical conclusion. Do you write anywhere else? Please provide
    links if any.

    Excellent !


  4. Utthara says:

    Nagesh, Sorry for the late entry. All the responses to your heart-warming review make me feel very proud. Don’t know why I am taking credit! And please do write a review of Hue hum jinke liye barbaad as requested by Nadkarni saab. it is my farmayish too.
    Nagesh, you have said Rafi saab leaves no ambiguity. This just about sums up your review __ no ambiguity. You have covered all aspects of the song __ a comprehensive review if ever there was one. You have brought out the tender romance in all its hues. Your review touches a chord. If Sahir had the uncanny ability of giving his lyrics an intellectual aura, you have the uncanny ability of grasping the essence and dressing it up magnificently for your readers. If music director Ravi used soft instrumentation to bring out the soft mood of the song, you have used soft words and enriched the song.
    You have this talent of taking the reader along with you __ making them experience the agony and ecstasy. As we read it, we feel the passion with which you have written this gem of a review.
    You write so convincingly that one has to agree with whatever you have said about the song. So, what more can I say than agree with whatever you have said.
    Nagesh, if your Tum jo milagaye ho showed us your indisputable talent, Door rehkar confirmed it and how. Wow!.


  5. binu nair says:

    Post 37 : Sandeep ji:
    Maharashtrians, gujrathis,malayalees, assameese, bengalis, kannadas, telugu-ians, punjabis, foreigners – all communities love mohd rafi saaheb.

    if one family doesn’t love mohd rafi due to jealousy and insecurity how does it matter?????

    but, they know inside of their hearts that “mohd rafi is the best”. recently, the younger sister told my friend whe is also an event organiser the very same.

    binu nair, mumbai

  6. Nagesh Sidhanti says:

    Dear Nadkarni sahab,

    I really appreciate your categoric approach in a candid condemnation
    of those who deserved it. Indeed programmes such as ‘ sa re ga
    ma pa’ appear rather rigged.

    It is difficult to believe the schizophrenic tendencies of some very
    gifted singers like Lata, who can move you into tears on one hand
    by her singing prowess and yet behave like an insecure gangster
    on the other. What these petty groups however can’t do is to
    take away the adulation, love and respect…. bhakts like us have
    towards the great man.

    Sir, if someone speaks about tall mountains but refuses to
    acknowledge Mt. everest, that means they haven’t attained enough
    altitude yet.

    Your experience with Rafi sab at personal level ( 5 lakhs episode)
    is yet another proof of the generosity of the man. And the fact that
    you didn’t encash it really shows a calibre, which only a Rafi fan
    could have sustained.

    Sir, I am eagerly awaiting your email ID. You can send the same on I owe you a song review on ‘hue hai jinke
    liye barbaad’ sir.

    with warm regards

    Nagesh Sidhanti

  7. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Post 37: The so called big brother has achieved nothing. please do not bring his name in this site. This so called big brother was a student of Rafi Saheb, who taght him some music along with Mahendra Kapoor too.

  8. P. Haldar says:

    ref post 37:

    dear nadkarni saab,

    please don’t talk about the great brother. The mere mention of his name makes my blood boil. In one interview, he says that the little sister is good but not as good as didi and then puts her in the same slot as rafi and kishore. Can you imagine a guy who would have considered himself lucky to lick rafi saab’s boots talk like that?

    as for suresh wadkar, I have a different opinion. he is is a zabardast rafi fan but he is under the influence of indira gandhi & co. Even a talent like junior burman was under their kabza. Suresh wadkar is a genuine rafi bhakt; here’s a tribute of his to the farishta:

  9. Raju Korti says:

    ref post 41
    correction: last line should be read as when we have the sun, why think of lightworms?

  10. Raju Korti says:

    ref post 37
    bravo, nadkarni ji. at least someone has the gumption and guts to speak truth on the patently patisan approach of the sa re ga ma pa judges. but then, what can you expect from people who have made music as their “family business” and have utter disdain for other musicians? Among other things, insecurity and jealousy are the prominent reasons when even so called established artists display such bias.
    nadkarni ji these are not exactly the people who you can expect to be graceful and magnanimous. so don’t you sweat over them. when we have the son, why think of lightworms?

