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Did R.D.Burman really preferred KK over Rafi?

This article is written by Mr.H.V.Guru Murthy.

A regular browser to web site, having gone through the letters of Rafi lovers would assume that R D Burman did not utilize Rafi properly, instead he preferred Kishore Kumar. Because of this reason, Rafi Fans are still upset with RDB even though he passed away a decade back.

Yes, it is true that RDB preferred KK over Rafi during early seventies. For that matter, which Music Director or Actor or Producer or Director will not have his preference. It was well known that Raj Kapoor always preferred Mukesh, Manoj Kumar preferred Mukesh or Mahendra Kapoor, B.R.Chopra films had Mahendra, MD Ravi also had plenty of songs with Mahendra so also O.P after he broke with Rafi. Similarly OP always had either Asha or Geetha Dutt and never Lata. Salil also used all other Singers. Director Subba Rao insisted on Mukesh for SAATHI even though the hero was Rajendra Kumar and MD Naushad, two Rafi Fans. Even Kalyanji Anandji had many films with Mahendra Kapoor, Mukesh and KK even though Rafi was instrumental in their raise through JAB JAB PHOOL KHILE, AAMNE SAAMNE, etc. LP, by all means Rafi Bhakts, used KK regularly in the early seventies even for Rafi heroes like Jeetendra, Dharmendra, etc. SJ also switched over to KK in movies like MAIN SUNDAR HOON, DIL DAULAT DUNIYA, KAL AAJ AUR KAL, etc. Of course, the music standard came down a notch or two in that period. But, well, it is their prerogative to have whomsoever they wanted though I am sure in heart of heart, why even openly, they would have admitted the superiority of Rafi over all other Singers. Similarly, RDB also used KK for almost all his movies in the early seventies as perhaps he had some special chemistry with him.

However, let us not forget that RDB used Rafi extensively during late sixties as his main playback singer right from the first movie. He gave hit music with Rafi in TEESRI MANZIL, NAQLI NAWAAB, CARAVAN, PYAAR KA MAUSAM, THE TRAIN, ABHILASHA, ADHIKAR, RATON KA RAAJA, etc. Later during late seventies he returned to Rafi and gave hits like SHAAN, HUM KISISE KUM NAHIN, ABDULLAH, ZAMANE KO DIKHANA HAI, etc. In between, he had Rafi in CHANDI SONA qawali with Mannadey (Ek Shok Hasina Se), YADON KI BAARAT (Title song and who can forget the duet with Asha Chura Liya Hai Tumne), DIL KA BAADSHAH (this Raj Kumar starrer had all songs by Rafi), THE GREAT GAMBLER (Raftasa Mera Naam), SHEHZADA (Solo Tere Attaroo and duet with Lata Kaahe Ko Bulaya), etc.

Mohd Rafi with R.D.Burman

If a person cannot appreciate the greatness of Rafi, then it can be safely concluded that the person does not have a sense of music. Of course, RDB was a good MD though not a great MD like Naushad, Madan Mohan, OP Nayyar, SDB, etc. RD would have definitely known the great qualities of Rafi, the Singer. Just because he did not use Rafi extensively as one would expect, let us not degrade this MD who gave us some good songs in CHANDAN KA PALNA, PADOSAN, HARE RAMA HARE KRISHNA, MERE JEEVAN SAATHI, AJNABEE, AMAR PREM, SANAM TERI KASAM, BHOOT BANGLA, BAHARON KE SAPNE (Rafi solo Zamane Ne Maare), PARICHAY, KINAARA, APNA DESH, ZAHREELA INSAAN, RAMPUR KA LAKSHAMAN (Pyaar Ka Samay with Lata, KK and Rafi), 1942 – A LOVE STORY, KATI PATANG to certain extent, etc. though he gave some very mediocre music in films like DEEWAR, SHOLAY, KITAAB, ZAKHMEE, RAFOO CHAKKAR, NAMKEEN, DHARAM KARAM and BIWI O BIWI (so un-RK film like), etc. so many forgettable movies as for as music was concerned.

The irony of RDB was either he gave good music or petered out to a very mediocre music in so many films. I read some where that Shashi Kapoor called RD as National Anthem Music Director. In those days, theatres used to play National Anthem at the end of the movie and the Hall doors used to be shut till the completion of the Anthem. As soon as the Anthem used to commence, our in-disciplined people used to rush to the Hall Door and wait for the door opening. Similarly, whenever RDB songs commenced in most of the movies, people used to rush to toilet.

Still, it is not fair that we use harsh and sometimes, un-parliamentary language against any body if they differ with our views. We cannot forget the contribution of all these MDs, Heroes, Singers, Directors, etc. in making the Indian Film Music so rich.

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1,376 Blog Comments to “Did R.D.Burman really preferred KK over Rafi?”

