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Classical Rafi

This article is written by Mr. H.V.Guru Murthy.

Classical RafiI have a Cassette by name “Anmol Ratan Volume 12 Mohammed Rafi” – “Phir Rafi” released by HMV which I very frequently listen to while I travel. All the songs are classical based and are soothing to ears. Side A contains “Radhike Toone” (BETI BETE) music by SJ, “Manare Tu Kahena” (CHITRALEKHA) by Roshan, “Madhuban Me Radhika” (KOHINOOR) by Naushad, “Saaz Ho Tum” (SAANZ AUR AWAAZ) by Naushad, “Nache Man Mora” (MERI SOORAT TERI AANKHEN) by SDB and “Aaye Bahar Banke” (RAJHATH) by SJ.

Side B contains “Man Tarpat” (BAIJU BAWRA) by Naushad, “Duniya Na Bhaye” (BASANT BAHAR) by SJ, “Kaise Samjhaun” (SOORAJ) with Asha by SJ, “Ajahuna Aaye” (SAANJ AUR SAVERA) with Suman, again by SJ and “Nava Kalpana Nava Roopase” (MRIG TRISHNA) beautifully set to music by Shambu Sen.

All eleven songs are gems. The songs from Saanz Aur Awaaz, Rajhath and Mrig Trishna are comparatively not as popular as the other songs, but these three songs are real class. The Mrig Trishna song was picturised with a dance by Hema Malini which she admitted that she really enjoyed doing the dance for the song.

The “Kohinoor”, “MSTA” and “Baiju Bawra” songs are quite popular songs. Regarding the song from “Chitralekha”, nothing more need be said as it is considered one of the best short solos ever recorded in the history of Indian Film Industry. I read somewhere that some people felt that such a wonderful song should not be so small and they wanted to have one more Antara but finally decided to have just two Antaras, but still what a classic song.

The “Beti Bete” song is another good song. SPB tried the same song in a Kannada movie. The “Saanj Aur Savera” duet was a national award winner and that too picturised on Comedians Mehamood and Shuba Khote and the duet from “Sooraj” was also a hit song with a wonderful dance by Vyjayantimala. The “Basant Bahar” song comes in the climax of the movie and is one of the highlights of the movie, picturised on Bharat Bhushan.

What about other classical film songs sung by Rafiji? Of course, there are plenty of songs based on Indian Raags set to music by Naushad and SJ. Admittedly, Rafi was one of the few good singers who could sing a REAL classical song perfectly others being Mannadey, Lata and to certain extent Asha. This fact has been admitted by all the Music Directors.

Mohd Rafi on Tabla

If any further proof is needed of Rafiji’s caliber for such songs, the fact that Rafi sang “Man Mora Bawara” in RAGINI for even Kishore Kumar, himself a great Singer, should suffice. Apart from the above songs in the cassette, no one can forget songs like “Duniya Ke Rakhawale” (BAIJU BAWRA) especially people who have listened to Rafiji on stage, when Rafi used to raise his voice fourth time while singing “Rakhawale…….” in the end instead of three times as in the regular song. A classical duet with Lata “Kuhu Kuhu Bole Koyaliya” (SWARNA SUNDARI) music by Southern Adinarayana Rao clearly showed Rafiji and Lataji’s mastery over even Carnatic music. Another song worth mentioning is a male duet sung by Rafi and Manna, “Tu Hai Mera Prema Devata” in KALPANA. “Panjaniya Chalke Raam” was another song sung by Rafiji in his melodious voice. Similarly the Rafi – Asha duet “Sawan Aaye” from Dil Diya Dard Liya was another classic, so also “Deewana Mastana” (Bambai Ka Babu). And what about “Ankhiyan Sang Ankhiyan Lagi” (BADA AADMI) and “Unke Khayal” (LAAL PATHAR).

Mannada of course was a master of classical music. His songs in films like Basant Bahar (Sur Na Saje and Bhay Bhanjana), Dooj Ka Chand (Phulgendava Na Maro), Dil Hi To Hai (Laga Chunari Me Daag), Jaane Anjane (Cham Cham Bajere Payaliya), Talaash (Tere Naina), Mere Huzoor (Jhanaka Jhanaka), Padosan (Aao, Aao Savanriya and Ek Chatur Naar), Budda Mil Gaya (Aayo Kahan Se Ghanshyam), Boot Polish (Lapak Zhapak), Lal Pathar (Re Mana Surame Ga with Asha), etc. are unforgettable.

Lataji also has given wonderful songs like Kare Badara Bairi Ja, Jyoti Kalash Chalke, Jiya Legayoji Mora Sanvariya from Anpadh, Ghar Aaya from Chote Nawab, etc. Asha also had “Kase Kahoon Man Ki Baat”.

Mohd Rafi

Though Mahendra Kapoor also has sung few of such songs like “Shyamal Shyamal Karan”, “Tum Nacho Ras Barse”, etc., but his effort looked pedestrian and laborious. All other Singers hardly tried anything classical.

If the above songs are observed carefully, it is revealed that most of the classical songs are by either Naushad or SJ followed by SDB. No doubt that classically these three were the best MDs.

Perhaps, Rafiji and Mannada could have even given a full length concert of purely classical music if the numbers of such songs sung by them are considered.

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52 Blog Comments to “Classical Rafi”

  1. Haley Ferenc says:

    Pleasant: 🙂

  2. H.A.K. Walijah says:

    Dear Rafians,

    I am still obssessed with the song of ” Nav Kalpana Nav Roop se ”

    You can find here the link to enjoy:

    Also I provide you the complete lyrics of this song for any Rafian to hum this song in bathroom or in privacy.

    Movie: Mrig Trishna (1975)
    Lyrics: Shambhu Sen
    Music: Shambhu Sen

    This song is in Raag Yaman
    Picturised on Hema Malini

    The original Hindi Lyrics:

    nav kalpanaa, nav roop se,
    rachanaa rachee, jab naar kee,
    nav kalpanaa, nav roop se,
    rachnaa rachee, jab naar kee,
    satyam shivam sundaram se,
    shobha ba.dhee, sansaar kee,
    nav kalpanaa….

    kalaa kee daasee kaaminee,
    solah kalaa, paripoorN hai
    kalaa kee, daasee kaaminee,
    solah kalaa, paripoorN hai,
    vishva me.n, vish kanyaa ke,
    yeh naam se, praseedh hai
    naam se, praseedh hai,
    haav bhaav, anubhaav se,
    sevaa kare, bhagwaan kee,
    nav kalpanaa …

    cha.ndramaa sau mukh salono,
    shyaam varNa, kesh hai,
    cha.Ndramaa, sau mukh salono,
    shyaam varNa, kesh hai,
    naino.n se, mriganayanee hai,
    vaaNee madhur, uchchaaratee
    vaaNee madhur, uchhaaratee,
    nritya gaan trigadhaan poojaa,
    in kaa dharam hai, aaratee,
    nav kalpanaa …

    nee re gaa,
    gaa re gaa re nee re paa maa gaa,
    saa nee paa maa gaa re,
    maa gaa re saa…
    (all notes of raga)

    dev lok kee, devadaasee,
    sundar roop, lubhaavanee,
    dev, lok kee, devadaasee,
    sundar roop, lubhaavanee,
    painjan kanchukee, kardhanee,
    solah shi.ngaar, suhaavanee
    solah, shingaar, suhaavanee,
    sha.nkh Damaroo, jhaa.njh jhaalar,
    noopur dhvanee, manmohanee

    Have a nice day dear Rafians..

    H.A.K. Walijah

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