  11. myk says:

    Dear Mr. Sandeep Nadkarni,

    You have mentioned several MD’s on this forum, but have yet to write about the MD with whom you worked with the most, R.D. Burman.

    Please share your experiences and memories associated with RD and Rafi-saab.

    Hope you are doing well and in the best of health.

  12. Nagesh Sidhanti says:

    Aadab Rafi,

    Dear Dr. Vasudha, your comments are inducing vertigo in me. 🙂
    Thanks very much. You really have caught the pulse of the mood.
    Does being a doctor help? in Door rahkar rafi sab brings the passion
    the lines deserve, as he routinely does for each of the 4951 songs.
    Thanks once again. Baar Baar Rafi rocks thanks to members like you.

    Dear Dr. Theertharam, I am flattered to know that the review
    makes you listen to the song with a new perspective. I consider
    this a reward for the job, sir. Thanks for the comments.

    thanks for taking your precisous time off to read.

    warm regards,

    Nagesh Sidhanti

  13. Dr. Khaja Aliuddin says:

    Janab Sandeep Nadkarni Saheb, Adab,
    Your participation in Hindustani music is fantastic. Aapko bahut bahut mubarak. Aap bahut hi badhiya insaan hain. Jitni bhi tareef ki jaye kam hai. Did you were one of the playing artist in the movie “miyan beewi raazi” for the Rafi Sahab’s song “Tum mere saath ho”? I love this song. Please tell us if anything to say about this song. This song was picturized on Mahmood.
    Please also tell me about Iqbal Qureshi and your ten songs with him. Did you participate in the songs of “Dastan-e- Laila Majnu. Graet songs of Rafi Sahab and Ashaji. Please mujhe aap nirash mat kijeye.
    Good night,
    With regards to all rafi lovers,
    Long live rafi Sahab,
    Dr. Khaja Aliuddin

  14. In my list the name of Roshan Lal Nagrath (ROSHAN) is indeed missing friends. I had a very rare and a golden opportunity of being a part in the orchestration team of the great Roshan in the year 1963 for the film “Taj Mahal” and the beautiful song was “Paaon chulenedo phoolonko inayat hogee” a duet with Lata Mangeshkar. However exactly before the final take I suddenly experienced severe abdominal pain and was diagnosed immediate surgery for appendicitis and was rushed to the hospital. After the recording was over Rafi Saab the genius not only visited the hospital inquiring about my health but was very kind enough to pay the entire dues of the hospital. Indeed a great human being and I hardly have any words to describe his generosity. Thus I missed the only opportunity of working with Roshan Saab who indeed was a great violinist player himself.
    A couple of years prior to the sad demise of our beloved king of melody I was desperately in need of some finance for purchase of a dwelling at Mangalore and this news somehow reached Rafi Saab who immediately summoned me to Rafi Villa at Bandra (West) and quietly handed over to me his cheque for Rs 5.00 lacs to which I was totally stunned and speechless. However after several discussions with my dear wife then we decided to own a very small dwelling at Mangalore (my present residence) and hence we did not utilize the amount paid to me by Rafi Saab. Friends the said cheque of Rs 5.00 lacs is still lying with me and I have retained the same with me as a mark of respect & remembrance of the greatest legend.
    Program “Sa re ga ma pa” in Marathi at Zee Marathi channel every Monday & Tuesday at 9.30 pm. The 2 judges appointed for this program are the great brother Hridhaynath Mangeshkar and Suresh Wadkar. I have been a regular watcher of this program since the past couple of months however to my utter surprise and dismay these so-called great judges have never ever spelt the names of Rafi Saab, O P Nayyar and C Ramchandra probably for the reasons better known to both of them. They both are acting as if this particular program is the property of the great Mangeshkar family since even the hindi songs in one of the episodes were the choice of none other than the great brother Mangeshkar as there was hardly any chance for the choice of Rafi Saabs songs. Indeed disgraceful. Indeed shame on you brother Mangeshkar & also Suresh Wadkar for the sheer nonsense created by both of you in this program. I earnestly and very sincerely appeal to all the fans & admirers of our dear Rafi Saab to totally condemn and boycott this program and also request the management of Zee Marathi to immediately look for some alternate and better quality judges who can communicate the better of the music industry rather than continue with these 2 stupid judges who talk nothing else than about the Mangeshkar family in all the episodes till now.