  1. Fawad says:

    Hi everybody,

    M big fan of rafi saab as a singer and as a person.He was only person who dosent have any scandal at this height.His voice is truely voice of INDIA.DO AJOOBE HAIN INDIA MAIN EK TAL MAHAL EK RAFI SAHAB KI AWAZ.His voice is Voive of Farishta.His voice is giving us a path.How sing a song with ROH(soul).Every singer is voice is of perticular actor but rafi saab’s voice is voice of every actor form Prithvi raj Kapoor to Rishi Kapoor and Govinda also.His voice dosnt want support any actor,his voice given support to so many unknown actors.KK was dependend on RD and Mukesh was on Raj Kapoor.In Rafi sahab case ……….. i think no need to say any thing.

    Rafi sahab never asked for his fees. I want share a incident,Kohinoor’s producer was rejected Naushaad sahab’s song for his film but rafi sahab requested to producer for that song and said give me my fees after song’s market report.After success of that song producer came to rafi sahab and ask for his fees, he said i got my fees, logon ne pasand ker liya yahi mera mehentana hai. That song was Madhuban merin radhika naache.

    We are not able to discribe his voice quality.God has send him only for singing.Now GOD will not send any other voice like Rafi sahab.God made his voice on hisown.

  2. sumit says:

    Dear All,

    Please be kind enough to tell me which movie this song belongs to sung by Rafi Saab.

    TERE SIVA NA KISIKA BANOONGA(sung in late seventies)

  3. sumit says:

    Dear all,

    I have something to share with you all which ,till date i ve never ever shared with anyone.the reason for me to share that thing with you is that probably all of you out there love this greatest of all “the legend” RAFI SAAB” as much as i do.we all must be loving that great human being with an equal or rather more intensity ,what i have for him.So here is that I Love Rafi saab so much that words cant describe it and that too right since my childhood when i used to study in my second standard.I never knew who the singer of those songs was, which i continously sang day n night when i was hardly six to seven years old.At one time i wanted to become professional singer when i grew up but the kinda struggle i had faced that time getting into this field was much beyond one could ever i gaveup that thought of becoming a singer but never gave uup my passion for singing and worshiping the voice of my ideal.Today I am not a professional singer niether have i ever performed in public except at university level.but i looooove singing and whatever little i can sing is all because of that inspiration which i get from that legend THE GOD OF SINGING “NONE OTHER THAN THE RAFI SAAB “.
    I sometime when think deeply about his singing i just cant believe that he is not there with us otherwise no place in this world could hide him from me to go and touch his godly feet and say that world of music starts and ends here only.
    People who even think of comparing Rafi saab with any other singer of that time ,are ignorant and have no remote idea of that GOd’s own child whose magical voice was crafted and designed by no one else but GOD they definetely need some piece of real knowledge.

    I am short of words to describe the greatness of that great personality because i am too small and insignificant to praise such a purely pure soul.

    All i can say is that god bless him and his family and ofcourse you all Rafi saab fans out there.

    Please forgive me for saying anything which said inappropriately.

    Thanks N Regards


  4. H.V.GURU MURTHY says:

    In the last week’s “Star Voice of India”, one of the Music Director commented some thing like if RD were not there, Asha would not have become popular or Asha’s versatility could blossom under RD, the exact words I am not able to recollect. I personally feel and I am very sure, most Music lovers will agree with me that Asha blossomed under OPN and her own standard came down after she left OPN. RD never gave with Asha solo songs like PUCHO NA HAME HUM UNKE LIYE, JAYIYE AAP KAHAN JAYENGE, AANKHON SE JO UTARI HAI DIL ME, CHAINASE HUMKO KABHI, RAAT KO CHORI CHORI, HUZUREWALA, AAO HUZUR TUMKO, WOH HANSKE MILE HUMSE, ETC. which OPN could regularly churn out with Asha. These songs are apart from the innumerable number of duets with Rafi.

  5. binus2000 says:

    Post 195 : mr. vindd:

    Who stopped u from appreciating KK or Lata ji. ? please tell us…

    Binu Nair… the rafi foundation//// Mumbai..//Sargam sa re ga ma…//

  6. Vind says:

    Let me start by acknowledging that Rafi is my favorite singer. But I also love kishore and Lata. These singers admired and respected each other. The comparison a lot of make is in error. Music is not like a boxing much where there may be a clear winner or loser. It is more like food. Which fruit do you like most? (You don’t have to rationalize your answer). Having said that, it says a lot about Rafi that he delivered hits in the 50’s 60’s 70’s and even early 80’s. One of the reasons KK was a phenomenon in the early 70’s, we were ready for something new. Rafi always delivered great music, including Tum bin from Pyarka Mausam (but we expected and to some extent took it for granted). When KK did it was amazing. Rafi will always be my favorite but that doesn’t stop me from appreciating KK or Lata.

  7. B.Venkatadri says:

    Reg. Post 193 of Imtiaz Sharif.


    I can understand your surprise and confusion. But, learned and knowledgeable Rafi analysts put the number of his total songs at no more than 5000. This is the number of his original studio recordings. Then there are his live concerts at various places wherein he obviously had sung songs out of these 5000 only. But, some people keep adding the rcordings of those live concerts as additional songs, which is fallacious.

    Even the latest and well-respected chronicler, Salim-ul-Haq puts the number at about 4900+.

