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An Open letter to Lata Ji

By Padmanabhan NR

Mohd Rafi with Lata Mangeshkar and Jaikishan

Mohd Rafi with Lata Mangeshkar and Jaikishan

Padmashri, Padma Bhushan, Padma Vibhushan and Bharat Ratna Lataji,

There are some people who are born great, some acquire greatness and there are still others on whom greatness is thrust. You appear to belong to the third category. Fifty three years after the so-called rift with Rafi Saahab, thirty three years after his death and eighty three years of your own life time, if this is the issue that is pestering you most, you are really great. I don’t know whether it was your own inner voice only or coaxing by your ‘advisers’ that prompted you to talk like this and that too, in such a brazen manner. Whatever it may be Lataji, it is abundantly clear that with a coterie of friends like these – and with liberal inputs from your own self – you don’t require any enemies. They are available in-house. Aplenty.

Yet, I am thankful to you, Lataji. When I read and re-read your sentence that pronounces the end of duets, it gives an indication that it was Rafi Saahab who said the quit word first. Yours was only a reaction. We know our Rafi Saahab. He was mild, compassionate, caring, respectful for others feelings, soft-spoken, modest, never hurtful. It is a revelation that he also had a thus-far-and-no-further, enough is enough, discrete and bold persona that we never knew. The entire credit accrues to you for this first person account. Thanks a million again.

Then you bring in late Jaikishan’s name and that imaginary,  non-existent letter of apology. Lataji, the best way to spread a blatant lie is to believe it as the absolute truth oneself. Thereafter, the journey in substantiating it further becomes a far easier proposition. Who does not want to bask in nobility, more so people like you who revel in marauding persons around her to reach – and stay at – the top? The only problem here is that though a lie has an ethereal presence and spreads everywhere in thin air in this age of technology, it lacks firm legs to stand upon. Like the legendary Kalidas, you end up axing the same branch of the tree on which you are perched up! This world has not known a deft schemer who was also afflicted with a foot-in-the-mouth disease, you see!

May I ask you a simple question? Why did you not ask O P Nayyar for keeping you out of his scheme of things? Now, Ashaji not only happens to be your sister but also a versatile genius in her own right. Unlike the Sumans, the Vanis, the Shardas, the Jagjit Kaurs, the Mubaraks/ Shamshads and scores of others, she inherited the genes of survival from you, is her own master and would have retaliated and rebelled against you. She continued to sing with Rafi Saahab, regardless of your stance. I can very well visualize the scenario at a home where one sister patronizes the saint whom the other hates! Kaise din beete, kaise beeti ratiyaan, peeya jaane na….in constant re-play mode!!!

Most of us believed that you are Goddess Saraswati incarnate. The Goddess, indeed, endowed you with supernatural melody. At the same time, she also knew that you won’t be able to manage this largesse by way of your conduct. Humility, magnanimity, modesty, equanimity and due respect to others are traits that one has to learn and practice by him/ her. We don’t blame the Goddess. You can do only as much as take the horse to a water source; you can not make him drink it. Can you? Or may be only you can.

The room at the top is said to be quite lonely. Bharat Ratnas et-al are only covetous awards, pedestals, honours. To live up to these honours is a matter of responsibility, attitude and humility. That grace is missing. It is this aspect of yours that pains us the most. We don’t dispute your greatness as a singer. But, we do have reservations in accepting you as a role model.

Unlike Shahid Rafi and others, I don’t subscribe to the view of filing a defamation case against you. Instead, I would rather go the Lage Raho Munnabhai way and wish you a speedy recovery from this state of mind.


Padmanabhan NR

Rafi Foundation, Hyderabad Chapter.

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103 Blog Comments to “An Open letter to Lata Ji”

  1. Hans says:

    ye khujlimaster kah rahe hain ke kk fans ek baar vote karte hain. ye baat kaun manega jabki ye log yahan is site pe to baar baar bina bulaye apni piti hui tasreef phir se utha kar le aate hain pitai ki renewal stamp lagwane ke liye. aur hum rafifans ki dayaluta ka najara dekho hum men se koi na koi inki tasreef par checked and kicked ki stamp laga kar lauta hi deta hai, jabki inhen kick karne men bhi khujli hamen lag jane ka khatra maujood rahta hai.