  15. Nagesh Sidhanti says:

    Adab Rafi,

    Jayant Sanyal ji, a very heart warming remark there sir. Thanks
    very much for taking your time off to read and finding it worthy
    of comments. No better encouragement from a fellow rafi bhakt.

    Hello Anoopbhai, many thanks for placing your views. I am
    overwhelmed by your words. Isn’t true that the credit for any
    good work here should first go to the great man, simply for
    inspiring ordinary mortals like me? You are very generous with
    your words.

    Jaybhai, thanks very much for your comments. I am glad you
    liked it. Hopefully I’d live upto your expectations always.

    Mani sab, shukriya for the comments. Yes. ” tu mere saamne hai”
    is a gem of a melody esp. ‘ main bhala hosh main kaise rahun’
    part. How does Rafi sab manages to levitate some words this
    way? Like he does for the word ‘ hosh’.

    Respected Narayan sab, I have no hesitation to say here that
    you are the real inspiration to me and many like me at baar baar
    rafi. You have always made it a point to encourage rafi-ism at
    all levels. Elsewhere Rafi sab must be feeling proud of having
    a bhakt like you sir. Thanks very much.

    Binu Nairji, please share Sandeepji’s ph no or email ID, as and
    when you are able to get.

    If it is not out of context here, as a music lover I am saddened by
    the death of Micheal Jackson, arguably the greatest pop star ever
    to walk on earth……or shall we say on the moon. Pray that his soul
    rests in peace.

    warm regards

    Nagesh Sidhanti

  16. Dr.vasudha Theertharam says:

    Dear Mr Sidhanti
    When Rafi saab sang every Rafi Bhakt got an ecstatic feeling that the song was in her praise, the love expressed was solely for her.This was the nasha Rafi exuded in his songs.Your review only reinforces this feeling in every reader who is fortunate to have read it.
    Sidhanti—Your thoughts get intricately interspersed by emotions and leaves the reader half satiated for, his/her dil always mange more after reading the review.—Such is the vivacity of your write up.
    The lines—Ek muddat se tamanna thi tumhe choone ki— the love and the desire expressed by the hero is accentuated in your write up and your imagination is just exemplary.The lines—Is qadar jijakne ki also is infused by the same feeling.
    Let many more such reviews see the light of the day.My best wishes to you.

  17. DR.Theertharam says:

    Dear Nagesh
    I have heard this song quite a few times but not paid much attention to the lyrics.Now after reading your review I do feel like listening to it with a new feeling altogether.Thank you my friend for such a wonderful write up.

  18. Narayan says:

    You have done it once more by ur wonderful article by carrying the readers to the recording studio where 3 melodious makers composed this unforgettable gem.
    Infact this song was regularly played during 70s in the ever green Vividh Bharati….
    Kudos to your word prowess and high quality of explanation which can be assimlated by any one…
    Iam not farmaishing any but know that many have requested..
    Keep them coming..
    We at Baar Baar Rafi Fan Club are proud of great talent lile you amidst us..

  19. binu nair says:

    Door rehkar na karo….found a place – out of 30 songs – in our majestic music event at dinanath hall, parle recently.

    each song demanded an encore but was’nt possible.

    Sandeep ji: What about O P Nayyar occupying the third position among composers of the Golden Era??

    and finally, we would wish to meet you or atleast talk to you on phone.

    looking forward

    binu nair, mumbai.