    Now, even at 5000 nos. of songs, he certainly must be in the top three places for the most number of songs. Even Lata has app. similar number , I am told.

    But, even more importantly, with respect to the percentage of gems out of the total number, he would be Badshah and No.1. Even with respect to the absolute number of gems, he would be head and shoulders over all others!


  8. Imtiyaz A. Sharif says:

    Dearest Rafians,
    I am very glad to join your group. I am enjoying this site since last few days only. I think I joined very late. Anyways, “Der Aye, Drust Aye”. I am also a deadly fan of the one and only legend of subcontinent i.e. Padamshri Janab M. Rafi Sahab. (May Allah rest his soul in Heaven).
    Reg. post # 127 of Mr. B. Venkatadri, I am unable to understand his figures which he has given as top 10. The total of top 10 + SDBs’ figures are 2,202 only, since Rafi Sahab’s total No. of gems are more than 26,000. So, rest of 24,000 gems he delivered under which MDs? Humbly requested to clear this confusion.

  9. H.V.GURU MURTHY says:

    I would also like to add “Subaha Na Aayi” from CHA CHA CHA to my list in post no. 191, especially the last line “Aajao”. True, some of Rafi songs are slightly nasal perhaps Rafiji did deliberately to match the actor’s voice.

  10. H.V.GURU MURTHY says:

    Dera Nadeem Saab,

    Refer post no. 180. Joke of the Century – Rafi could not sing high pitch songs and became nasal. Can KK or for that matter any other singer could have sung the following high pitch songs with the same intensity with which Rafiji sang.

    1. O Duniyake Rakhawale (Baiju Bawra), especially the last three lines O Duniyake Rakhawale when Rafi raises his voice every time. In fact, during stage shows he used to raise it the fourth time.
    2. Zindabad Zindabad (MUGHAL-E-AZAM), especially Insaan Kahan………. in the last stanza.’
    3. Yeh Mehlo Yeh Takhto (PYAASA), especially the last lines Zalado, Zalado.
    4. Apni Aazadi Ko (LEADER), especially the lines Sar Kata Sakte Hai Lekin.

    Rafiji’s voice was very steady while singing at any pitch. Only Mahendra Kapoor and to certain extent, Mannadey could raise and keep their voice steady at that high pitch. As far as KK is concerned, he used to get two voices while raising his voice. Of course, I still like a lot of KK’s songs though anybody including KK himself would admit that Rafi was far superior.

  11. binus2000 says:


    There was a typo in post 186… it should read..

    In journalistic parlance one addresses a person by name. But
    when it comes to a website or a personal address one can say:
    rafi saheb, rafi ji, dilip saab, naushad saab, nayyar saab or their
    pet names. Both ways of addressing is o.k.

    about the ‘mental nadeem’, i think that he will not come near this
    thread ‘too’ soon, and i am glad that ur will take care.

    ramkrishna ji: ur are very passionate of rafi saab. let the magic
    grow and spread. How about strengthing the rafi foundation in
    hyderabad and chennai.. Please think on these lines and mr
    narayanan will help matters.
    All the best….

    Binu Nair.

  12. RAMAKRISHNA says:

    sorry in my post i forgot to add that urdu the mother tongue of rafi sahab. i simply wrote ‘ urdu the mother tongue’. sorry.

  13. RAMAKRISHNA says:

    ref post 186
    binu ji

    in telugu we also address ‘ god ‘ as ‘ nuvvu ‘ as similar to malayalam. but in urdu the mother tongue everything is addressed with a lot of respect. thats the cultural heritage of that language.

    binu ji here I will tell you a very very interesting thing. once while i was in muscat i had been to the house of one Mr Obaid along with mr Saif. after the door bell went off a small boy of 10 years opened the door. immediately Mr saif who is 55 years old wished him ‘ salam alaikum’ . I was astonished. thats the rich culture of islam and i am highly impressed with this.

    thats why the word ‘ sahab’ comes out automatically from me.

    as regards that nadeem please see my reply to him in my post 181. it was gentle. next time if he repeats you will see my responce. he will be torn to pieces. i swear.

  14. RAMAKRISHNA says:

    ref post 185

    myk sir,

    thank you very much for your prompt reply with due regards to rafi sahab.

    yes, rafi sahab leaves in our breath.

    in my hall i have a big photograph of rafi sahab nicely framed & garlanded. before i put this photograph the hall was empty and was looking pale. after the inception of this the hall has taken altogether a different look. a sort of divine i can say. this has made me very rich i can say.

  15. binus2000 says:

    ramkrishnaji: I wanted to make the same comments as myk did in
    post 185 re: mentioning saab name before rafi saab.
    rafi saab is on the the highest pedestal : for his sweetest songs and for
    his immaculate and honest conduct. He is our second g o d.
    I journalistic parlance – saab is never used. we use it for rafi saab
    whenever possible due to inner feelings. not using saab – will never
    reduce rafi’s respects in our hearts and minds,.
    moreover in malayalam god is addressed as ‘nee’, meaning ‘tu’ not
    aap – often and i used to wonder about it how we can call god
    this way. but, its’ a accepted custom.
    by leaving out ‘saab’ no disrespect is ‘ever intended’.

