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Delayed entry into a song – a fascinating facet of Mohd Rafi’s songs

This article is written by Mrs Usha G Rao, a member of Baar Baar Rafi Fan Club.

Mohd Rafi

Mohd Rafi

The myriad moods and emotions expressed by Rafi Sahab in his songs is not only awe inspiring but also a subject of discussion for music lovers in general and Rafi admirers in particular.

An aspect of his music that has always fascinated me is his duets.  He has sung some of the most beautiful duets in Hindi films.  Among them, some are light hearted,  some soulful and others intensely romantic.  A unique and interesting feature of some of his duets is the late entry of Rafi Sahab into the song.

A duet is generally made up of 2 or 3 verses or ‘antaras’.  In some of the duets Rafi Sahab enters the song almost after the half way mark (after the opening lines and a verse have been sung by the female singer) and at once captures the imagination of the listener such is the impact of his rendition song.  To illustrate this point let me give a few examples.

Mohd Rafi

Mohd Rafi

The Asha – Rafi duet from the film Gehra daag – ‘Tumhe paa ke humne jahan paa liya hai‘.  Ashaji sings the opening lines and the 1st antara.  Rafi sahab glides ever so gently into the song in the 2nd antara with these lines – ‘Zamane pe ghum pyar mein dhal gaye hai, ummeedon ke lakhon diye jal gaye hai, ke jab se tumhe meherban paa liya hai‘.  The mood is somber and contemplative.  To understand the reason for this we have to delve briefly into the story of Gehra daag.  The hero Rajendra kumar is convicted for murder and is shunned by the whole world.  It is only the heroine (played by Mala sinha) who stands by him and professes her undying love for him.  In this romantic duet the hero acknowledges her support through the 2 or 3 lines he sings.  Grasping the mellow, reflective mood of the song, Rafi Sahab injects into it the right degree of sadness coupled with a sense of gratitude.  One cannot but marrel at his genius!

The 2nd example is again a romantic Rafi-Asha duet from the film Nayi umar ki nayi fasal – ‘Aaj ki raat badi shokh badi natkhat hai, aaj toh tere bina neend nahi aayegi‘  It is a song that speaks of the eternal clash between love and call of duty.  In the opening lines and the antara the heroine pines for her beloved and lovingly complains that he is not paying her enough attention ! It is then that, singing for the hero, Rafi Sahab enters the song with these lines – ‘par theher who jo wahan lete hai foot pathon par………… telling her in no uncertain terms that his first duty is to alleviate the sufferings of the down trodden and the weaker sections of society.  Rafi Sahab’s voice is firm and unyielding till then but in the last line of the same antara, his voice suddenly melts as he sings ‘phir teri maang sitaron se bhari jaayegi. Assuming a soft romantic tone he reassures his lady love that once his duties are done, he is all hers! We gasp in admiration at this sudden transformation in his tone within in a couple of lines of the antara.  That’s the magic of Rafi Sahab’s voice!

The 3rd and final example is a melodious Rafi – Lata  duet from the film ‘Professor’ picturised on shammi kapoor and kalpana – ‘Aawaz deke hame tum bulao‘.  The song speaks of the pain and sweet sorrow that love begets.

In the opening lines and the 1st antara the heroine laments about the seperation from her beloved and pleads with him not to inflict more suffering on her.  That is when Rafi Sahab enters the song in the 2nd antara with the lines – ‘Main Saanson ka her taar main chhup raha hun…’ reassuring her that he is there in every heart beat and every breath that she takes ! the tenderness, the care that Rafi Sahab bestows on these lines is a balm to any wounded heart !

Well, one can write volumes about Rafi Sahab’s music but for now suffice it to say ‘Mohd Rafi, you are the king of melodies!’.

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57 Blog Comments to “Delayed entry into a song – a fascinating facet of Mohd Rafi’s songs”

  1. Lt Col Javed Sayyed says:

    Thanks Savitaji & Imran for your valuable & passionate comments on my post.
    Thanks Jawaid Naseer for your thoughts on my post of Bharat Ratna. Rafi Sahab rules over our hearts-the innumerable Rafians all over the world. His music, his entertaining of the uncountable souls everyday, day in & day out, is beyoud doubt. His music will rule in this world forever. But i do strongly feel the pain, the neglect by our govt in failing to give Rafi Sahab his due. Why should we accept such mistake, such callous error, etc. Or is it that Rafi Sahab, being the most humble, mellow, mature & selfless personality did not get our support at appropriate time, from desired quarters & at effective level to make the Govt aware of its responsibilities in this matter? Its time to move the govt to extract the due honour that is so apt & overdue. We must generate a mass movement in this regard!!! Only silently enjoying & benefiting from Rafi Sahabs music will not be appropriate on our part. Dont we all want Rafi sahab to get his due recognition in the govt heirarchy of luminaries? Or that we are satisfied by the mere Padma Shri, which today is bestowed even on very young sports & other personalities with their limited success in their fields mostly in very early stages of their lives! Suraj ko tim timate diyon ke sath muth compare karo!