  20. Savitaa says:

    Mr Sandeep Nadkarni ji,,,we r not just glad but rather priviledged to have legend like u with us…and our feelings leaves limit of all the silly bafflement of this uncertain life when considerate and highly respectful person like u or Binu sir and a few others address us as friends,,,,,
    Sir,,,we are overwhelmed with joy when u,out of ur daily schedule, take the trobule to share with us diminutive or discriptive details about our beloved Rafi Sahab…
    Many Many thanx for ur words in this forum and even more thanx for ur presence…..

  21. M V Devraj says:

    Respected Nadkarnisaab:I am in awe of your service to Hindi Film Music industry.My humble salute to you Sir on your stupendous achievement.And as a true blue music connoisseur you have listed the three best music directors this industry has seen since its inception.Sir,may I request you to let us have your e-mail id or phone number.I know you are very unwell but still ,I am sure, you will not disappoint this Rafi bhakth.
    Warm regards.
    M V Devraj

  22. Anmol Singh says:

    Dear Sandeep Nadkarni Ji,

    Apart from Naushad Sahab I see even Roshan Sahab’s name also missing from your list of music composers. Roshan Sahab had composed some of greatest songs of all times.

  23. Nagesh Sidhanti says:

    Dear Sandeep Nadkarni sab,

    With deep respect and reverance, I accept your compliments sir.
    It is the previlege of mine and of the entire group of Rafi bhakts,
    to have you amidst us.

    Sir, the body of works you have left behind as a direct associate
    of the music is mind boggling. sandeep sab, by the sheer virtue of
    your association with great composers, singers, lyricists & orchestra
    ….you thus become a connecting element between us and the
    golden era. Once again we are fortunate to have you in this
    great forum. If I may ask you sir, is it possible for you to let all
    of us know the top 20 songs, which appeal to you most, among
    the 962 gems you were associated in shaping.

    Sab, aap hukm karen aur hum nahin nibhaaye? Will surely
    attempt to write on “Huwe hum jinke kiye barbaad”. Excellent
    choice. Should I already assume Sandeep sir, that this is one
    of your favorite songs? 🙂 Kindly provide me your email ID.

    with warm regards

    Nagesh Sidhanti

  24. Friends I joined this industry way back in the year 1948 at the very young age of almost 16 years in the Raj Kapoors film Barsaat which was also the debut break for Shankar-Jaikishan, (who had earlier scored music as the assistants to Ram Gangolli in the year 1947 for the film Aag) Shailendra, Hasrat-Jaipuri, Nimmi and above all a great push back to the nightingale Lata Mangeshkar also.
    I have associated myself in almost 962 songs since 1948 to 1982 and in this span I have worked with the following music Directors as enumerated as follows
    1) R D Burman 372 songs
    2) Shankar-Jaikishan 290 songs
    3) S D Burman 62 songs
    4) Madan Mohan 60 songs
    5) Chitragupt 49 songs
    6) Salil Choudhary 25 songs
    7) Chitalkar (C Ramchandra) 24 songs
    8) O P Nayyar 20 songs
    9) Ravi 16 songs
    10) Iqbal Quereshi 10 songs
    11) Kalyanji-Anandji 10 songs
    12) Laxmikant Pyarelal 09 songs
    13) Usha Khanna 06 songs
    14) Jaidev 05 songs
    15) Ramlal 02 songs
    16) Sonic Omi 02 songs
    Friends though I have never ever worked with the Legend Naushad Saab I would still rate as the all time greatest amongst all his other contemporaries mainly because he himself had that class of touch of his own. I would rate the golden pair of Shankar-Jaikishan in the second best slot mainly because the pair had the best orchestration piece ever under the great & the able arrangement of Dattaram and later with Maruti Keer. The third slot I shall vote to none other than the smart, elegant Madan Mohan all the way and thereafter the rest.