  2. Hans says:


    kya baat hai bhai tum bhains se bahut darte ho. kya pichhle janam men tum chuhe the aur bhains ke pairon tale kuchal kar mare the. kisi achhe gyani pandit se pata lagwana. kyonki waise to bhains achhi hi hoti hai logon ko doodh pilati hai. par tumhen to dooch chahiye nahin, kyonke tum is janam men to khujliwale k…. ho jo kachre men apna breakfast, lunch dinner karta hai, aur phir kachra gaane sunta hai.

  3. Rajesh says:

    Sunil sir it is strange such things are happening and we are unaware.Thanks for telling us and i feel all of us should unite to fight this propaganda war. We Rafi saab’s fan are very much disturbed by these acts of some people. You keep on the fought sir all of us are with you and will support any move to counter these elements. They think there are no rafi fans to raise these issues and they are free to do spread their malicious propaganda. we will not let it go un Protested.
    Boycott calls should be issued and tell the sponsors of such channels to withdraw tell them what they re doing and those purchasing items being advertised on 92.7 BIG FM should write to these cos.that we will not purchase your items if you contd supporting this channel. please send a complaint letter at the highest level of the co. we all will support.

  4. sunil kumar says:

    sir today they went a step further today morning one song from movie “CHUPKE CHPKE” was played sung by kishore da and Rafi saab. But to my surprise and shock the para sung by Rafi saab was removed from this song, This sort of editing is it allowed is it not equivalent to fraud. someone knowing laws of copy right may please check. Tho kind of antipathy to rafi saab is never seen. This channel has crossed all the limits now. Do we still keep quiet. raise your voice all of you. please don’t keep quiet. don’t think by ignoring or closing our eyes thing will be settle down. By our ignoring thing have gone to such a level. I had written in this forum earlier some one year ago to raise voice against this blatant misuse of the media by this channel.

  5. Andrea Correa says:

    sir ji : Post 94….

    some advertisers to this radio channel 92.7 big fm are withdrawing as they find the station is monotonously ‘playing’ same numbers again again and again.

    they have now withdrawn their slogan : ” delhi ko traffic ki shor nahin Kishore ke songs chaahiye ”

    after sonu nigam fans objected to this slogan.

    they said : ‘ our sonu nigam is from new delhi and how you can say delhi needs kishore songs only ‘.

    this tarun katiyal the m.d. of the company is sure to lose his job very soon for promoting one composer and one singer for some nefarious reasons.

    but, by then the damage would have already been done.

    this note is a caution to anil ambani and tina munim the owners of FM 92.7 big fm…..

  6. Bhushan says:

    Post 90 – kishorefan – S Janaki a talented artist of the south has been recognised very late for her talent. There is essence in her claims. The comments I have seen, in fact we can note the concern for Mohammed rafi as well as Ghantasala, the greats, from the comments therein, if we see, mentioning/questioning that when lata and asha get top awards, how rafi died with padmashri and similarly any award below bharat ratna for ghantasala is simply demeaning, both legends passed away with padmashri.

  7. J.K. Bhagchandani says:

    Dear Friends

    Sunil ji has raised a very vital point.

    All of us are aware of ‘certain’ lobbies/ forces that are engaged in undermining, even maligning Rafi saab. This FM music channel (92.7 Big FM) has almost blanked off Rafi saab. Though their theme slogan is “Gaane jo hit the, hit rahenge” (where they claim to play hit songs of golden era) but still only a couple of Rafi saab’s and other singers’ songs are played throughout the day, otherwise it is all Kishore Kumar songs been played to the extent of 80 to 90%. If they are to be believed, in Hindi film music Industry, there have been only 3 legends: Kishore Kumar, Asha Bhonsle and R.D. Burman. This kind of utterly biased positioning should not be accepted.

    It appears that this FM channel is into manufacturing ‘greatness’ for some selected individuals in exchange of some favours by those certain ‘lobbies’ . And this this unholy act of undermining Rafi saab and other legends is being enacted shamelessly.

