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Dharmender and Rafi combination in the 60s

By Souvik Chatterji

Mohd Rafi with Dharamender

Mohd Rafi with Dharamender

Dharmender  had a grand combination with musical maestro Mohammad Rafi which contributed the most in the major part of his acting career which glorified bollywood films for more than 40 years. Dharmender and Rafi’s combination was unique for a number of reasons. Firstly Dharmender was not attached to any big banner in the early part of his career like Dilip Kumar with Bimal Roy or Shammi Kapoor with Shakti Shamanta. Secondly Dharmender played prominent roles opposite senior actors in many films in the early part of his career like Balraj Sahani in Haqeekat, Rajender Kumar in Ayee Milan Ki Bela, Raj Kumar in Kajal, to name a few. For those reasons, different composers composed music in the films of Dharmender and most of them were sung by great Rafi Sahab.

In the film Shola Aur Shabnam, composer Khayyam’s soft passionate compositions for Rafi were given adequate expression by Dharmender, like “dhunti yeh ankhen mujhme”, “jeet hi lenge baazi hum tum”, “pehle to aankh milna”, “phool ko dhoonde pyaasa bhawra”. The lyrics of Kaifi Azmi touched the hearts of numerous film lovers. In the film Neela Akash, all the songs composed by Madan Mohan for Rafi were brilliant including “aakhri geet muhobbat ka sunalun”, “pyar woh shaye hai aye mere yaaron” and “aapko pyaar chupane ki buri aadat hai”.

In the film Baharen Phir Bhi Aayegi, Rafi’s ghazal “aap ki haseen rukh” composed by OP Nayyar and picturised on Dharmender was extremely romantic and made the audience spellbound in the early 60s. In the film Yakeen, the title song “yakeen karlo”, “baharon ki baraat aa gayi” and “ghar tum bhula na doge” composed by Shankar Jaikishan for Rafi had all its romantic appeal embedded other than the melodious orchestration.

In the film Mere Humdum Mere Dost, all the songs of Rafi composed by LP for Dharmender including “hui sham unka”, “na jaa kabhi aab na ja” and “chalkaye jam” were masterpieces which became super hit in the mid-60s. All the songs composed by Shankar Jaikishan in the film Pyar Hi Pyar for Rafi became super hit including “mai kahin kavi na banjayun”, “abhi salaamat abhi hai zinda”, “dekha hai teri aankhon me”, “tu meri mai teri”, etc. Roshan’s composition for Dharmender in the film Mamta titled “in baharon me akela na phiro” also became super hit.

Mohd Rafi with Dharamender

Mohd Rafi with Dharamender

Also Madan Mohan’s compositions for Rafi in Dharmender’s film Aap Ki Parchayiya require special mention. His ghazal andaz was evident in the songs “yehi hai tamanna tere darke” where the lyrics were written by Raja Mehdi Ali Khan. The songs of Dharmender’s film Izzat composed by LP were brilliant by every musical standard. The best of them included “lute dilpe diya jalta nahi hum kya Karen”.

LP was involved in music composition in a number of Dharmender’s films. Among them in Aye Din Bahar Ke, all the songs were melodious including “khudaya khair”, “mera dushman tu meri dosti”, to name a few. Also all the songs in the film Aya Sawan Jhumke were smash hits including “o majhi chal”, “aya sawan jhumke”, etc. LP continued to utilize Dharmender Rafi combination in films like Jivan Mrityu, Lalkar, Maa, Aaspas, etc. Prominent songs included “jhilmil sitaron ka”, “o maa tujhe dhundhoo kahan”, etc.

The songs in the film Chandan Ka Palna were equally melodious. RD Burman used Rafi for the songs “bahe pavan mand sugandh”, “tumhe dekha hai maine gulsitan mai”, “zulfon ko aap yun na sawaara karo”. Composer Ravi gave impressive music in the film Ankhen. Rafi’s song “tere paas aake mera waqt guzar jata hai” was very impressive. Shankar Jaikishan’s compositions for Rafi in Dharmender’s film Shikar, including “shikar karne ko aye”, were also successful. SD Burman used Rafi in Dharmender’s film Ishq Par Zor Nahin. The songs “yeh dil diwana hai” and “mehbooba teri tasveer” had his latent folk touch. The other notable songs of Rafi in the 60s for Dharmender included “dil ne phir yaad kiya” sung with Mukesh, in the film Dil Ne Phir Yaad Kiya.

In the film Dulhan Ek Raat Ki, Madanmohan’s composition for Rafi titled “ek haseen sham ko dil mera kho gaya” still mesmerizes the audience. Rafi’s other songs in the film included “kisika kuch kho gaya” and “zindagi dulhan hai aadhi raat ki”. Ravi used Rafi in Dharmender’s film Phool Aur Patthar, in the songs “mere dil ke andar” and “tum kaun”.