  2. JAWAID NASEEM says:

    Javed sayyed saheb
    aap bhi kin chakkaron mein pad gaye???
    dilon pe raj karne waale taj ke muhtaaj nahi hotay,
    ek bharat ratan jaisi padwi ka na milna rafi saheb ke liye nahi bulkay sarkar ke liye sharm ki baat hai jinhe is baat ki samajh hi nahi ke ratan ki pehchan kar saken. lekin kya koi rafi saheb ke ‘bharat ka ratan’ hone se inkaar karsakta hai??
    yeh sarkar aur uske chalane walay kitni muddat hamaray darmiyan rahte hain?? 5 saal 10 saal ?? lekin iss sarkar(rafi sb) ka raaj to hamaray dilon pe pichhle 70 saalon se chal raha hai. jis tarah log marne ke baad apne logon ke liye wiraasat mein jaedaad chhod jaate hain hamaray baday to viraasat mein rafi saheb ki muhabbat chhod gaye hain, aur is pushtaini muhabbat ko bhala hum se kaun chheen sakta hai???
    rahi padma shri ki baat to…..
    ek tere hi sar pe muhabbat se bhara taj hai
    goonjti abtak dilon mein bus teri aawaz hai
    tu nahi duniya mein lekin dil ki yeh aawaz hai
    ab talak har dil pe ‘saaheb’ bus tera hi raj hai


    jawaid naseem

  3. JAWAID NASEEM says:

    to all rafians
    I am really in a fix that why we the rafians are so much amazed and have made it a grand topic of rafi saheb’s versatality, do you people think if it was really a big deal for him??? into my opinion we are behaving childish because it is a normal course for the duet songs and the songs where multiple artiste sing it. delayed entry is a normal course for these pattern of songs and we can easily enlist a thousands of songs of rafi saheb in this category. i think we are giving ways to those mischievious peoples who are never agree to pay respect to this greatest legend of the legends, because every playback singer either male or female, old or new have gone through this particular type of experiment, we have a lot of other topics, songs and non-filmi renditions where he has proved himself to be the one and the only one in his field, doesnot matter if it is a solo or a duet.
    i am mentioning some songs where he has used a very peculiar kind of voice and style which is very very impossible to render for other singers.
    1. meri duniya mein tum aaye …….. dastak
    2. kahin ek masoom naazuk si ladki …… shankar hussain
    3. mere mehboob kahin aur mila kar mujhse…… ghazal
    4. mohabbat rang layegi janab ……… poonam
    5. aaja re aa zara aa ………….. love in tokyo
    6. maana mere haseen sanam ………. adventures of robin hood
    7. allah mere allah mere ……. non-film
    8. paagal chanda mere man ki aag mein……. non-film
    9. kaash khawbon mein hi aajao ………. non-film
    10. agar main poochhoon jawab dogay ……… shikari

    we can enlist thousand of his renditions in this category too.
    rafians… listen to these numbers with your hearts and i ensure that your souls will be flying in a world of such an ecstassy where there is nothing but…….. rafi saheb, with his open arms to hold you up and saying
    khusboo hoon main phool nahi hoon jo murjhaaoonga
    jab jab mausam lahraega main aajaaoonga. ( film-shayad)

    jawaid naseem

  4. JAWAID NASEEM says:

    Savita ji..
    Rafi saheb ke baare mein kuchh likhna ya kehna suraj ko chiragh dikhane jaisa hai, phir bhi hamaray jazbay hain ke us insaan ke baarey mein chhalakte hi jaate hain. Apne hi alfaaz mein unko khiraaj-e-aqeedat pesh katre huey chand alfaaz kehna chahoonga jo hamaray sabhi rafians ke liye hain:
    taareekh thi chaubees ki chaubees ka sunn tha
    utra tha aasman se,zameen uska watan tha
    woh shakhs apni zaat mein ek gang-o-jaman tha
    phoolon ki baat chhodiye woh khud mein chaman tha.

    mere jazbaat naakaafi aur mere alfaaz adhoore hain, bahut mushkil hai apne alfaaz mein us shakhsiyat ka bayaan karna jo naghmon ka khuda tha.