    I request all the readers of this post to lodge their protests in a very strong way to drive the message that this is distortion of history, this is misrepresentation of our rich musical heritage that we are so lucky to inherit.

    Rafi saab has given us so much in terms of pleasure, tranquility, solace, happiness, companionship (and so on) through his unmatched voice. And he did not expect anything in return, sometimes even foregoing legitimate remuneration due to him. We, as recipients of such heavenly delights he has given us, have this divine responsibility to ensure that such gross injustice to his pious memory is not done. And we all know that recognition of his giant contribution by Government as well as from ‘some’ interested lobbies has been grossly inadequate and not in proportion to his stature.

    Please take out a few minutes from your busy schedules. Lodge your protests (it is my personal request to all). We are not suggesting that only Rafi saab’s songs should be played. All legends (including Kishore Kumar and R.D. Burman) should be part and parcel of this concept of “Gaane jo hit the, hit rahenge’ to justify this high-sounding slogan.

    You can either go to following link and lodge your protest through feedback

    Or write them at e-mail

    -J.K. Bhagchandani

  8. Andrea Correa says:

    post 91..

    kishore fan ko kujli aur frustration ho gaya hai……

    let’s find a cure for this fanatic urgently kishore, ghantasala and rafi saaeb fans.

    we must cure him else he will be very very dangerous.

  9. sunil kumar says:

    Kishore Fan saab Aapka Swagat Hai Lekin Hum kishore forum ki tarah kisi ko gaali nahin dete aise lafzon ka istaemal nahin karte joki printable hain agar kisi baat par aitraz hai uske kehna koi gunah nahin. where were you when a comment was posted in Kishore forum ( iy was not a comment but an unprintable word ) and administrator there did not took any action for days it was only when some of us saw it and objected strongly it was deleted. You have said Rafi fans post 100 times i wonder if kishore has even 1000 fans otherwise why he did not even got noticed when “Best singer of the Millennium” was chosen . why Kishore couldn’t get votes in 2010 when Rafi saab and Lata were chosen as most popular singer. Among top 10 songs chosen 7 were of Rafi Saab. Same story recently when greatest Indian was chosen. Why ? Every time kishore gets lagged behind so badly. So now you decided to purchase votes by investing money. Money being distributed to various channels for playing Kishore songs day in and day out. What is this you want an entry thru backdoor why is one channel playing only kishore songs. Despite that if kishore is lagging far behind than take it kishore despite being a good singer will never become a great singer by money power. Recently Amit kumar openly said some channels are playing kishore and RD songs only. kindly read ” only”. what is this going on. I request all music lovers and rafi fans to protest strongly to this muscle power and money power being used in music . This has never happend though there were good competition between singers and music directors. Does Amit kumar and this channel believe that there were no good msuic directors than R D Burman . Naushad ji, Shankar Jaikishan, Madan mohan , O P Nayyer, S D burman, laxmikant pyarelal were not good only RDB. this is because if they play other music dirs kishore does not have much songs with other music dirs. therefore same songs are being repeated and it has become sickening to hear same songs repeatedly. what kishore fan has to say for that. does this purchase of music channels is the right way to promote your singer doe this not mean money power is being used. Disregard of other singers Rafi, Mamma dey, Mukesh and Talat is highly objectionable. by doing such things are they not stooping to lower levels which were never used earlier. Please think who is disrespecting others singers and other Music Dirs. it is your people.

  10. Kishorefan says:

    Post 82 – Yeh bhains ko bahut khujli ho rahe hai,

  11. Raj says:

    Andrea Correa

    Rafi left 32 years back, There are also ghantasala who left 39 years back and also kishore kumar who left 25 years back in the top 5 – remember that. Many musicians in that list only genuine fans are voting one time as kishore fan says – not like rafi fans where same fans are continuously voting. Moreover you people are relying on that site for talent ???

  12. Kishorefan says:

    Hi rafi fan and correa

    Putting votes by same fans everyday is nothing great. Only one time vote by 16000 kishore fans – compared to 100 rafi fans votes 1000 times – who is great – kishore.