  25. Chandra Sekhar Mani says:

    A great song and and equally impressive review which would make any Rafi Saab fan proud. With the ability to make a ordinary song look good, a song like “Door rahkar na karo” had all the ingrediants, beautiful lyrics and tune, for Rafi Saab to turn into a masterpiece. This song did not get the due recognition it deserved in the 70’s.

    Another gem is the song “Tu mere samne hai” from the film Suhaag.These songs show how Rafi Saab’s voice was so melodious and full of emotion and dispel any myth that he could only sing better in the high pitch.

  26. Jay Iyer says:

    Dear Nagesh, U got the essence of the great rafi song with your review. ur explanations of the song sequence was sooooo…. good. It made a great reading. ur translations for novices like me was great. Keep on writing. U got great skills as a writer.


  27. “Dhoor raha kar na karo baat kareeb ajawo” was indeed a very beautiful composition of the three greats in the sheer combination of Mohammed Rafi –Ravi and Saheer Ludhianvi.
    Ravi can be labelled as the uncrowned king for composing such soft, sweet and immaculate melodies and Rafi Saab undoubtedly used to put in that extra effort in him in such compositions and eventually used to conquer the atmosphere very easily. This was the greatest assset of the greatest Rafi Saab who was solely responsible in making such recitations totally a masterpiece.
    Sahir Ludhianvi as many are not aware was a pita hua sahajada whi in his younger days had lost his dear love and hence automatically created that in-built quality in him in expressing his deep inner feelings in may of his poetries & songs which he has penned down over the years and this composition was one of those brilliant works which was penned down by dear Sahir Saab.
    Friends I was in the orchestration group while recording this memorable piece and the overall experience was indeed fantastic. Moreover Rafi Saab had brilliantly poured out his heart in bringing forth the hidden espressions of Sahir in this classic rendition.
    Dear Nageshjee your article has indeed brought forth those golden memories associated with this great rendition. Your command over the language is superb and hence this personal request to you to explore the possibility of puting forth your similar review on the very rare number from the film “Deedar” rendered by Rafi Saab “Huwe hum jinke kiye barbaad woh chhahe hum se kare na pyaar jivan bhar — jivan bhar unkee yaad mein hum gaye jayenge”. Dear Nageshjee mere jaise marne wale kee ye aakhree farmaish please puree karlo beta”

  28. Anil Cherian says:

    Wow! What terrific write-up, Nageshji. Can’t wait for more from you… Keep it up..

  29. Nagesh Sidhanti says:

    Aadaab Rafi,

    Mr. Girish Masand thanks very much for your link. Had a listen
    to your nice rendition.

    Anmol sir, no truer words said !! Rafi indeed was a high priest of high
    pitch and he made it look so simple. Thanks for the compliments. I
    heard from a noted composer that, playback singer SP balasubramanium
    wanted to name his second son as mohammed rafi, if he were to be
    blessed with one. Most of the very good singers eventually acknowledge
    that Rafi sab was and is the mt. everest of melodies.

    Ashok Parekh sab, I am humbled by your comments. “aur kuch der tahar”
    is yet another very intense romantic song in low notes mostly. Beautiful
    pick. Will surely make an attempt as you have suggested.

    Hello Mr. Nanda, thanks so much for your comments. I wish I was
    what you think I may be. Sir, I am not a music teacher and desperately
    trying to make up for my inability to sing, by writing articles.

    Padmanabhan sir, thanks very much for taking your precious time off
    to offer comments. Indeed Rafi sab is unlikely to be surpassed for
    generations as you say. ” delivery with effect ” !!! Most befitting
    observation there. three cheers to Rafi foundation and baar baar rafi.

    Siva sab, absolutely !! Ravi ji perhaps did not get the high ratings
    he deserved. We can however take heart from the fact that his
    compositions are now getting highly noticed for the specific type
    of flavor and arrangements. ” acchonko bura saabit karna duniya
    ki puraani aadat hai “…it couldn’t have been but Sahir. Great pick.

    Hello Shashidhar sir, just reading your comments makes me think
    that you are a person of poetic leanings and it would be nice to
    have your commentary on a chosen topic of Rafi sab. Thanks for
    the comments.