  5. Savita Garcia says:

    36 Jawaid naseem saab,,great indded is ur feelings towards Finnest of finnest rafi sahab,,plz keep on tributing rafi sahab with wonderfulwords of urs,,,as ur words are really precious,,,

    42, Lt Col Javed Sayyed ji,,the song that u mentioned is such a masterpiece and an art thats beyond this world understanding and so vast with Rafi sahab rendition with excellence of singing that it requires a new article on the same song,,,,,

    Ushaji,,thanx again n again for contributing us with ur special talents,,,hope to see much more from u….thanx……

  6. sundeep pahwa says:

    excelent info about late entry of rafi saheb in various songs
    probably music directors and rafi were inspired by the man
    who everybody idolised in 50 and 60s . k l saigal
    remember the evergreen duniya rang rangeele baba
    from dhartimata 1938 started by k c dey and uma
    but what heights the song reaches when saigal starts
    the antara. sundeep newdelhi

  7. Imran Rustam says:

    Very Nice Article……..

    Whenever Rafi Sb entered late into any song everyone compelled to listen. His late entry could lift up the song to the top.

    My favorite Qawali which falls into this category is “Na to Caravan ki Talash Hai”……………..from movie “Barsat ki Raat”….as ,already mentioned by Javed Sayyed Sb and Bhagchandani jee…….

    In this Qawali………when Rafi Sb entered it seemed that King of music has come and changed the whole situation………..

    Fabulous Combination which made this the best one of all the time……..


  8. S.G.RAJENDRA says:

    hi.usha the article is very good and takes us back to our youngrr days

  9. Lt Col Javed Sayyed says:

    Rafis late entry into a song. A classic eg- Qawwali- Na to Caravan ki Talash Hai…Manna Dey & Chorus initiating the oening play & intricies. When Midway, Rafi Sahab just smoothly glides in into the orchestration, Merges into the Rhythm of the Qawwali, Takes charge of the soul, subtly makes the statements, clarifies the intricies, & takes the Qawwali to its logical end thru his trademark High Octave Crecendo!! Who can match his range, his magic, his high octaves!!! A true Gods gift. I fail to understand why has he not been awarded the Bharat Ratna? Only a Padma Shri? We all Rafi fans need to generate this movement to ensure Rafi Sahab gets his due from the country & its people whom he is so selflessly being entertaining & enriching their souls thru his meliflous renditions across all moods & melodies.

  10. Priya Sanyal says:

    Mile jo kadi kadi,,,,a song from Amitabh bachhan Movie,,,released in 1978,,this time amitabh Bachhan also started opting Md rafi as his voice,,Randheer kapoor starts in voice of kishore kumar,,accompanied by Asha bhosle voice,,but song starts in last when Rafi sahab sings for amitabh bachhan,followed by Kishore kumar`r line “mile jo kadi kadi”,,,Rafi sings “hamsafar ban ke chalo to suhana hai safar””,,,,,listener get instant pleasent feeling,,,oou Its rafi sahab,,,,then kishore sings one line,,flavoured by Asha`s ho ho,,,now there r some music in song,,,,,,
    Now rafi sahab start singing “jane ik din ye kaise ho gya”,,,,,HOOH! what a magical voice now people have forgotton that if there was any other singer in this song,,,,,,,starange,,rafi sahab not even a single time used the title word miley jo kadi kadi as this song was mainly appeared to written for Kishore da n asha ji,,,,but none of `em could imagine that it would become a Md rafi song……….strange n peerless Rafi…..

  11. Priya Sanyal says:

    ya its fascinating aspect of Our rafi,,,,what a magical presence even in midst of a song or in just last part,,,,!

  12. gyan prakash agarwal says:

    Usha jee this was a very interesting dimension of positioning of Rafi sahib for a given song by you and simply speaking this delayed entry has the same feelings of fulfillment like your favorite desserts served late in the meal and make your meal a wonderful experience.

    There is another very sensual and soft duet song – “hoton pe hanshi, ankhon mei nasha – pahchaan hei mere dilwar ki, jab daali nazar dil moh liya – kya baat hei is jaadoogar ki” of Rafi jee and ashaa jee and as usual magically composed by o.p.nair saheb (best known for getting best out of rafi jee and ashaa jee togather for any duet song). Rafi jee entered majestically only after a very long mukhda and equally long antara very sensually sung by asha jee and captured the mood instantly.