    Have u seen post 180 of an imposter and mad nadeem. Please
    see my response :post : 183.
    these mentals who enter this portal need to be addrssed. so please
    develop a keen ‘eye’ on such wayward characters who want to
    bring fallacies in rafi saab – which is impossible.
    deal with them in the fittest way and be a ‘watchdog’ to this
    portal – is my requet to you.

    binu nair..

  16. myk says:


    We all respect Rafi saab whether we put the ‘saab’ infront of his name or not. Sometimes when we don’t put the ‘saab’, it doesn’t mean anything, in our eyes he will always remain in the same class and pedestal, higher than the rest. Please don’t misunderstand me, and I agree, Rafi saab does require special acknowledgement, he was in a class of his own.

    I also put the ‘ji’ infront of your name as a sign of respect for you and your knowledge.

  17. RAMAKRISHNA says:

    ref post 182
    myk ji,

    Manna da is a classical singer of the high order. i agree with you Rafi sahab has the highest range in voice & perfect voice control. thats the reason he was the most sought after playback for any type of song.

    why rafi sahab broke down I also dont know. may be it would have touched his personal cord & reminded him of his struggling days.

    sir, i deeply regret that you have addressed me as , ‘ ramakrishna ji’ and the great rafi sahab simply as ‘ rafi ‘. sir this pains me very very much.

    please note that when we take the name of rafi sahab the word ‘ sahab’ should come out automatically from our deep within without our knowledge or efforts. he is not a normal person like me sir. He is a ‘ farishta’ a ‘ saint ‘

  18. binus2000 says:

    post 180 : Nadeem : who are u. where do u stay? are u not an
    imposter? Please give ur proper identity and we will answer ur
    baseless comment which have been said several times in the
    KK portal.

    rafi lovers please note that u do not have to answer to mad men and
    u should have a sixth sense to identify this imposter who come to
    this portal periodically with his slanders on rafi saab.
    he is having a ‘hallucination’ and is afflicted due to the raging
    popularity of this portal and rafi saab.

    mr. nadeem : its a crime under I.P.C to impersonate hence
    please take note of this and stop this nonsense which u have
    said before.

    rafi fans : remember the guy ashu/ashvin and other aliases
    who was driven out of this site.
    administrator : please help us in finding the true ‘identity’ of
    this mental nadeem –

    binu nair.. mumbai..

  19. myk says:


    Thanks for writing about “Pucho Na Kaise”. I wonder what made Rafi so emotional that he had to give up the song. He would have done wonders with it.

    There is no doubt in my mind that Rafi was better than Manna in semi-classical songs even though Manna was the more trained. Many bigot fans of other artists will tell you otherwise due to their insecurities and jealousy, but even classical music experts and Manna himself have mentioned Rafi’s superiority in the classical genre. Manna didn’t have half the range of Rafi, so this is where Rafi scores even in Manna’s most notable genre.

    I wonder what made Burman Dada choose Mukesh for “Yeh kisne geet cheda” from the same film, Rafi would have done excellent on Pradeep Kumar like he did in other films. Probably the way the song was composed, Mukesh was chosen, and he did a great job.

  20. RAMAKRISHNA says:

    ref post 180

    mr nadeem bhai,

    salam alaikum. your strange observation regarding rafi sahab. rafi sahab was not crazy for any award or wealth. now getting one award is not the measurement of ones talent.

    now, let me tell you kishore ji being a very very good singer whom I also respect was supported by rafi sahab to give play back for him in 11 occasions & not one or two.

    initially the song ‘ pucho na kaisey mainey rain bitayee’ was to be sung by rafi sahab. while in rehearsals rafi sahab was breaking down continously being unable to control himself. so many trials were taken & finally with the request of Rafi sahab Barman da had to take the help of Manna da for this song. and in the TVS saregama programme manna da told this and bowed down his head to rafi sahab with a very gentle remark, ‘ jo gaana rafi sahab ney chod diya, woh gana gaakey main mashoor ho gaya’

    now coming to jesudass, you can clearly see his ‘ nasal’ while uttering the bit ‘ insaf ka mandir hai yeh, bhagwaan ka ghar hai’ you can find out that nasal factor at the word ‘ mandir’

    and about mukesh ji he starts with nasal and ends with nasal.

    did you hear the number ‘ jab bhi yeh dil udaas hota hai’ ? in antara at the highest pitch how sweet it is ! its the sweetest. its not nasal my dear friend. similar is ‘ Hari om ‘ number from baiju bawra.

    my dear sir rafi sahab is the pacific ocean, you and me cant measure the depth.

  21. Nadeem says:

    no doubt rafi is one of the great singer with all the training he had. kk had not informal training but coudl get an award for a song in pyar ka mausam, which rafi had also sang??????????????? rafi goes nasal when singing high pitch, which is switching over to a false voice from natural. only singer who could take a high pitch and keep the natural vioce are kishore kumar, manadey and yesudas??????