  13. Rafifan1 says:

    Post 86

    That is correct. That shows rafi’s popularity even after 32 years of his passing away. From the list of musicians therein, only another legend is ghantasala, who passed away 39 years back, but still greatly celebrated like rafi. Kishore was overtaken. Lata too has less, despite her status. But surprising, legends who passed away decades back are at top, current generation people, sonu nigam, kumar sanu, spb, k j yesudas etc. not to be seen anywhere among top 10.

  14. Andrea Correa says:

    Post 85…

    Here Kishore Kumar is lagging far behind. Mohd Rafi is ten times ahead of KK and Number one in the listing among the musicians.

    lata mangeshkar is in the ‘seventh position’.

    mohd rafi left us some 32 years back. yet scoring and scoring.

    that’s the beauty of our modern day tansen……

  15. Rafifan1 says:

    Kishorefan and Raj

    Check your kishore kumar here :

  16. santosh says:

    Dear Rafibhakts

    I appeal to yo all to stop reacting to the kk fans out here trying to rake up some issue or the other.Pl dont respond to these.This website is as pure as rafi saab.So let us not impure it by reacting to these idiots.

  17. Hans says:

    satya – 68

    you appear to be some new preacher. if the people commenting on lata are showing their small minds then lata was perhaps showing a broad mind which was filled to the brim with love for rafi, when she started defaming him. where is the question of praise or criticism as a singer and did any rafi fan criticise her because she was being praised. our love and admiration for rafi demands retaliation to those who defame him and you are no exception. so beware. rafi was undoubtedly a loving person, but when his dignity was at stake he did not sing with lata for so many years.

  18. Hans says:

    dear correaji and other rafians,

    these khujliwalas have again surfaced. i dont know whether they are one or three or five, but they come again and again and that also in unison. now they have appeared with 3 different names. earlier they had appeared in true voice thread (available in archives of dec. 2002) and they were treated with anti-khujli drugs. but, there khujli is chronic and will live till they live, just like khujliwala dogs. rafifan 1 despite use of rafi’s name is one of them.

    now at least there is one positive. one of them has returned with phd in english language. so we can look forward to some english classes.

  19. Kishorefan says:

    Correa ji- there is no word uncurable – it is incurable jara english seekh lena thoda.

  20. Kishorefan says:

    Aur Andrea correa ji – Aapki Khujli display ho gai na ? where can it go as it is incurable.

  21. Kishorefan says:

    Rafi fan1 bhai ji – 77 – Dhanyavad aapke post ke liye – my post was aiming at such few rafi fans only – I know genuine rafi fans never take time to make such silly comments. And as Raj says genuine music fans of lata never retaliated as they are much matured.

  22. Raj says:

    Rafi fan1 – a balanced post deserving appreciations. What is wrong in kishore fan’s post ? Despite such huge cries by rafi fans on lata mangeshkar, did any lata fan criticise rafi or post any wrong comment. This is what kishore fan was saying, fans of lata never act like these rafi fans (as you say some of them)

  23. Rafifan1 says:

    Raj and Kishore

    There are always exceptions and mischief mongers in various groups. And accordingly rafi fans (some of them) are no exceptions, but largely genuine rafi fans are by large true music lovers and many of them kishore fans as well as ghantasala fans going by my experience. Nothing against lata, she is a very great singer like rafi ji – both were king and queen of bollywood – one without other is like a day without night for bollywood. Both were great. Of course sometimes some personal prejudices create some issues.

  24. Raj says:

    Post 75 – Why are you getting khujli Mr. Correa now ? Nothing wrong what kishore fan has stated other than facts. Even agree with Satya in post 68. Mohd rafi leads by far – One do not know why kishore overtook rafi for so many years when rafi permanently lost his charm of 60’s never to regain again.

  25. Andrea Correa says:

    this kishorefan of Post 73 has ‘uncuarable kujli’…. … and he eagerly and enthusiastically lunges forward ‘ineffectively’ to catch anything which put rafi saaheb in poor light by a minuscul jealous minority.

    that kishore the legend would have slapped this monkey for degrading legends and being an habitual offender in this regard.

    its a fact that mohd rafi leads in songs and in quality by far – and the minority can’ stand this mohd rafi reality. this kishore fan is a fake with no name.

    and any doctor in this world with such modern technology – ‘will not be able to cure his kujli, his eardrums not his mentality.

    infact, he is suffering in – isolation and we have all the sympathies for him.

