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Dilip says Rafi is his voice

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Recently when legendary actor Yusuf Khan urf Dilip Kumar as we popularly known him as, was recently asked, whose voice suited him the most? His answer was Mohd Rafi Sahab. Its very nice of him to remember Rafi Sahab eventhough many of his contemporaries have different answers. Dilip KumarMany of the stars who have the attained the legendary status now, have earned fame and fortune due to the success of their musicial movies. The common attribute here was one; a singer; the voice of Mohd Rafi.

Let us recollect five popular numbers of Rafi Sahab on Dilip Kumar:

Starting with a number where Rafi Sahab also shared the position in front of the camera. Yes, the 1947 classic movie Jugnu. Do you remember the song where we all saw Rafi Sahab singing along with Dilip Kumar and plenty of other actors? The song is Voh Apni Yaad Dilaane Ko, Ik Ishq Ki Duniya Choor Chale. It’s a comical number. Recently a member of hamaraforums had posted the video of this song. Another song from the same movie where Rafi Sahab climbed the ladder of success along with Noor Jehan was Yahan Badala Wafa Ka Bewafaayi Ke Siva Kya Hai? Firoze Nizami was the music director and the lyricists for this movie were Azgar Sarahadi and M.G.Adeeb.

The next sterling song is Zindabad Zindabad, Ay Mohobbat Zindabad from K.Asif’s superlative movie Mughal E Azam. The scholastics say that this song had an octave higher than the popular high-octaave number of Rafi Sahab’s career O Duniya Ke Rakhwale from Baiju Bawra. The music director of both these movies is the living legend Naushad Sahab who has also given music to the recent movie Taj Mahal. The lyricist for Mughal E Azam was Shaqeel Badayuni. Dilip-Rafi-Naushad-Shakeel team has plenty of musical movies to their credit. Another number that I recollect is Madhuban Mein Raadhika Naache Re from Kohinoor.

Bimal Roy’s Madhumati received two honours in the year of its release – 1958. Best film and best director. The story of reincarnation which generally clings to the emotional tissue was probably to a certain extent attributed to the success of the movie. Salil’s magical music, Shailendar’s charming lyrics and Rafi’s and Lata’s heavenly vocals have given their best and rest to the success. The song that went immensely popular on Dilip Sahab is Toote Huve Khwabon Ne. Rafi brought about the emotional depth required to depict a lover’s agony, who, has lost his love to the portentous hands of death.

Another ball of success to the team –Dilip-Rafi-Naushad-Shaqeel- in Citizens Films’ Ganga Jamuna. Rafi has only a single solo on record in this movie, which went on to become a raging hit; the aftereffects of which have still not mellowed. Don’t we still see this number in most of the compilations? Shortly we may even see a remix of this. God forbid. Yes, most of you have guessed it right, it’s the folk based hip twisting song Nain Ladjaihen Tho Manwa Maa.

Three years later the same team creates another wondrous approach with the 1964 comedy movie Leader. Dilip kumar won the best actor filmfare award for the character he played in the movie. All the songs were good. Rafi Sahab had 3 solos and 3 duets; 2 with Lata and 1 with Asha. Our focus now is towards the patriotic number – Apni Azaadi Ko Ham Hargiz Mita Sakte Nahin, Sar Kata Sakten Hein Lekin, Sar Jhuka Sakte Nahin. Shakeel Badayuni sahab has managed to keep the patriotic feeling afloat through out the song with good support from Naushad with his formidable music and astounding vocals by Rafi Sahab.

There certainly are numerous songs which are on Dilip which are magnificently superior and gorgeously beauitiful sung by Rafi Sahab. Let’s cover those separately.

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