  22. ahamed kutty says:

    Please do not compare Rafi Saab with any other singer.In everything he is above on all singers.Rafi Saab did not bring his son to the music field because of the dirty politics in that field.These traitors need Rafi Saab for coming up and afterwords playing dirty things which is not suitable for a gentleman like Rafi Saab.Just hear the song ” Janoom Meri Jaan” from film “Shaan”and see the difference of the voices.Rafi Saab did not sought anybody’s help to perform stage programmes in Kerala.But the other super singer sought the help of Yesudas Saab to perform a stage programme in cochin.

  23. Anmol Singh says:

    Based on the on going discussion on Raag Kalavati. Few more songs

    “Na To Caravan Ki Talash Hai” – Rafi/Manna Music – Roshan
    “O ghatha savari thodi thodi bavari” – Lata Music – SDB
    “Kahe tarasae jiyara” – Lata Music – Roshan

  24. Dear Haldar Sahab,
    Thanks for your response. I was thrilled to bits, because all of us on this website know your eminence. It speaks great volumes of your humility to respond to a question from a Sudama like me.

    Thanks & regards
    Shirish Kulkarni

  25. RAMAKRISHNA says:

    parveen jee,

    you asked my e mail address. it is

  26. parveen says:

    dear haldar sahab
    can u give me any detail about kamal barot? where is she now/?
    secondly,i think naushad and anil are pioneer in bringing classical music in films?
    in raaga mian ki todi,there is only one song which was composed by khursheed anwar.what u think about khurishd anwar?
    naushad said in an interview no one was been able to get out from been music of hemant except khurhid.

  27. P. Haldar says:

    ref post 172:

    Mr. Kulkarni, what my friend wrote is that the kalavati raga is usually sung in a frivolous and playful mood, but Naushad cast it in a sombre mood in “Koyi sagar dil ko bahalat nahin”. RD used the same raga for the qawaali in HKKN that rafi sung so well. “Aaye bahar banke” is one of the most wonderful creations of SJ; rafi modulates his voice in this song so well! SJ created so many wonderful semi-classical compositions for Lata, Manna and Rafi. One song that I particularly like is “Radhike tu ne bansari churayi” from Beti Bete. The song reminds me of a classmate in college who used to play the sarod, and hardly knew anything about Hindi songs. One day he told me that no one could sing semi-classical songs like Rafi, not even Manna. His justification was based on only one song, the one mentioned above. He was particularly impressed by the way Rafi sang the mukhda. Note that SJ’s “Jhanak jhanak tore baje payalia” for Manna was based on the same raga.

    Naushad, SD, SJ, Madan Mohan, Roshan, OP and other md’s in the 50s and 60s tapped into the gold in rafi’s voice. There was so much fluidity in his voice that he could easily create those Jinhe naaz hai hind, Zindagi bhar nahin, Man re, Jane kya dhoondti, Tumhari zulf, Meri awaaz suno, Din dhal jaye, Kabhi khud pe, Mere mehboob tujhe, Baharon phool barsao moments. You pick any one of these songs and you can be sure that 50 years from now, people will still be listening to it. That is the hallmark of an eternal voice! Commenting on whether his voice had lost its magical touch in the 70s would take us nowhere, but my guess is that Rafi will be remembered more for what he generated in the 1949-1971 time period than in the 1972-1980 period.

  28. Raajkumar Akela says:

    What a funny line ! “RD preffered KK over Rafi” Who cares ! RD was not greater than Naushad Sabeb or SD Burman or Madan Mohan or OP Nayyar or Shankar Jaikishan. All music lovers know this (except a certaint community).
    Rafi Saab was like a blessing to mankind from God. Those music directors were really lucky who worked with Rafi Saab. Every Hindu can not reach Kashi-Banaras and every Muslim does not reach Macca-Madina and every Christian can not reach Jerusalem. It needs great good luck and special blessing from up above the world. RD must consider himself a lucky one who worked with a legend like Rafi Saab. He must have known his “level” before talking a single line about Rafi Saab.

  29. Ref: Post 170
    Dear Haldar Sahab,
    This is one of the many great songs sung by Rafi Sahab. I was a bit surprised that this song was composed on the same raga as that of the song sung by Manna Dey sahab! Surprised, because the impact created by both songs are totally different. While Manna Dey Sahab’s song was light and forgettable, Rafi Sahab’s ‘Koi Sagar” was full of pathos and unforgettable. This only shows what a singer of Rafi Sahab’s calibre can do to a song. He can take it to dizzying heights!
    Another song which does not get its due is “aaye bahar ban ke” from Raj Hath. Can i have your comments on this pl?

    Shirish Kulkarni
    Rafi Foundation, Mumbai
    098204 52562

  30. binus2000 says:

    Haldar ji..