In the 70s, as RD Burman and SD Burman used other singers for Dharmender, the evergreen combination of Rafi with Dharmender was seen in lesser number of films.  Articles after articles can be devoted to the combination of Rafi and Dharmender, as the music produced for the combination was of diversified quality with compositions of giants like Madan Mohan, Ravi, Shankar Jaikishan, Laxmikant Pyarellal, Roshan, OP Nayyar , and others and lyricists like Kaifi Azmi, Hasrat Jaipuri, Raja Mehdi Ali Khan, to name a few. That is the reason why the films and the songs of the hit combination should be preserved.

Mr. Souvik Chatterji, the author of this article

Mr. Souvik Chatterji, the author of this article

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70 Blog Comments to “Dharmender and Rafi combination in the 60s”

  1. krishnarafian says:

    Kishore fan,

    We all Rafi fans like Kishore kumar but do not wish kishore fans to compare him with Rafi. If Kishore kumar is known for yoodelling, Rafi is known for many ways of singing. We are not here to compare the legends as both of them had equal respects for each other. If you ask me being a Rafi poojari I like Kishore too. Its individual opinion and freedom to chose who is best for him or her but you have chosen a wrong medium to express your views. If you feel Kishore is good keep it with you. For some like you Gold looks good and for some like me Diamonds are forever. To continue this argument, THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH.. My name is Rafi.. Mohammed Rafi suits very well. 007…

  2. H.A.K. Walijah says:

    Nobody forrgets the cluster of gems in “Pyar Hi Pyar” scored by SJ. Among it there are two super lovely songs” Main Kahin Kavi Na Ban Jaon” and the other “Dekha Hai Teri Aankhon Main”. Once again the songs takes us in trance like situation with the mesmerizing voice of Rafi Sahab. The beauty of lyric writer Hasrat Jaipuri and velvet voice provided by of Rafi Sahab for Dharmendra reallys made us to enjoy those two gems.

  3. utthara says:

    Aliuddin bhai,

    Thanks for reminding me of this lovely chandan ka palna song. It is ages since I heard it. Especially when he says `dekhaaaa hai. Wah! This is a typical example of Rafi-Dharam combo.

    There is also kaliyon ne ghoonghat khole from Dilne phir yaad kiya.

    Theirs was an association that went all the way back to the time when ‘Garam Dharam’ was yet to become a hot force at the box-office. It began with Shola Aur Shabnam (Khayyam’s ‘Jaane kya dhoondti hai…’/1961) and chronologically culminated with the anonymous Mera Karam Mera Dharam (Laxmikant-Pyarelal), the long-delayed Dulal Guha film that released only in 1987, seven years after Rafi’s death.

    The Rafi-Dharmendra rishta finally climaxed in the last recording ever of the colossal singer. Days before his sudden death in 1980, Rafi entered the recording rooms to sing ‘Shaher mein charcha hai…’ with Lata Mangeshkar for the Dharam-Hema team in Aas Paas. After he finished the recording for this J. Om Prakash film, Laxmikant-Pyarelal requested him to stay on, to sing four lines that were to be used in the final scene: ‘Tere aane ki aas hai dost…’. Rafi thus left a while after Lata, never to record a song again.

    With melodious regards


  4. Whatever will be, if kishorefan gave his comments of kk on dharmendra in this site is done a wrong thing by comparing both the legends. secondly, he shouldnt had replied in any of our comments. So, whatever I have asked kishorefan dont keep your name or anything secretly which will be you in trouble and indeed he/she is in great trouble which we got to know who the person is? See the things have been changed rapidly in this site by declining the controversies. So Souvikji wrote a superb article on this 2 legends, you should have given a very good thoughtful comments rather writing because who is better then others. If you are kishorefan so i am also fan of kishorekumar and rafisahab also. But i didnt wrote any unwanted name in writing a comment. But whatever will be Dharmendra’s favourite singer was Rafisahab and will be forever. 95% songs of Dharmendra ji was sung by Rafisahab and 5% by other singers. So, kishorefan can you name any one song which dharmendra and kk became famous. I tell you I dont know, now you want to tell us and tell us why Rafisahab didnt got a single song in Sholay which was superb hit film on that year where Rafisahab with his family watched that film many times.