  13. Ateb Shaikh says:

    I am sorry I did not go thru all comments infact what I wanted to say has already been informed at entry no. 7 by Savitaa Garcia on July 6th, 2009 at 3:09 pm. please treat my comments as an addition to Savitaa Garcia’s comments.

  14. Ateb Shaikh says:

    Dear Mrs Usha G Rao,
    Nice article regarding late entry of Rafi sahab in the duets. It is also appreciating that Mrs. Rao is a member of Baar Baar Rafi Fan Club. By the name of the fan club “Baar Baar” Rafi Fan club, I am sure you will remember rafi sahab’s great number “Baar Baar Dekho Hazaar Baar Dekho” from China Town music by Ravi. And behold here I would like you all Rafians to ponder over the GREAT GREAT GREAT late entry EVER BY RAFI SAHAB in the song from the same film China Town – a duet started by Asha Bhosale in the beginning infact 75% of the song is sung by Ashaji and then comes our GREAT RAFI SAHAB with an overwhelming performance EVER and here I would like all the RAFIANS as well as others to kindly listen and judge the range, the style, the eloquence, the depth, the sweetness, the perfection, the perfect playback for an actor by RAFI SAHAB IS REALLY ABOVE ALL THE LATE ENTRY EVER MADE BY RAFI SAHAB. I will rate this song as NO. 1 EVER BEST LATE ENTRY SONG BY RAFI SAHAB. The lyrics goes like this “Yamma Yamma Yamma tu parwana main shamma”. The songs rendered beautifully by Ashaji and Ashaji has done full justice with her voice on every line of the song. BUT as usual RAFI SAHAB has stolen the SHOW. My dear Rafians please watch this song on youtube and feel (pause) RAFI RAFI RAFI & RAFI. please give your feedback to me on

  15. JAWAID NASEEM says:

    Svita ji,
    thanks for the response you have given to my write up. according to my point of view it is very easy to mention the works of Rafi sb. but on the other hand it is the toughest thing to calculate and gather the colours of rafi sb’s versatality and command over the field of music. He was like an institution, an encylopedia and a dictionary of music and playback singing. Binu ji has pointed out some good topics to be discussed and recall those into our memories. the song ‘meri duniya mein tum aaye’ from dastak, ‘kahin ek maasoom nazuk si ladki’ from shankere hossain, the rendition of ‘aahista aahista’ portion in the song ‘muhabbat rang laegi janab aahista aahista’ from poonam, and many more to recall are the evidence of his greatness, quality and command with a soulful rendition to capture the hearts of the listeners and to enthral the strings of mind and soul.
    some songs where he has played as a music student and singing like a junior matching his voice with the guru are manmohan ‘man mein ho tumhi’ from ‘kaise kahoon’ and ‘baat chalat nai chunri rang daari’ from ‘rani roop mati’ one can easily feel the difference and qualityand his style of paying respect to the co-singer as per the requirement of the song.
    some very unusual kind of voice with a firm softness with a feeling of fur are ‘aayi baharon ki shaam,na jaane phir kiske naam’ jaag dil-e-diwana’, kai khawb dekh daale yahan meri bekhudi ne’, from his private album….. main kab gaata mere swar mein pyar kisi ka gaata hai, paagal chanda mere man ki aag mein saari raat jalay, mere liye to bus wohi pal hain hasin bahar ke’ ……./ aur kis kis shaahkar ka zikr karoon, haathon ki energy type karte karte zaael ho jaegi, lap top ki battery khatm ho jaegi lekin unka zikr, unki yaaden, unke kaam aur fankaari ki list kabhi khatm nahi hogi. jabhi to maine unke liye yeh alfaaz bahut pehle hi likhay thay…….
    ek zameen, ek chaand, ek sooraj….
    aur naghmon ka khuda ek ‘rafi’…….
    tujh se pehle na tere baad koi..
    gar koi hai to faqat ek rafi.

    jawaid naseem

  16. Firoz Ahmed says:

    I am glad that you highlighted a facet of Rafi saabs musical spectrum that not many people may have noticed. Rafi saabs late entry was a technique delibrately used by music directors to give a ‘goose bump’ effect to the listeners. The song would suddenly change to a totally different level.
    I liked the way you went on to narrate part of the storyline to accentuate the songs impact in the film.
    Some of my personal favorites in this category are:
    .Chal Kahin Door Nikal Jayen( with Kishore & Lata)
    .Chana Jor Garam (with Kishore, Lata and Nitin Mukesh)
    .Ye Ladka Hai Allah (with Asha)
    .Dafli Wale (with Lata)
    .Chura Liya (with Asha)
    .Deewana Mastana
    .Hum Intezaar Karenge (with Asha)
    .O Mere Sona Re (with Asha)
    .Tumko Khush Dekhkar Mein Bohut Khush (with Kishore)
    ….and more.. what gems!!