    Dear Pradeep Kumar sab, kindly accept my sincere thanks for
    showering overwhelming praises. I humbly accept the same.
    ” yeh raat pyaasi pyaasi ” is another wonderful romantic melody
    and I would certain bear this in mind when I go for my next
    write-up sir. You have a great taste.

    This forum is giving Rafi bhakts like me and all those who read
    and leave comments, a great platform to converge our views,
    thoughts and opinions. May I thank mohd for running
    this website for us and supporting both readers and writers.
    Bahut shukriya, badi meherbaani to

    with warm regards,

    Nagesh Sidhanti

    comments to

  30. Anoop Kulkarni says:

    Dear Nageshbhai,
    There has never been a doubt about your writing skills, and here again, you have outdone yourself with this review. This time, I find a change in your style of review – you have kept it simple, yet powerful, with the choicest of words. If I may use an analogy, your vocab is what gourmet is for food – “refined”. Only a connoisseur like you can appreciate and bring out the true beauty of this song.
    You are easily among the best writers I have known. And am I not fortunate? 🙂

  31. Jayant Sanyal says:

    Dear Siddhantijee,

    Your article is a fine example of the artistry of words and the passion with which you have crafted the narrative of our Rafi Sahab’s aura in this song, the way you have gone on to describe the supremacy of Rafi Sahab in rendering a gem of a song enriched with love and honest feelings is truely remarkable to say the least. Sahir Sahab and Raviji were lucky enough that they had Rafi sahab for them to render this song for them. I can say without doubt that only Rafi sahab could have done full justice to such masterly lyrics and beautiful melody and nobody else. Thanks again, for this gem of an article, which, when I was reading, it was as if Rafi Sahab was singing in the background. AN awesome feeling, which can’t be adequately described in words. Long Live Rafi Sahab!

  32. Pradeep S. Kumar says:

    Mr. Sidhanti – this is one of the finest dissertations of a classic Mohd Rafi song published through I applaud you for the exquisite prose and fine writing. Articles such as these need a much wider audience through various net web magazines and newspapers throughout India and elsewhere. This is exactly the method one should use to pick a particular high calibre song and provide a stanza-by-stanza breakdown of the poetry, music and great singing. This song brings everything together – great poetry, beautiful composition and arrangement, plus the wonderful rendition by the master himself.

    Mr. Sidhanti – a further request. Please listen to two classic Kalyanji-Anandji and Mohd Rafisaab compositions, namely “Yeh Raat Hai Pyasi Pyasi” from Choti Bahu (Lyrics by Kaifi Azmi) and the second “Mohabbhat Ke Suhane Din” from the film Maryada (lyrics by Anand Bakshi). Everlasting, out of this world songs.

  33. Dear Nagesh,

    Excellent narrative, Rafisab mellifluous voice combined with the grandeur of lyrics from Sahir ludhianvi is compactly and precisely packed in your discription of the song. like, Raja ravi verma’s master piece art encapsulated in beautifull frame. More you see more you like to see, Rafi sab songs are so soothing and power packed it can bring life instantly for any body who are morose and love lost. Rafi`s voice is so distinct and a character only he can bring out the Poignancy, Pain, Pleasure and philasophy all in one go.

    Kudhas Nagesh, Well done!!!!!!!!!

  34. Siva says:

    Nagesh ji–your review is as sweet as the ever-so-sweet compositions of the much talented but rarely discussed composer Ravi Shankar Sharma, popularly known as Ravi. Excellent,passionate article! thanks.
    Chhoo lenedo nazuk honton ko from Kajal is also a similar song-with same combination of Rafi-Ravi-Sahir.

  35. N R Padmanabhan says:

    Dear Nagesh,

    An all-encompassing tribute to an evergreen musical melody. It certainly requires a Rafi to bring out the yearning, pathos and emotions of the ghazal. There could be any number of ghazal singers but when it comes to delivery with effect, Rafi saheb will remain unsurpassed for generations. Your commentary certainly adds substance to the ghazal,music and rendition. Congrats and keep it up.