  5. Dr. Khaja Aliuddin says:

    Utthara Bahen, Adab Araz hai,
    What about this mind blowing song of Rafi/Dharam from “Chandan ka palna”.
    Like you said just close the eyes and listen to this song. Bahut hi pyara gaana hai.
    “Tumhe dekha hai maine gulsitan me, ki jannat dhoond li is jahan me”

    Jaat jaate ek Sher sunata chaloon!
    “Saath rakhta hoon hamesha Rafi ki yaadon ki dhanak
    Main kabhi khud ko akela nahi hone detha”
    With regards to all Rafi lovers,
    Dr. Khaja Aliuddin

  6. Ali says:

    All dearest Mohd Rafi
    please read what said by kishorefan post 5 he or she said (dharmendra got many hit films like jugnu, sholay, chacha batija, ram balram, mera gaon mera desh etc and the films were hit only because of kishore da.)so that mean he is also Mohd rafi fan not KK as we all know that Mohd Rafi gave sang for Dharmendra not KK so he is also Mohd Rafi fan and also he don’t know who is Mohd rafi and who is Kishore da,As we all know in film Ram Balram there was mohd Rafi voice not KK,So I can say that kishorefan is Kishore fan because of Mohd Rafi because when mohd Rafi was sining he feel that is KK is now we can understand why he or she is KK fan but in real he or she is Mohd rafi fan

  7. rameshkurpad says:

    post 39 – uttaraji,

    very well expressed to the point covering the entire gamut involving rafi sahab and dharam.

    however, will it drive a point into the minds of humans who do not wish to accept a simple truth.

    it is not who is greater or who is better – all these singers were legends and we are too damm lucky to have a treasure of their songs.

    uttaraji, your point very well made and i fully agree with you on all scores.

    ramesh narain kurpad.

  8. Post No: 36: Thanks. you agreed what I have written about RDBurman didnt liked Rafi and gave more songs to kk. But I will not answer such unwanted comments from someone in future .

    Post No:42: I ask Kishorefan to reveal your real name atleast coz if someone come to know about your real things then what will you do. So, dont keep your name secret which will bring you in trouble. See it is your wish to write something else no problem, but bluffing with unknown name will cause you in terrible problem then what will you do. tell me.

  9. saiftirur says:

    Dear Kishore fan,
    It is not a question of how much I dare to call you a nut.
    You are a nut, no doubt about it. You dont even have the guts to name yourself, identify yourself or even call yourself by the name I suppose your parents would have bestowed you with.
    What should I call a guy who doesnt even take pride in his own name?
    Absolute nut, I would say.
    Please dont drag Dharamji into this controversy. I personally know which is what and what his opinions are and I am in no way obliged to convince anyone on such matters. Binu Nair, I hope you agree with me on this, as you know what I am referring to. But, we will never bring the great Dharamji into this controversy which is being unnecessarily kicked up by this unknown man who is ashamed of his own name !!!!!
    Mr ‘ X ‘ , if I should call you that way, if you are happy to be a KK fan, pls feel free to do so, but as I said earlier, there are apt forums for that, definitely not this one, my dear
    And dear moderator, are you running a site where the members could discuss Rafi Saab, or is it a place where these mudslinging business can go on and on where strangers who dont even take pride in their own identity can write crap ? I have my serious reservations about the sanctity of this site now.
    And Mr ‘ x’ alias Kishore fan, could you please utilise your time for something else, which will be more fruitful and go to some other place to trumpet about your love and sentiments for KK? As I said, we Rafi fans are not envious about KK or anyone, because we are convinced about who is the best. You started this controversy by making an unnecessary statement here, which was not warranted. You took the pains to come to this site to trumpet about KK, because, you are not convinced about what you are saying. Did you expect anyone here to second your opinion or support it? In any case, we dont welcome garbage in our home, do we? That is what is happening in your case now. And if you want to come out in the open have the guts to do so, please leave your phone number, your mail id or anything, I will get in touch with you.
    that is my word to you. Otherwise, please go and take a big walk and relax, my dear and dont bother to reply to this comment anymore. I dont talk to people who dont have an identity of their own

    And mr moderator, you should exercise more caution in allowing articles and postings on this site. We definitely would not like this site to degrade itself to such a low level where KK fans come and do all these nonsense. If you are looking for such controversies to keep your site alive, then, I am afraid, you may lose many of the dedicated visitors here. the choice is yours.


  10. H.A.K. Walijah says:

    Dear Moderator

    some of my messages has been not published, there is nothing personal or offensive in those posts. Every music lover is having the right to express his / her thoughts and share the infomation on this site. if you show favortism and do not publish the post, then there is no meaning to visit this site. Take hote of my posts and publish it.

  11. sivanandam says:

    refer post #18-I would not go into the meaningless controversy of Rafi vs Kishore, but it was really amusing to read how in the zeal of praising Kishore, our dear fan has said” Sholay was a hit beacuse of Kishore da and RDB”!!
    Sholay’s background was no doubt exceptional-full credit goes to RDB-Who can forget the haunting music in the background whenever Gabbar comes, but songs?? In fact Sholay had very mediocre songs-except for Mehbooba which was again inspired from a South American folk song.
    In Sholay everything was exceptional except the songs!!