  26. Andrea Correa says:

    the bharat ratna award ‘itself’ has taken a big hit….. and lata has dropped her dignity by talking of people ‘who’ are no more – to answer her slanders.

    its the same lata mangeshkar who went all way long to london’s wembly hall in year 1987 and tributed mohd rafi saaheb in a great musical show and lighting the inaugural lamp there.

    what has happened to her ? now at this ripe age.

  27. Kishorefan says:

    Satya -68

    It is normal for rafi fans to critisice other singers – Their intolerance level is known to everybody. They can talk anything against others, but when somebody says that so and so singer is greater than rafi, then one can know how these people get Khujli in a “greater range”. I have never seen fans of great singers namely ghantasala from south, lata mangeshkar or kishore kumar or saigal passing comments against rafi (except in cases where rafians were projecting rafi as a superman indirectly making comparison with other great legends) – but one can see rafi fans (even in other forums) making all degrading comments about other great legends. Same now has been the case with lata mangeshkar now. However, few genuine rafi fans who have true music lovers whom I had interacted with (even in kishore forum) have good respect for other legends and such fans are exception and are in minority among rafi fans. This is the main reason many rafi fans land in dispute with fans of “great incomparable legends” who are talented even than rafi in their own areas.

  28. joseph says:

    The comments Lata made about Rafi was unwarrented. She should be taken back of her Bharat Ratna. It is Rafi who deserved the real Bharat Ratna.


  29. Ahamed Kutty says:

    Why this gentleman did not refer anything about the comments
    of Mrs.bhupen hazarika who is telling lataji had spoiled her life.
    a family life is precious for each and everybody and a person
    like lataji spoiled her life means it is so serious.

    it is a fact each and every action there will be a reaction and
    which we have seen in the case of lataji that when she uttered
    something about a gentle person like rafi saab within no time
    she got what she deserved from mrs.bhupen hazarika.

  30. Binu Nair says:

    lata mangeshkar should have kept her dignity intact at this age and not talked about mohd rafi saaheb – revered by millions of music lovers.

    i have seen common people rebuking lata on her comments about rafi saaheb. One old lady said : rafi saaheb was a jewel and why lata is talking ill of such a great person.

    at this age, with such name and wealth people expected wisdom from lata mangeshkar.

    but, she slipped badly and tarnished her image.

  31. Andrea Correa says:

    Post 68…..

    so lata the great singer can stoop low and say things about mohd rafi, jaikishan and others knowing well that ‘they’ will not come back to answer the maharani’s slanders.

    its the second time lata has said : ‘that she demanded an apology letter from rafi saaheb’ – to re-start singing which was stopped due to the royalty issue.

    now – tell me friends, will a number one singer give an apology letter when all his songs are hits and the lady singer under discussion was losing out songs to singers like Asha bhosle, Suman Kalyanpur, Krishna Kalle, Hemlata, Minu Purshuttom and others.

    that – the bharat ratna can utter white lies and this must not be commented according to satya (post 68) – cause she has entertained us for many decades.

    mr sathya should go deeper into issues related to playback singing of the mangeshkars and also must meet industry musicians.

    they are the people who interacted with lata, rafi, kishore, asha, manna dey on a daily/weekly basis.

    the comments in mohd rafi .com is near parallel to the grapewine and talks about the mangeshkars.

    in short mr sathya is trying to defend the indefensible when he take cudgels on behalf of his liked singer.

    the fact remains that lata lied about the so-called apology letter, has skeletons in her cupboard which was dug out by Mrs Bhupen hazarika (for allegedly destroying her life), and her credibility as the bharat ratna has taken a big hit.

    sathya, please do not defend the indefensible.