    Your post I read atleast more than three times and I think how
    our thinking on songs are so near and close. The same thing happened
    last week when an UAE NATIONAL called me up and started paying
    tributes to rafi saabs singing. He mentioned that even frivolous songs
    sung by rafi seems so fresh and he mentioned the duet of ek phool
    do maali :Yeh pardah hata do… note rafi saabs line : Jara maa ko
    samjha do.. bas ithna bata do… hum pyaar karne waale hai koi gair
    nahin…. this song i had listened the same day in a saloon over the
    radio so i could feel how rightly a foreign national has studied
    rafi saab songs. His knowledge about the music and what he told
    about r.d.burman – also is so similar to what music lovers write in this
    the conclusion is that music lovers and rafi lovers think alike.
    I look forward a list of 100 best songs of your choice of the great
    farishta Mohd Rafi : so that we can comparte notes as also learn
    of some songs which we have not enjoyed so far….

    binu nair mumbai.

  31. P. Haldar says:

    ref post 166:

    Mr. Cherian, I’ll respond to your question when I get more time, but here’s an email from a friend, who is a diehard SD fan. Please read his message carefully, because this person used to be a Kishore fan:

    Soumen has presented me with a 4-CD collectors’ pack of 70-odd songs of Naushad. It is titled ‘Remembering Naushad’, and comes with a write up on the man and some rare photographs. One shows him greeting Raichand Boral and another of him in the company of Jaikishen and OP, all three in jacket and tie. Yesterday evening I went back 30 years in time. Not that I haven’t heard Naushad in between, but there were a few songs that I heard after a very long time. One such was ‘Aaj ki raat mere dil ki salami lele’ and another ‘Koi sagar dil ko behlata nahin’. The latter was a favourite with me even when in my youth I was a die-hard SD-Kishore fan. I’d like to believe that my musical taste and sense have mellowed, matured and become more refined since then. It may or may not have, but yesterday I played ‘Koi sagar’ no less than 3 times in succession and enjoyed it more with every hearing. In fact, if someone were to tell me that, barring ‘Hari Om’, it is the best song to come out of the Naushad-Rafi encounter, I should very likely stop to wonder if he might not actually be right. I say this with full realisation of the existence of the ‘Madhuban mein Radhikas’, the ‘Mere mehboobs’ and the ‘Duniya ke rakhwales.’ It is based on Raga Kalavati (origin, Carnatic), which is of a somewhat frivolous temper. RD-Manna’s ‘Zindagi hai khel’ from Seeta aur Geeta is also based on Kalavati, at least for part of the way. The second line of the mukhra, ‘Khilari hai koi, anari hai koi’ is pure Kalavati. It is amazing how Naushad could conceive it to be capable also of conveying a mood of gloom and pathos. I heard the second antara, ‘Zindagi ke aine ko tod do, is mein ab kuch bhi nazar ata nahin’ and wondered if Shakeel had written better lines in his life. But I have heard very few Rafi fans speak of this song as one of his best. I have never been able to figure out why.

  32. H.V.GURU MURTHY says:

    Dear Shri. Anil Cheriyanji,

    With reference to Post no. 166, I am surprised to hear that people are of the opinion that quality of Rafiji’s voice fell after 1971. Where was the question of Rafiji’s voice quality suffering when he gave some wonderful melodies like “Teri Bindiya Re”, “Main Ek Raja Hun”, “Dilne Pyaar Kiya Hai Ek Bewafase”, “Dilka Suna Saanz”, “Ek Daal Par Tota Bole”, “Kahin Ek Masoom Nazuksi Ladki”, “Tu Is Tarahse Meri”, “Bade Bewafa Hain Yeh Husnawale”, “Chadi Re Chadi”, etc. etc. during post 1971 period. Of course, the quantity came down due to various reasons but the quality was maintained in spite of the fact that good songs from various movies like Kabhi Kabhi, Roti Kapda Aur Makaan, Mere Jeevan Saathi, etc. etc. were sung by other Singers. Also I am not sure whether Mr. Haldarji expressed this opinion in his columns.

  33. N.G.RAMASWAMY says:

    To all those who talk of post 1970’s etc.

    Can they justify, post 1948 Sir Donald Bradman, the greatest cricketer ever was finished? or say our own great Sunil Gavaskar was finished post 1987 due to the emergence of Sachin Tendulkar or Sachin is finished due to the emergence of say someone like Dhoni? Can anyone touch Sir Donald Bradman’s average of 99.96. All the other great players including Sachin and Sunil Gavaskar or even King Richards have just managed to touch 50 plus average. For us, our own Rafi Saab is the Don Bradman of Music. Others may have achieved the greatness tag but that may surely be only 1/4 of Rafi Saab. Now all those who talk of post 1970, pl. answer. or else under your judgement even Kishore or say Abhijit or Kumar Sanu or even Sonu Nigam(the present day great singer and a follower of Rafi Saab) all will be placed much below that topiwala called “Himesh Reshammiya”, who was about to be slapped by another great “Asha Bhosleji”.

  34. RAMAKRISHNA says:

    what a pity for the famous R.D.burman. recently when the Govt of Tripura wanted to felicitate his mother they found her in a very very pathetic state in an old age home in stead of her being settled down happily with her daughter in law, an eminent personality.