  17. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Nice and interesting article. I would like to add one more song, a duet, “Sun sun sun re balam dil tujhko pukare…” from the film “Pyar Mohabbat”, by Rafi Saheb and Shardaji. The song starts with Shardaji and ends with Rafi Saheb’s stanza. A nice loving song picturised on Dev Anand and Saira Banu. A must for all Rafi Saheb’s fans.

  18. RJ Snigdha says:

    Dear Usha,

    Its really overwhelming to read your article here apart from interacting with you on each of my Radio show ( Meethi Yaadein) on Rainbow.As always you have proved that you are undoubtedly the walking and talking encyclopedia of Retro Hindi Music.

    Great article with so much precision is indeed commendable.
    Keep it going…Kudos!!

  19. Unknow says:

    Look to the greatness of mohd Rafi the Film he loiked more he never sang in that Film and actor he liked he sang only few(around 16 songs) songs for him

    Lata Ji stop to sing for SJ because they used new female singer but when Anwer or M Kapoor they came to sing Mohd Rafi was helping them….

    When they ask Ram Laxman that you mostly using Lata ji to be famous and his answer was no I am using all singers not only Lata ji and we he was speaking he remmbered that Mohd Rafi also sang for him and said I will never going to forget that the great mohd rafi sang for me

    Mohd Rafi was God gift to us

  20. Unknow says:

    Mohd Rafi sahab used to support his co singers said by RD Burman as said by RD that I was not able to sing as Mohd Rafi can in film Shaan but Mohd Rafi sang by way in which I can be able to sing with him and he did the same to all co singers who sang with him…………….

  21. Usha G Rao says:

    Dear All,
    I wish to thank all Rafi Bhakths for thier generous appreciation of my article. I have noted all the valuable inputs on the same subject. Exchanges like these help us Rafi fans to strengthen our grasp of the legendary singer’s music.

  22. GAYATHRI says:

    HI USHA,


  23. binu nair says:

    Savita ji : post : 26 : mohd rafi saaheb had an adopted daughter and her name is Usha Timothy. (with ref. to your post)
    From the age of 9 she has been with mohd rafi saaheb when her dad – had left early from this world.

    usha timothy has sung the song from himalay ki god mein : t u chat pe khadi goriye………. a big hit of the times.

    she has toured abroad with rafi saaheb many a times.

    ushaji stays in mumbai and dedicated rafi lovers must talk to her i feel.

    thanks javed bhai for being a true fan of mohd rafi saaheb. let me say that we all are just dust or small pebbles in this ocean of mohd rafi’s grandest musical output.

    one more point : there are great songs in which mohd rafi saaheb hums in great numbers. Song from dastak come to the mind. also there are songs in which rafi saaheb has spoken words. again real gems………

    please listen to the words from aankhen : is mulkh ki sarhad ko koyee choo nahin sakhta, jis mulkh ki nigehbaan hai aankhe…..

    articles and write ups on such subjects are now due.

    when the music is good the heart will sing.

    enjoy listening mohd rafi gems and rare songs.

    binu nair mumbai rafi foundation…..

  24. b.venkatadri says:

    Usha Ji,

    Congratualtions for thinking of this very pertinent topic. All your examples are very apt.

    Incidentally, a full-fledged discussion on this very same topic was done at a few months back! I am giving here the link for those who are interested.


  25. Savita garcia says:

    JAWAID NASEEM ji,,,,with all appriciation to ur post 23,24…………I would like to mention one point from ur write-up its,,,,Rafi sahab used to support his co singers,,,,its one of the peerless personality of him,,where everyone try to show their suprimacy over co workers,no one leave even a single chance to prove their greatness,Rafi sahab rather,,,give duets following the Raaga`s reach of co singer,,,thats why his duets become such a masterpiece,,,,,recently I heard a song something like mere dildar ka baghpan allah allah,,with kishore kum,,,everone knows Kis kum limitation with classicals n Rafi sahab suprimacy with qawallies,,,listening this song it appears both singers r enjoying each other n though itwas qawalli ,Rafi sahab without showing classical bent,,and ,in the song madhuban me radhika nache,,,since it was with Rafi sahab`s one of guru,,Bade ghulam ali sahab,,,,Rafi sahab did`nt even give any alaap to that song,,with asha bhosle,, unique flow in rafi sahab voice,,n with lata ji,,Rafi sahab get imbibed in melody it self,,,with geeta dutt, again he`s different,,,and strange,, in live performance he was singing with krishna Mukharji(almost debut singer) ,,what a appriciation rafi sahab showed her in front of such a large audience…