  12. utthara says:

    Dear friends,

    according to me, Rafi saab was the ghost voice of Dharmendra. Just close your eyes and listen to songs like O aaj mausam, Huyi shaam unka, Aap ke haseen rukh pe, saathiyan nahin jaana, kuch kehta hai yeh sawan …you will see Dharmendra. Rafi saab’s voice suits Dharmendra so much that you feel Dharmendra is singing the song.
    Rafi-Dharam combination is as good as Rafi-Shammi Kapoor combination. Though Kishore sang for Dharmendra in movies like Shalimar(Hum bewafa hargiz nahin) or Jugnu(Pyar ke is khel mein) or Naya Zamana(Duniya o duniya tera jawab nahin), it was Rafi saab’s voice that suited him the best __ rafi saab captured the andaz and essence of Dharmendra __making his voice slightly nasal, drawling some words etc.
    Only rAfi saab had this talent as also he took the trouble of bringing out the actors to life through his voice__be it Shammi, Dharam, Rajendra Kumar, Bharat Bhushan, Pradeep Kumar, Jeetendra, Sanjeev Kumar, Johny Walker, Dev Anand, Raaj Kumar…the list is endless.

    with musical regards


  13. H.A.K. Walijah says:

    Saint among Singers

    By mid-1971, Rafi is sidelined in the Kishore wave. Kalyanji-Anandji shift Kishore Kumar-wards, Shanker-Jaikishan are forced to. Especially after Jaikishan’s death, which leads to a decline for Shanker as Jaikishan loyalists shift mostly to RD. And Laxmikant-Pyarelal too are forced to strike a balance. By early 1973, the arrival of the degenerate tradition of “music sittings” completes the case for the media – Rafi is ‘passe’!

    This state of affairs is reversed only in 1977. Kishore Kumar, banned by the Congress during the Emergency regime, loses his solo supremacy chronologically coincident with the end of his persecutors’ reign. As the nation celebrates the return of democracy, Laxmikant-Pyarelal and – ironically – R.D.Burman, backed by Manmohan Desai and Nasir Hussain, sculpt a ‘comeback’ for the man who is not only a Colossus among singers, but – by nature – virtually a saint.

  14. Ali says:

    I don’t why people want to compare but when when ever they want to compare we got the the answer but they don’t….
    RD Burman like Kk more than Mohd Rafi jest words as we all now that RD last film with mohd Rafi he used Mohd Rafi more than KK(Shaan)
    dharmendra also back to Mohd Rafi because Mohd Rafi last song was sang for dharmendra….In film Ram Balram Mohd rafi gave playback to dharmendra..
    not we said but Shammi Kapoor said that he is because of Mohd Rafi but Mr big B or Rajesh Khanna never said that offourse when u ask them about KK they will say he was a good singer….
    Mohd Rafi can be compare with Mohd Rafi only

  15. SaluRafi says:

    Dear Rafi Bakhts,

    First of all Shashank, good article I enjoyed it.

    But I am really disappointed to see those answering to a stupid, with no or less knowledge of music or hindi songs. I bet that this guy will not make out the difference between KK and Shailendra Singh!

    We have to maintain our greatness like our Idol Rafi Saab. We should not be responding to some silly comments by an immature person like kishorefan. From his writing you can easily understand that what is his knowledge about HFM. For example there is hardly any great songs KK sang for Dharmendra. And for his comment on Sholay, the songs except the RD’s mehbooba, were all mediocre. Only because Sholay was runaway success songs became popular. So now you know what kind of little knowledge he has right? Leave him alone, silly chap.

    For RDs preference to KK I believe that is true, there was Bengali nexus always preferred KK for Rafi. But our legend was beyond all that as you all know.

    We must publish everyone opinion here as we should try to be as big at heart as our Idol. But please do not answer to stupid comments as we know why that is coming from, they want to stir our emotions but we should not let them succeed. Just think why kishorefan is so interested in Rafi site?! Don’t worry if he is a real music fan (which I doubt) he will become a Rafi fan soon!

    Furthermore, there is hardly any Rafi coverage anywhere in the media, but glorification of KK that makes the youngsters think that he is the best.

    As Uthara mentioned Rafi voice was hand in glove for Dharmendra. When you listen to those songs Dharmendra comes to your mind no one else.

    Kumar Ranjan, you said it very well. I would like to get some of your songs uploaded to this site so that we can appreciate them.

  16. Dr. Khaja Aliuddin says:

    Janab Souvik Chatterji, As usual nice and very informative article. Few more numbers of Rafi/Dharmender combo for Rafi lovers.