    Padmanabhan NR
    Rafi Foundation, Hyderabad Chapter &
    Baar Baar Rafi, Bangalore.

  36. Ashok Parekh says:

    dear nageshji,

    simply super analysis and lovely write up. raviji has produced many memorable masterpieces with rafisaab. i personally feel that a there is a similar song composed by khaiyaamsaab in ‘aakhari khat’ which is ‘aur kuchh der thaher aur kuchh der na jaa’. it is my humble request (you may treat this as ‘farmaish’ from another rafi bhakta) to have your wonderful analysis for this song along with another khaiyaamsaab song ‘tum chali jaaogi parchhaiyan rahe jayegi’ from film ‘shagoon’.

    ashok parekh

  37. Nanda Y R says:

    The song simply breeds tranquility. It gives me a lot of simple pleasure listening to any of the great master’s renditions. Undoubtedly this is one of his crown gems.

    by the way nagesh bhai – do you teach music someplace? Your review of the classic itself is a classic!

  38. Nagesh Sidhanti says:

    Dear fellow Rafi bhakts,

    Aadaab Rafi,

    Thank you very much for taking your time off and reading door

    Malavika, by now you’d agree that the magical experience ( of the
    song) should entirely be attributed to Rafi sab. Give him stone, he
    would convert it into sparkling gold. Thanks for the comments.

    Bimal sab, Dhanyobod. Rafi bhakts hone ke naathe hum dono ka
    hridoy xomeep toh hai na sir? Milayiye haat abhi ke liye. Thanks for
    the encouragement. Zaroor miloge kabhi.

    Sumanbhai, thanks very much for taking your precious time off.
    You are absolutely right. Lyrics such as ‘sarkailo ghatiya’ is very
    pedestrian and appeals to people with Music Quotient ( MQ) equal
    to a Health Faucet. ‘ Khwab ko sach main ‘ is a soothing rendition
    from Prem Geeth and is very well written as you have said.

    Hello Gaurav, so heartening to see you following the contents of
    this great website on the greatest singer. Thanks very much for
    your good words. Over to you for a rocking review, as a nexgen
    Rafi bhakt. Waiting with baited breath.

    Gurusab, thanks very much for your comments. Indeed this is
    an immortal song as you say. In Door Rahkar, Rafi’s voice some
    how sounds more like late 60s than early 70s. agree sir?

    Kumar sab, I humbly accept your praise. It is nobody’s fault that
    we forget lyrics while ‘ experiencing’ Rafi songs. Talking about
    today’s music, this is the era of instant gratification and hopefully
    slow rotation of earth may bring back the laid back flavor of

    Anwar sab, your comment itself presents the fact that your are
    a keen observer of details and it is gratifying to know that my
    humble attempt to pay tribute to the great master has appreciative
    audience in bhakts like you sir. Thanks very much.

    Girishbhai, very heart warming to read your comments and thank
    you very much for the supporting words there sir. This is Rafi-ism
    at its best.

    Nasreen ji, bahut shukriya for taking off your time to read the
    write-up. Indeed Rafi sab had this quality to appeal directly to
    heart center of his listeners. Your comments just show that once

    Savitaa ji, thanks very much for the insights about Raviji’s interview.
    You are absolutely right. Rafi sab handled complex ghazals with
    such ease as if, he entered the soul of the shaayir and delightfully
    brought out the nuances with his unique technique of ‘mood’ words.

    Thankyou all once again.

    Nagesh Sidhanti

  39. Anmol Singh says:

    Hello Nagesh Sidhanti Ji,

    Great write up !!!

    And great interpretation of the song. The line “Ek Muddat Se, Tamannah Thi, Tumhe Chooneki” is sung at very high scale, but it has been sung with so much comfort, that the lover is not complaining but expressing his feelings.

    This is a God gifted quality of Rafi Sahab which I don’t think any other singer can render.