  26. Harish says:

    One more awesome song that comes in this category is the duet version of ‘Zindagi Bhar Nahin’ when Rafi saab enters so softly with ‘Roothnewali’. It is quite incredible that he trumps a great singer like Lataji in this song. In contrast, Lataji’s late entry (with chorus) in ‘Tu Ganga ki auj Mein’ is so anti-climactic and jarring that i edited it off from my track.

  27. JAWAID NASEEM says:

    usha ji
    my lines ar e not meant to create a negative thought, being an ardent lover of rafi saheb i personally feel ridiculous to categorize his talent, he was versatile, voice of stars, thespian, incomparable and the legend of legends. we should be thankful to the god who filled our hearts with the love of rafi saheb. binu ji is the man who is doing remarkable job in this thespian’s love, i appreciate narayan ji from bangalore who is also making it great. thanks for the article, looking forward to read some more beautiful articles from you.

  28. JAWAID NASEEM says:

    Dear Rafians
    Nice to read the articles about Rafi sb. Rafi saheb was like an Encyclopedia or a Dictionary of playback singing. One can find every meaning,every style every detail – every bit of music and playback singing in Rafi saheb’s voice and his style,all of the qualities of singing and rendition were just like a drop of water for the legend so why are we amazed upon his any particular style or delayed entry?
    If we talk about the delayed entry then we should also remeber his style of ‘supporting’ his female singer whenever singing the same line together with the co-singer.
    It is never hard to find a unique style or something amazing in Rafi saheb’s singing. Michael Jackson got fame for his MOONWALK, but Rafi saheb’s voice was like a space ship to take the listeners to the moon, space, skies,colours, emotions, happiness,and to the desert of tears.

  29. ashok parekh says:

    nice article ushaji. i will add song ‘dekh kasam se kasam se kahete hain tum se ha’ from the film ‘tum sa nahin dekha’ where also rafisaab’s entry is quite delayed (in 3rd stanza i believe) and we all know what an effect the song has after rafisaab’s entry.

  30. shrirang nawathe says:


    compliments for superb writing and thoughts. One more lajavaab enty and I feel it exceptional was in the One of the most melodious QAWWALI. The qawalli I am referring is none other than the best Qawaali of Hindi film music may Roshan for film barsaat ki raat. NA TO CARAVAN KI TALASH HAI….In this qawalli there are more than 5 singers but the entry of RAFI SAAB makes him unparallel.His entry with AN AALAAP is just and just too sweet……RAFI SAAB WAS JUST GREATTTTTTTTTTT…..

  31. AHAMED KUTTY says:

    dear usha raoji,
    interesting article indeed.i think we can add some more
    01) poocho na yaar kya huaa with ashaji
    02) yeh ladka haayi allah with ashaji
    03) hum intizaar karenge with ashaji
    04) chalaa bhi aa with lataji
    the songs in which rafi saab entering in the last part
    just like getting water for a thursty is very
    interesting to study each and every aspect of the
    singing quality of rafi saab as well as his songs.
    with all the best wishes.

  32. A S MURTY says:

    congratulations ushaji for the nice article, written very passionately. like gurumurthyji said, he had penned another article on the same topic sometime back and despite being a seond one on the same subject, it made compulsive reading. welcome to this site as a writer and we hope you will follow it up with many more on other unexplored facets of rafi sahab.

  33. Majeed says:

    Let me add one of the super-duper and my favourite hit song of this kind,

    Kya Mausam Hai, from film Doosara Aadmi

    Singers: Lata Mangeshkar, Kishore Kumar, Mohammed Rafi

    Rafi Saab singing,

    Yeh Mastiyaan Yeh Bahaar
    Dil Ho Chala Beqaraar
    Main Girta Hoon Mujhe Thaam Lo
    Bheege Labhon Se Mera Naam Lo
    Lata: Duniya Ko Ab Do Nazar Kyon Aaye Hum
    Itne Kareeb Aao Ki Ek Ho Jaaye Hum
    Lata & Rafi: Ki Ek Ho Jaaye Hum Ki Ek Ho Jaaye Hum
    Rafi: Ki Ek Ho Jaaye

    WHAT A PUNCH!!!!!