    Phir vohi bhuli si yaad aayi hai – Begana
    Kahin se maut ko lao – Mera Qusoor kya hai
    Sanam apni palkon pe tujhko bithakar – Pooja ke Phool
    Kaajal wale nain milake – Devar
    Kaliyon ne ghooghat khole – Dil ne phir yaad kiya
    Lo chehra surkh shabab hua – Dil ne phir yaad kiya
    Na jaane kyon hamaare dil ko tum ne dil na samjha – Mohabbath zindagai hai
    Dil to dil hai kisi din machal jayega – Kab kyon aur kahan
    Dil acha hai, acchi hai soorath – Tum haseen mai jawan
    Chehra tera allah allah – Tum haseen mai jawan
    Har dil me khushi tanha, har lab pe hansi tanha – Sambandh
    Aaj gaalo muskuralo – Lalkar
    Zara mudke to dekho – Lalkar
    Banda parwar main kahan – Pocketmaar
    Na tijh se door jaa sakoon, na tere paas aa sakonn – Pocketmaar
    Sone ke gehane kyon tu ne pahne – Resham ki Doori
    Zindagi guzarne ko saathi ek chaaiye – Ek mahal ho sapnon ka
    Paani me aag dekho – Bhaghavath
    Apne dil me josh hai, apna khoon garam hai – Mera karam mera dharam
    Kya jalwa kya nazara – Teesri Aankh
    Salaam sahibo, mai aagaya – Teesri Aankh
    Meri laash ki mittikharaab na ho – Badla aur balidaan

    With reagards to all rafi lovers,
    Dr. Khaja Aliuddin

  17. Anil Cherian says:

    Kumar Ranjanji (post 16)
    Can you please upload some of your songs here or any other platform (like youtube)?
    Wishing you the very best in all your musical endeavors

  18. Souvikji,

    Can you write an article on Rafisahab with Khayyam. Please.

  19. “shashank ji you can never shut my mouth. everybody has the write to express their views. if you don’t know laws you can even go to the supreme court to confirm this law”,

    I agree your views here but why I should go Supreme Court to confirm the laws. Please dont do this in future you will be in trouble.

    But do write an article on kk with Dharmendraji now. ok

  20. I feel kishorefan felt very bad. nothing of this. see we read everybodies comments and feel good. but we dont want any controversy should happen unnecessary. In the past there was too much of controversy happened. See write the comments from your heart i dont feel any bad but why the subject came of kishoreda rather then rafisahab here. secondly Ali, there was an article why rdburman didnt liked rafisahab and gave much more importance to kk. thats why I wrote to u all. See, I have collected lot of articles and photos so i read it and just share with u all. If you do same you will also know. I feel you know now. today to ask this things this 3 personalities are not there with us. but somebdy will tell you all in future and will know why it was. mostly you didnt believe my writing no problem, early everything will come out.

  21. rafian94 says:

    I am very happy with this article.Thank you I am collecting many mohd rafi sahab’s live videos and i have made a small collection now if anybody wants it I am more than happy to share it contact me

  22. common_man says:

    well to be clear, dharmendra liked all the singers that sang for him. he rightfully appreciated the critical contributions of hemant kumar, kishore kumar, etc. but rafi was his favorite. but he liked and appreciated all of them. if i had to make a list of the best songs on dharmendra, it would be mostly rafi songs but i would be sure to include kishore’s song from phandebaaz “gyrah nahi bajey” i like “pyr khe is khel mein”. kishore sings it excellently but the word “jail” sticks out like a sore thumb and takes away from the song for me. wish that was replaced. nevertheless, very good song.

    “did i ever ask you to reply it?
    so if i have written anything wrong about your rafi sahab,just ignore it.”

    exactly 🙂

  23. Ali says:

    Dear kishorefan
    we mohd Rafi never said that KK is not a good singer and I almost say that he was the best as all in one as actor I like him..
    As music director like SJ but that not mean all others are not good that I feel he is the best maybe many will not agree but I think all will agree that sj was great music director ..
    dharmendra ji likes Mohd Rafi not kk that we can’t ignore that false

  24. common_man says:

    i think rd burman subjectively preferred kishore kumar’s style and voice. i have no problem with his choice. he was a modest human being with his tastes like any one else. i don’t think there was any malice or conspiracy involved at all. not that you were suggesting – i’m just throwing it in. also, i know we had a 1000+ post thread about rd burman so i don’t mean to bring that up again. the new topics like sj or versatility or dharmendra have been great reads.