  35. Anil Cherian says:

    Dear Haldar Sir:
    I consider it an honour to be posing a question to you. You have, time and again hinted at a fall in the quality of Rafi Sir’s voice/ singing post ’71. I can’t digest it entirely; if anything his voice was a bit inconsistent, unusually thin at times and unusually thick at times, however to me the voice sounded as melodious as ever. I checked up with the members of orkut community; they also seem to share the same opinion. Kindly enlighten us.

  36. binus2000 says:

    Sathya-jity : Rafi came back to his rightful place because of the
    fame of rishi kapoor … good joke .. hah… hah.. hah… post 163
    u are a learned person. why dont u give credit to shri madan mohan
    composer of laila majnu, usha khanna : hawas the song being teri
    galiyon me na rakhenge kadam ( anil dhawan ) Laxmi-pyare,
    manmohan desai and nazir hussain for rafi saabs comeback films
    after his sabbatical ( rest of a few months ).
    The king took his rightful place – after all and he also got a much
    deserved break after more than two decades of non-stop singing

    binu nair the rafi foundation… mumbai.

  37. M.Zaman says:

    Please don’t fight with each other , as rafi sahab and kishor da had never fight
    with each other, both are great singers , “but rafi sahab is rafi sahab” , please don’t compear rafi sahab with any one , as we don’t dare to compaire any one with lata ji.

  38. Satyajit says:

    Dear Mr. Rahul Or whosoever you are…
    First of all… Please mind your business. I don’t feel that my comments on Mr. Mallik are rude. They are as similar as those which are seen, heard & accepted everywhere. Be it in Times Editorials OR even in a Judgment pronounced by any Indian Court.

    Secondly, how does it concern you ?? You are not Mr. Mallik.

    Thirdly, I know people from the industry who have worked with Rafi Sahab and Kishore Da. These are their views that I’ve made a research on and which I’ve compiled.

    Fourthly, it is true that once Kishore Kumar went to the Top; all other singers including Rafi Sahab had a set back BECAUSE Kishore gave playback to almost all the Top stars at that time.

    Fifthly, it is a well established universal principle that a person’s CAREER GRAPH IS NOT STEADY BUT goes on various frequency modes !!! Some people start off easily and then thump down. For some people, it takes time BUT efforts pay off towards the end.
    Rafi Sahab started off well and then took off and touched the skies!! But after the entry of Amitabh Bacchan & Rajesh Khanna, kishore kumar was more in demand. YOU CANNOT DENY THIS FACT CAN YOU?!? Then, suddendly towards late 70’s it again picked up due to the fame of Rishi Kapoor.

    I hope I’ve made myself clear.

  39. binus2000 says:

    Post 155 : Mr.Satya -jit.,

    What is the sathya or facts post 1970 in the hindi music scene.
    Does a carreer of a singing legend end abruptly. Was Rafi finished
    in 1970 ? an emphatic no is my answer and r.d.burman did not
    succeed in his” bring down rafi mission”
    U are talking about Aradhana film which had 2 beautiful duets of
    rafi saab , one with lata and the other with asha.
    Both these songs during the mahurat of aradhana were recorded
    by s.d.burman before he got the stroke. If he would
    have been all right, the next two songs also would have been recorded
    in rafis voice. s.d.b ( dada ) fell severely ill and r.d.b his son brought
    kishore kumar for roop tera mastana and meri sapnon ki rani.
    Why I say rafi would have sung these songs is due to the fact :
    rafi was the voice of all heroes then and the financers dictated , in
    whose voice the songs will – be recorded.
    Kishores luck and time had come – no doubt about it. But a caucus
    or a group of composers – rooted for kishore. there was also large
    scale rigging of songs and cash also played its part – to artificaially
    boost some numbers. these numbers are forgotten by the peopletoday.
    coming back to my view : rafi saab made a remarkable comeback and
    in june 1980 : rafis 12 numbers out of 16 were being played in the
    popular binaca geet mala. Will u say Kishore Kumar was finished in
    1980 mr. satya-jit ?

    binu nair. the rafi foundation cell no : 9833 250 701

  40. Rahul says:

    Namaste Binuji,Thank you for ur feedback I really appreciate,but plz don`t misunderstood the words that talks about best,,I didn`t talked about greatness I just tried to replace the word best,,well,good better and best is just comparison but greatness is beyond comparisions.Mus. Dir. Like RDB can surely be stated as gr8 for he gave or can be said had set a new direction to Indian Music Industry,as the act is great, Rdb is gr8 too.But as said word good better best is comparision or hence is relative,,,and refrence of all these comparisions and relativity in the ontext of Indian music is Indian Classical,the only music system of the world where the word melody exist in fact melodius form of music came out of ancient Indian classical.And on the scale of Indian classical,,,we can deciede good better best,or if u want western music scale ,,u can`t say anyone best who copied composition of other composers and made smashits,,,,,see Mr A R Rehman Saab,,,what a wonderful and original skill he has ….

  41. binus2000 says:

    Post 159 : rahul ji…

    all these music makers wre ” great “. please do not have any
    doubts over this.
    Only thing is that these great men had some real follies in them
    barring a few.
    these follies brought them thundering down the ladder.. you can
    think about these follies and you will get the answers.