  34. Bina says:

    Dear Usha jee:

    Aapke likhe hue article ko padhkar mazaa aa gaya…it is very interesting and stands out for the superb songs that you have mentioned to bring forth the aspect of delayed entry of Rafi Saab in a song..

    Aaj Ki Raat Badi Shokh has also been sung by Rafi as a a really slower classic tune by Roshan.. From the situation, I guess this comes before the duet but can you throw light on whether this very romantic solo comes before or after the duet in the movie?

    Here I am reminded of a similar song where the softness and mellow voice of Rafi makes a mark….another Raf-Asha duet from Aaj Aur Kal…Mujhe gale se laga lo bahut udaas hoon main…where Rafi enters with bahut sahi gam-e-duniya magar udaas na ho..

    Will a song from the 1977 hit Amar Akbar Anthony …Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar Kya Karen..also qualify as a late entry song for Rafi? Isme Rafi Saab sings the last para for Rishi Kapoor after Kishore (Amitabh) and Mukesh (Vinod Khanna) respectively…kya entry mara hai unhone….Dil Mein Dilbar Tu Rehta Hai Khuda Gawah Hum Sach Kehta Hai…

    Usha jee aise hi likhte rahiye aur aapka bharpoor gyaan hamare saath baantthe rahiyega…

    kind regards and adaab rafi

  35. biman baruah says:

    i would also like to add last song of this category :
    Rafi Saheb was the voice of thespian Dilip Kumar in the popular multi-singer song, “Chana Jor Garam Babu Mein Layee Mazedar” from KRANTI (1981). The song was sung by Mohd. Rafi, Lata Mangeshkar, Kishore Kumar, Nitin Mukesh & Chorus under composition of Laxmikant Pyarelal in the lyrics of Santosh Anand. Rafi Sahab beautifully sung the lines “Mera Chana Hai Apni Marzi Ka, Yeh Dusman Hai Khudgarzi Ka” for Dilip Kumar and it was the last song by Rafi Saheb for Dilip Sahab.

  36. biman baruah says:

    respected usha ji

    a very out of turn topic well-written with example of some great songs by rafi saheb. no words to congratlates.

    i would like to add a very very great song of this type which made a record in the history of hindi film music due to gathering of four legandary singers in a song by Laxmikant-Pyarelal which was also picturised three pair of great actor and actress.
    The song is “Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyar Kiya Kare” from Manmohan Desai’s great family entertainer Amar Akbar Anthony(1977) :-

    The song started with by Kishore-Lata sings for Amitabh & Parven Babi, then by Mukesh-Lata sings for Vinod Khanna & Shabana Azmi and at last by Rafi-Lata sings for Rishi Kapoor & Neetu Singh. Rafi Saheb started with lines , “Dil Mein Dilbar Tu Rehta Hai Khuda Gawah Hum Saach Kehta Hai” . The lyricist used different words for three heros :- God ; Ram ; Khuda as per their religion after adoption by different people in the film.
    Another characteristics of the song that the composer, L-P also wounderfully used three diffrent singers for three actors and only Lata for all three actress.

    with best & warm regards
    biman, sivasagar, assam

  37. tasveeren says:

    Post 12: O Shaaloo… was uttered by Bhupendra, in the song “Hothon Pe Aisi Baat….” from the film ‘Jewel Thief”.

  38. P. Haldar says:

    dear jae-bee:

    rafi saab does not feature in the “hnoto mein aisi baat” song from jewel thief; the singer in question is bhupinder. if you don’t read the credits on the album and listen to the song, you’d think that the male voice is manna dey’s.

  39. Jae-Bee says:

    Indeed a good topic for Rafi fans. Here are a few more on the same subject.
    Sajna saath nibhana – from :Doli
    O mere sona re… – from : Teesri Manzil
    Chura liya hai tumne – from: Yaadon ki baarat
    Another one, not a late entry but where Rafi sahb repeats only two lines whereas Geeta Dutt sings all the antaras: Aankhoji Aankho mein ishaara ho gaya – from: C.I.D.
    Also, hoto mein aisi baat – from: Jewel theif where Rafi sahb only utters ” O-Shaloo”
    Rafi sahb (is) truly a master.