  40. Savitaa says:

    door reh kad na kro baat” is one of my fav song,,,,,,,,,,,,this kind of voice n emotion that Rafi sahab rendered in the song makes one restless! a masterpiece! Can everyone do justice with this kind of lyrics than rafi sahab!

    on bividh bharti recently aired Music director Ravi ji interview in which he mentioned about how immortal voice Rafi sahab had, n that many times he had tributed rafi sahab in public etc….! He said he had playbacked many singers,but when it comes Rafi sahab he admitted saying that Rafi sahab unlike other singers always delivered more than what was asked for n Rafi sahab used to sing toughest gazal with such a ease that it used to be a surprise forr the composer!!!!

  41. Nasreen says:

    Dear Mr Nagesh

    What a beautiful and romantic song to write about – and so well written. i’m afraid i don’t have any understanding of music’s raagas etc. all i know is the lyrics convey a mood of extreme emotional intensity, intimacy, passion, romance – and all of this is encompassed in this one voice which no words can describe adequately.
    I have not seen the film, but always thought this must have been sung on a wedding night.

    Such a sweet picture of rafi saab too. ‘Loved reading the article. Thanks you.

  42. girish prahalad says:

    nagesh ji

    words fail to describe the beauty of the lyrical prose you have
    used in describing the musically & lyrically brilliant composition
    sung with great emotion and modulation by rafisaab.

    keep them coming.

  43. Anwar-ul-Haque says:

    Dear Nagesh ji,

    What a great article on a great song! You have tremendously well-written this article and I have no words to express my feelings after reading this article. You almost touched every detail of the song beginning from poetry to the end of rendition. Please accept my gratitude to your wonderful article.

    “Allah kare zor-e-qalam aur ziyada”.

    Thanks and best regards.


  44. kn.kumar says:

    Dear Nagesh Sidhanthi bhai,
    What a wonderful commentary you have written on one of the most beautiful songs sung by our Rafi Saab. Your commentary is good as the lyrics of Sahir.Many a time,while our attention is on the beauty of Rafi Saab’s voice,we fail to appreciate the good lyrics of the lyricist.where will we get such beautiful songs now? But keep writing on other songs and take us back to the bygone wonderful days of Rafi Saab and his associates.

  45. H.V.GURU MURTHY says:


    Wonderful. An interesting article on a beautiful song, but unfortunatley the song came in the early seventies when it was KK time and the film got released after about two years after the songs hit the air and the film was a failure. But the beauty of the song is that it is remembered even now by Music lovers.

  46. Dearest Nagesh Unclejee
    What a fantastic review of the great rendition “Dhoor rahe kar na karo baat kareeb aajawo” which totally had a entirely different soothing effect by the Greatest ever indeed Mohammed Rafi Saab.
    Please keep the good work continuing Sir

  47. Suman Gupta says:

    Hi Nagesh bhai,

    Your article is as well written as the song.
    Though today s songs like ” sarkailo khatiya jaada lage” also conveys the same message , “door rah kar “song ( and the article) makes the message look divine,the relation healthy and for life, in contrast to “sarkailo” song where the message sounds vulgar , unhealthy and time pass.
    Another good song that I can think of is ” khwaabo ko sach meiy kar loo, ek raath eisi dey doo,jo umar bhar na bhooley,saugaath esi dey do…”


  48. biman baruah says:

    respected sidhanti ji

    what a wonderful write-up on a great Rafi gem, “Door Rahkar Na Karo Baat” , a emotional romantic song sung by Rafi Saheb for Mr. Bharat: Manoj Kumar. Sidhant ji no word to appraise you. Please “Door Rahkar Na Karo Baat, Aap Bhi Qareeb Aajao”.

    best wishes & regards
    biman, sivasagar, assam

  49. Malavika says:

    Hi Nagesh,

    Just the way Rafisab brings out the longing quality, much the same
    way I must say, you too have delivered the essence amazingly
    through your review. couldn’t help but agree to your commentary.
    Is it the song? Or is it your presentation? Or Both?


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