    Mohd rafi saab is a lotus – who thrived in murky industry waters
    like a lovely lotus in all its glory.
    Did anyone say that he was without any “blemish” and that he was
    the smiling face of “divinity” itself.

    binu nair Mumbai the rafi foundation

  42. Rahul says:

    Well, many comments are against this statement that RDB was not best Mus Dir,,,well, its true,,,,what we say best is better than all, and hence is one ,,,unique and peerless,but how his music be peerless,when most of hits is inspired by some hit western song like that of Anu malliks….I know there is no comparision between two,,, but,,Its about coping the song,,everyone know it,,,and as far as indian classic is concerned undaubtably he was at the last lane among the other legends like his father himself.

  43. Rahul says:

    As far as I can understand SATYAJIT SWADI is most ill mannered person for replying such a heart felt article by Mallik sahab.Beacuse of lack in classical flavour this kind of people for their egoistic nature don`t desrve sigers like Rafi.Rafi Sahab had a divine voice,everyone should agree on it,and divinity never decline,,then who the hell has given you right to judge decline in his career.Well, even Kis Kumar(read in wikipedia)left singing himself stating that songs had too degraded and below standard to sing,,Is this mean Kk had decline or his career ended???? what rubbish…!!..Divinity…is beyond standard.

  44. Narayanan says:

    dear friends,
    personally I feel the melody started showing decline from the 70s, and then further accelerated post 1980…..
    Till today the 50s and 60s are called fabulous,everlasting n evergreen contributed n dominated mainly by the great Lata,Rafi,Mukesh followed by ,Manna dey,Asha,Hemant,Kishore and Talat.
    The music was also dominated by SJ,OPN.Naushad,SDB,Madan Mohan,Roshan,Ravi followed by RDB who picked up after70…
    The true Golden Greats were the period from 1950-1970 remembered by the oldies n youth….

  45. Satyajit Swadi says:

    Dear Mr. Mallik,
    By cleaning your “YEARS” I mean please go back to the past and refresh your memory about Rafi Sahab and Kishore Kumar’s past achievements.
    If possible, get in touch with people from the Industry and verify your comments with them AND then see what response you get.

  46. Satyajit Swadi says:

    Mr. Ritesh Mallik,
    Please clean your years and educate yourself by learing ‘music”.
    Why R.D. Burman preferred Kishore to Rafi was because by early 1970’s; Rafi Sahab’s career was almost on the verge of declination and simultaneously Kishoreda’s career sarted picking up. (Kishore who had patiently awaited for 15 years to make it at the top.)
    R.D. Burman is a music director par excellence !!! He made his father Sachinda proud of him as Zakir Hussain did for Ustad Allah Rakha!!! R.D. has revolutionised Hindi Film Music after O.P. Nayyar and nowit is A.R. Rehman.

  47. Satyajit Swadi says:

    I slightly differ to agree with what Mr. Shirish Kulkarni has said as per article dated 3rd August, 2007. In those days…music directors like Naushad, S.D. Burman, Sajjad Hussain, O.P. Nayyar, Shankar-Jaikishen etc. believed in PERFECTION. They just wouldn’t care a damn if the singer resisted even slightly !!! Be it Lata, Asha, Rafi or Kishore.
    Naushad Sahab has said that it took him 20 rehearsals for “Oh Duniya Ke Rakhwale” to record !!! And by the time the song got recorded, Rafi Sahab’s throat started BLEEDING.
    Yes… its true that Rafi recorded “SIX” (Not Five) songs for Laxmikant-Pyarelal and that though without any dubbing techniques which are used Today.

  48. binus2000 says:

    In music shows/concerts – audience ask for Baiju Bawra, Kohinoor,
    Tere ghar ke saamne, Jab Pyaar kisi se ho hai , guide – rafi nos,
    Mahua, Taj Mahal , Kaajal, Junglee, Jaanwar, rafi qawalis and other
    olden goldies – and not songs from hare ram hare krishna…

    and Naya daur with a rupee 4 crore re-colouring and hum dono in
    colour will make new again – for its songs..

    binu nair..

  49. Ref: Post 146
    Dont quote that movie’s name. Nobody remembers that. We dont need any lessons from Benarzir Bhutto’s choice of songs. Like her, both are out dated and are flogged to life by vested interests. As for as your comments about college girls clamouring for some some stupid songs, it is puerile to say the least.
    Your justification of remixes is childishness at its best!. This is a serious site of music lovers. You will be better off at orkut.

  50. Ref: Post 148
    I am quiet surprised by the comment that Rafi Sahab used to take time to pick up a song’s tune!. Historically, it is well known that Rafi sahab was quick to pick a tune and finish the recording within stipulated time. In fact, it is documented that Rafi Sahab memorised and recorded 5 songs in a day!
    In any case, if Rafi sahab had to take more retakes, it could be because of the fact that often he had to sing difficult songs, sing as if the actor is singing and add his own touch, unlike other singers whose neeyat was kharab but singing was dead pan straight!

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