  40. binu nair says:

    Welcome Usha ji to the website of king of melody. enjoyed reading about the songs mentioned. look forward to read more from all of you from baar baar rafi team.


    an information herein : for mohd rafi lovers….

    i had sms ed to rafi lovers about the programme : “hridayathil rafi” which is telecast every sunday from 9 am to 9.30 am. ( mornings and every sunday – please note ).

    mr.srikanth narayan will again present the 2nd part of the programme coming sunday. happy viewing of “hridayathil rafi” at the malayalam kairali channel.

    regards, binu nair, mumbai

  41. Savita Garcia says:

    well, I mean thanx for wording millions of Rafi lovers feeling,,,,
    however there is a song,,,,extraordinary,,,n impossible attempt n mastrpiece rendition by rafi sahab,,,its Yamma yaama for shammi kapoor,,,in this song Rafi sahab come at the ends,,,,sings in 4 different voice,,,,n the entire song is changed with new energy!!!!

  42. Nice article with solid ellaboration and supportive comments for the subject.

  43. girish prahalad says:

    usha rao ji

    Felt very nice reading your article apart from hearing your name in the FM rainbow retro show. There is absolutely no doubting the impact, rafisaab’s mesmeric voice had on the listener even when he makes a late entry in the song.

    One landmark song that nobody can forget where rafisaab makes a very late entry is the classic qawwali ‘ na tho caravan ki talaash’ from barsaat ki raat. Here rafisaab enters the fray with a silky smooth alaap followed by the lyrics ‘vehshat-e-dil rasm-o-deedaar se roki na gayi kisi khanjar…’. His entry has a stunning impact on the tempo of the song which eventually hurtles towards a
    climax where rafisaab’s high pitch voice delivers the knock out punch
    ‘khaaq ko but, aur but ko devta karta hai ishq inteha ye hai ke bande ko khuda karta hai ishq’. The listener is left breathless wanting for more.

  44. Savitaa Garcia says:

    Ushiji,,great job,,,,thanx for words milions of Rafi lovers feeling in words thats a fact for everyone,,,,no matter even if Rafi sahab sing least words he leaves unforgattable impact,,,,,,,but inverse is not true,,there r many songs where rafi saab starts but other singer`s late entry is completly lost,,,eg,,tere bin soone with lata ji,,,ham kisis se kam nahi title with asha bhosle,,raghupati raghav raja ram ,,,etcs,,,,

  45. J.K. Bhagchandani says:

    In this category of Rafi saab’s songs where he has delayed entry, that maraton, legendary qawaali of Barsaat Ki Raat (Na to Kaarwan ki talaash hai…..) can also be included where Rafi saab enters half way through and captures the imagination of all listeners. The situation of the Qawali was also such that the hero (Bharat Bhushan) enters late into the Qawali competition and leaves everyone behind. Who else but only Rafi could have done justice to this situation.

    Another song (a duet with Asha Bhonsle) is ‘Mujhe gale se lagaa lo bahut udaas hoon mein…..’ where with the entry of Rafi saab later in the the song takes you away from the materialistic world infuses the air of optimism through his motivational voice.

    It is awesome singing.

  46. Anwar-ul-Haque says:

    Dear Usha ji,

    Very nice and well-written article. Yes! Rafi Sahab leaves his ever-lasting impression in all songs whether he starts the song or enters delay in the song or even sings few words or few alaps in the songs.

    This again shows that he is the master / king of music!!!

    Thanks and bes regards.


  47. M V Devraj says:

    Hello Ushaji:Rafisaab whenever he sings will overshadow and steal the thunder over any other singer.I wonder whether the late entry ‘per se’ does this.Moreover the strategy to have the late entry will have more to do with the Music Directors and the Film Directors.Similar late entries will also apply to many other singers.But,compared to others,the mesmeric effect will be greater when Rafisaab comes in.That has to be a ‘given’since it is universally accepted that Rafisaab is the greatest.

  48. Imtiaz says:

    When Mohammed Rafi saab makes a late entry into songs already started by other singers he just simply steals the show and makes the other singers as ordinary stage singers regardless of them being lata, kishore kumar or asha.

    Mohammed Rafi saab just needs to utter a few words in duets to win the hearts of every listener with his God gifted heavenly voice.

    Mohammed Rafi zindabad!!!

  49. Nagesh Sidhanti says:

    Dear Ushaji,

    Fabulous write up. Topic is zara hatke.

    One more duet is ‘ yeh dil tum bin’ from Izzat. Though Rafi sab
    has the mukhda in the beginning, his scope for antara comes
    only in the later half of the song.

    Indeed he was the king of melodies.

    Nagesh Sidhanti.

  50. H.V.GURU MURTHY says:


    Welcome to Good article with examples of three songs. I fully agree that Rafi Saab entered late in all these songs and stiole the thunder from others. In fact, few years back I had written an article on the same subject listing few more songs, link of which I have given below. I will be happy to receive your comments on the same.

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