  25. Ali says:

    Dearest kishorefan
    please write for us article as Mr. Souvik Chatterji but on KK and Dharmendra ji and we will be so happy to read that and we are not going to compare…
    I hope u know that who is Dilip Kumar because when Dilip Kumar ignored Mohd rafi he lost his place in bollywood but when KK ignored Mr Bachchan the loser was KK not mr Bachchan..
    Dear Shashank Chickermane I don’t agree with u that RD burman liked KK more than Mohd rafi yes I agree he used KK more than Mohd rafi as u know that RD Burman he started with mohd Rafi and also he back to mohd rafi if u go to his last film with mohd rafi was shaan and he used mohd rafi more than KK…Yes that is maybe true that he likes KK more than Mohd rafi but as person or friend but as singer no way

  26. kishorefan says:

    shashank ji,
    i have never said rafi sahab as a bad singer.
    i like kishore da but i know rafi fans don’t like kishore da. so on this article henceforth i won’t write.
    i will not tell you who am i? i won’t say when i met dharmendra .but i am very closely associated with him.
    blogging is not a crime. everybody has the write to express their views good or bad. rafi fans do not like if somebody points out some facts about his singing.
    shashank ji you can never shut my mouth. everybody has the write to express their views. if you don’t know laws you can even go to the supreme court to confirm this law.
    i have never said rafi has sung bad songs. he is a very good singer . but rafi fans want to prove something different.
    henceforth i won’t write in this blog but you can’t kick me out from this site.
    blogging everybody does by writing their nickname or their guru’s name.
    who said it is violating this site. if you feel that my views are creating controversies then just ignore it. did i ever ask you to reply it?
    so if i have written anything wrong about your rafi sahab,just ignore it. but i won’t apologize for writing facts.
    thank you!!!

  27. I also agree in your post no 18 that Mukeshji sang to Dharmendra but also Hemantda sang on him. see they are unique and original singers. so dont compare with one another. one thing i want to ask you how much do you know about this legends do you have anything with articles of this knowledge or just bluffing with us. See if you want to write anything in this comments think it twice in writing which will cause controversy. Do you understand what I am telling you. Do not write any silly things here. If you know the reality then write it otherwise you will be more trouble in future. So, kishorefan I feel you understand know. So, i feel you should. many times i have read it in comments about rafisahab and kishoreda. so stop this pinpointing the legends.

  28. Ref: Post No:18:

    I agree one thing Kishorefanji that RDBurman didnt liked Rafisahab. But it does not mean that Rafisahabs voice was deteriorating. why he didnt got chance due to RD’s arrogancy about Rafisahab and he always wanted Kishoreda because he was his favourite but kishoreda himself knew the facts that Rdburmans feelings of rafisahab and though he was one of the playback singer he thought rd a lesson many times when he didnt turned to the recording studio last minute to give rafisahab a chance. Kishoreda was quite a different mood personality and he liked rafisahab alot more than his brother to him. So, please dont write anything about this 2 singers in this site. and i am a fan of all this legends including rdburman also. so you kishorefan do something good in writing about rafisahab and if you had met Dharmendraji its real good achievement. But can you tell me what did you have asked about Rafisahab with him, you hadnt mentioned in your comment. If you had met him when and where and which year mentioned now. so i can tell my friend to meet dharmendraji about this thing. So, you have commited biggest mistake now. you tell us the details which I have asked you before taking any action against your comments kishorefan and show your real name in this site not by writing kishorefan in this things. So, i will give you time of just 24 hours from today. you commit now and about rdburmans there is lot of articles which has been written about this thing. take newspaper or magazine and read it and write a comment on it. we are not browsing this site for this altu-faltu comments understand. 24 hours time i will give to u now. waiting for your kind reply.


  29. Ali says:

    hi kishorefan
    Really I don’t know If I should answer or not
    1,In Film Ram Balram Mohd Rafi voice used for dharmendra ji not KK i think u don’t know who is KK and who Mohd Rafi now we can understant that when u listen to Mohd Rafi u feel that he is Kk and when u listen to KK u feel he is mohd rafi that only can be!!?
    2,1960’s dharmendra ji was romantic actor but in 1970’s as action hero and dharmendra back to mohd Rafi jest see his late films I mean in 1980 not 1990
    3,When ever Dharmendra ji comes on Tv the song ” jat yamla pagla hai deewana” comes the song which Mohd Rafi song sholay was super hit film which made the music hit ask 10 year boy….
    4,jest visit and you will know who is the number one singer and I agree that one person can give more than one vote but it is for all
    5,Rd Burman best film as music was with shammi Ji and mohd rafi.
    6,even Mohd rafi sang better than Kk to Rajesh khanna jest listen the songs

  30. Nasreen says:

    Just a couple of other mind blowing songs also filmed on Dharmendra:

    1. Mujhe dard e dil ka pata na tha mujhe aap kis liye mil gaye (Akashdeep)
    2. Main nigahen tere chehre se hataoon kaise

  31. Nasreen says:

    To post 18

    You sound like you are very young. The last line in your post is so naive. I’m actually surprised you have met Dharmendra. I’d love it if I could meet him too and get the record straight. I am almost sure he would say even though he had hit films in the 70’s, the songs Rafi Saab has sung for him are the very best. But it is a matter of taste. you just have a different taste – Kishore is a great singer but no one comes anywhere near Rafi Saab. We don”t need to ask any youngsters as you have suggested. I have said somewhere before words to this effect: to appreciate Rafi Saab you do have to be a bit special yourself, you need to have sensitivity and the power of true appreciation of music that’s not just good but grand.

    Maybe you should sit down one day and listen to his songs with your heart and not your mind only.

  32. common_man says:

    hi kishorefan: it’s obvious that you are a troll…with all due respect. i will ignore your posts.

  33. kishorefan says:

    rafi fans like rafi so what can we do? we are kishore fans and we like kishore da’s contribution towards dharmendra.

    dear post(10) how dare do you call be a nut. we are kishore fans and if tell some weak points about rafi then i am a nut.
    i have met dharmendra many many times and i know him personally. he always said that he had many hit films only in 70’s not 60’s.
    if rafi’s songs are so good in 60’s then why the films were superflop?
    i agree some songs were good but mukesh also had sung many songs and his songs were more effective on dharmendra.
    sholay was hit only because of kishore da and rd burman. if rd burman liked rafi then why did’t he gave any songs to him on sholay.
    that is because in 1970’s all the hit film song kishore da sang and rafi could sing some low grade songs.
    all the music directors knew as time was changing kishore da ‘s voice was as high as a rainbow and rafi’s voice was deteriorating.
    all the music directors wanted a young and sweet voice not classical voice and that was only kishore da.
    so rafi fans change yourself and do your own work and accept the fact that kishore da is the best singer in bollywood and india. rafi sahab was not effective as time was changing . you can ask any youngster who is the best singer and see his answer.
    there are more kishore fans in the world than rafi fans as kishore da was a complete artist and eveybody knows he is the best.
    thank you!!!!!

  34. Souvikji,

    I know everytime your article is superb, this time also same that is superb and wonderful article on dharmendra and rafisahab. When I listened the song of jat yamla pagla hai deewana the song which rafisahab sang in such a way music by L/P. Once i just seen the picturisation of it. everytime when I listen this song I just visualise Dharmendra dancing in such a way or otherwise Mein Kabhi Kavi na ban jaye, the way he sings in the lift with Vyjantimalaji and the villian Mohan goes upstairs and comeback everytime. its fascinating thing to do such types of picturisation like this. Everytime when i listen to Rafisahabs songs of Dharmendra, I just visualise Dharmendraji. Rafisahab sang such a way that in this song such type of hero is there. Nice write up. Good.


    shashank chickermane

  35. rkbhadury says:

    Kishorda was genius plus and we can not comment about his greatness.
    Rafi saab is God. Hence how can we debate on such matters.To get Rafi saab’s voice for any hero was like having God in him and then other things follow.
    So I will not blame KK fans because I myself am a fan of him and I hv recoded over 500 songs of his which are probably sung better than most playbacks who hv sung his songs (with due apologies).
    But till date though I hv recorded over 1500 Rafi saab’s songs I am no where near satisfied nor I will ever be or can be. Mind it my songs hv been rated sung better than all other singers in Bollywood who sang Rafi saab’s songs.
    Hence let us only talk about the greatest ever and make people understand the facts & knoweldgeable.
    Best Regards
    Kumar Ranjan

  36. H.V.GURU MURTHY says:

    Dear Kishore Fan,

    For your information, to put record straight, Rafi Saab sang for Dharmendra in movies like Mera Gaon Mera Desh (Kuch Kehta Hai Ye Sawan), Ram Balram and Chacha Bhatiza (He Lalla, Bure Kaam Ka). KK sang for Dharam in movies like Kahani Kismat Ki (Oye Sunlo Sunlo), Sholay (Koi Hasina, Holi Ke Sang & Ye Dosti), Jugnu (Gir Gaya Jhumka, Tera Peecha Na), Naya Zamana (Duniya O Duniya) and Samadhi. Except for the Naya Zamana song, all other songs of these movies were so so. Please let us know which song you are referring to while stating that KK suited Dharnmendra better? Do you think any song of KK on Dharmendra could match the Rafi songs referred in the present article?

  37. utthara says:


    I appreciate your passion for Kishoreda. But zara thehriye. Here is a clarification.
    Rafi saab has sung in mera gaon mera desh, chacha bhatija and ram balram. In sholay, it is Mannada.
    Kishoreda sang in Jugnu.


  38. utthara says:

    Souvikji, bahut khoob. Dharam-Rafi combo one of the best. Rafi sang with a slight nasal tone to suit Dharmendra’s voice. Rafi was Shami’s voice and Dharam’s too.

    Some of the best of this great combo.

    1. Ishq par zor nahin __ mehbooba teri tasveer __ SD Burman
    2. Mere Humdum mere dost __Huyi shaam unka khayal aagaya __ Laxmikant Pyarela
    3. Aap ki parchayiyan __ mein nigahe ter chehre se hataoon kaise __ Madan Mohan
    4. Loafer __ O aaj mausam bada __ L-P
    5. Baharen Phir bhi ayengi __ Aap ke haseen rukh pe __OP Nayyar
    6. Aaya sawan jhoom ke __ yshama to jale __ L-P
    7. Yakeen __ gar tum bhula na doge __ Shankar -Jaikishen
    8. kab kyun aur kahan __ pyar se dil bhar de __ Kalyanji-Anandji


  39. rameshkurpad says:

    souvik chatterjee,

    a neat article – congrats on a great essay –

    however – legends are legends – and we are lucky to have so many with us.


  40. saiftirur says:

    hello kishorefan,
    First of all let me address you as a real ‘nut ‘, a nuisance
    Why the hell do you come here and trumpet your KK sentiments?
    You have so many other forums to do this

    And let me ask you something, how much do you about the Dharamji – Rafi combination? Have you ever met Dharamji, have you talked to him? Do you know his personal likings as far playback singers are concerned>?

    Let me tell you something, you have got everything wrong. For obvious reasons, I cant reveal more than what I have said. Binu Nair knows what I am talking about. We have met Dharamji recently and we know what his preferences are. Please dont talk crap here and dont waste your time here, my friend. If you have not got your facts right, dont go and bullshit !!!!

    And for heaven’s sake, dont waste your time on this site. This is for we Rafians to talk good and nice things about Rafi Saab and not about KK. While we dont hate KK, we also dont welcome nuisances like you on this site.

    I would not like to be drawn into an argument with you, as you are just not worth it. YOu are writing nonsense without getting your facts right


  41. Nasreen says:

    Very nice. Some of the songs mentioned brought back memories of a long time ago and dreamy days. Thanks

  42. uzair_rock says:

    @ Mr. kisjhorefan:

    you r living under a big mistake, from where did you bring that dharmendra like kishore’s voice. In filmfare 1996 when dharmendra received a life time achievement award, he said “waise to sabhi singers ne mere liye ache ganay gaye hain, mager mere career mein sab se ziada contribution rafi sahab ka hai, he is a personal favourite ”

    Kishore kumar has only sung some songs in the 70’s but the evergreen songs and the most hit songs remain of Rafi sahab.

  43. Rajkumar Akela says:

    Plz vote for our beloved Rafi Sahab and glorify India.

    Rajkumar Akela

  44. common_man says:

    “dharmendra liked kishoreda’s voice more than rafi.”

    another comically, false fact. in a 2005 interview, dharmendra made it clear that he appreciated the priceless contributions of all singers but rafi was his favorite. anyway, i wanted to make clear why your remarks are delusional instead of just saying so. now i will ignore them. good day! 🙂

  45. kishorefan says:

    dharmendra was a good actor in 1970’s after kishoreda overtook the leadership of melody king from rafi. dharmendra liked kishoreda’s voice more than rafi. laximakant-pyarelal,shankar jaikishan,etc used rafi for dharmendra but once when rd burman and kishore da were king, dharmendra got many hit films like jugnu, sholay, chacha batija, ram balram, mera gaon mera desh etc and the films were hit only because of kishore da.

    sovik ji your article is nice but kishore da was the first voice of dharmendra then rafi . personally i like kishore da ‘s songs for dharmendra.
    now everybody accept that kishore da is the best singer in bollywood and india.

  46. Sanjeev Dixit says:

    Dear Souvik ji,
    It is very nice and informative article.Keep writing.
    -Sanjeev Kumar Dixit

  47. common_man says:

    what year was that photograph taken? i’ll take 1974 as a wild guess.

  48. A S MURTY says:

    Souvikji that was a great topic and for the umpteenth time a great article from you. It made very interesting reading. You revived all those lovely films and the exceptional songs for Dharmender by Rafi Sahab. Please keep writing.

  49. H.A.K. Walijah says:

    Dear Souvik

    Indeed a good write-up. Even Rafi Sahab was very particular about singing for Dharmendra, as he had a special liking. I think you have missed so many songs that Rafi Sahab had sung for Dharmendra

    Pratiyga_ main jat yamla pagla diwana
    Loafer_ aaj mausam bad beimaan hai
    Izzat_ kya miliye aise logon se

    and the list go on…

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