  32. Satya says:

    People who are belittling Lata for her actions on the business side are clearly showing their small minds! Their comments are emanating from a mind filled with hatred for this lady who has equally, if not more, enthralled India for so many decades. On one had they say that Rafi was such a loving and kind person, but then immediately start cursing Lata! I am sure Rafi, if he were alive now, would NOT like to have such “fans”. I think the same people would also make similar statements against any other singer who gets praised (see the comments on the Kishore Kumar forum of some of these Rafi-fans). All these singers, Rafi and Lata and KK included, were simply great singers, and great people who have done a lot for others in many other ways. Let’s just leave it at that and not bring this discussion to such a crass level.

  33. gautam baanerjee says:

    Dear People, the Royalty payment system is such. In case of a film song only the producer gets the Royalty. The singer, song writer or the composer does not get any Royalty from the Audio companies. Similarly in case of video Royalty, only producer gets paid by the video company. The actors or the director does not get paid by the video company. Because the producer is the sole owner of the movie. Whereas the singers, actors, directors etc. get paid during the making of the movie production by the producer.

  34. Good day to everyone of the : Rafi Age. season’s greetings. Am I permitted to say something about the copyright issue that caused the tension between Lata & Rafi.

    The Western world copyright system does include amendments & clauses that make some singers millionaires overnight, but, yes I repeat; BUT, most of these singers are here today- Gone tomorrow. After 2 winters and 2 summers, they disappear for-ever. Think about it, Rafi Sahab is here to stay from the day he sang his first song, more than 70 years ago. 32 years ago, his soul embraced transition and today- present time, he still live. I agree with his decision in that copyright issue . His talent should not be the subject of a trade-off to satisfy others financial greed. Rafi Sahab was sent to earth on a divine mandate to do, deliver and return without detours. He did it with cosmic precision and look at the result today, 32 years after his passing he lingers in the hearts of people all across this planet and the multitudes of his fans & devotees just keep getting bigger and bigger. simply put, Rafi is here to stay. Thanks. soni

  35. Mahesh says:

    There are two ways, people command respect – one by authority and power other by Love. There is no question, Rafi saheb even today in younger generation commands respect due to love of his voice. My 20 something niece who is lover of Jazz Music, one day can not wait to show me a Jazz record she had purchased here in US that included a rendition by Raffi saheb. That is a sign of talent that is not matched by any other artist. Listen to a recording by Birmingham Symphony of Rafi shaheb’s music. You will not spend better two hours. The last three tracks are just symphonic rendetion of the music as a tribute to Rafi saheb.He was the first singer who can do justice to Indian Classical to Western Jazz rendetions. Pettyness will eventually only rubs on one’s self. True talent will always shine as pure. Those who are true “Rattna’s” in the eyes of people does not need the sullied awards given out by politicians. Gandhiji was never awarded Noble Prize. That did not diminish him neither lack of proper recognition by Bollywood and Indian Govt. will not diminish Rafi Saheb because his voice in people’s ear. On that faitfull evening, I heard Lataji Sing O Mere Vatan Ke Logo, Rafi Saheb was also present and he also sang one song I beleive written by Shakil Badiyani and composed by Naushad on All India Radio. Fifty years later, I am still haunted by that song. I wish I can find that song and recording. If any one knows, please load it on You Tube. It was just as memorable song and I wish I can hear it again.

  36. kemal khan says:

    no doubt lata has got a personality problem,she conspired to get rid of suman kalyampur,had a fight with asha,had a simple disagreement with rafi.she was riddled with jealousy and greed,her niyat thik nahin.having said all that she was a great female playback,no more than rafi who sometime sung for nothing which shows the difference between the two.

  37. Syed Pasha says:

    Post 60

    respected Hans sahab, You have taken my post in a wrong way. Never did I claim that family of Rafi sahab blames him, I have just conveyed Mrs Yasmin Rafi’s view that they had a different opinion with regards to royalty payment to which even Rafi sahab apparently thought of differently in later stages of his career.Nor am I claiming the benevolent stand of Lata Mangeshkar , I have just written what lata said in her interview, its not my opinion.
    Secondly, thanks for enlightening me with the complete Royalty terms and condition, but my contention here is when Rafi took the songs to a level where they became his songs so why shouldn’t he be equal partner of the financial bonus? Today you can pay Itunes 79 Pence for a song of Mohd Rafi and my heart bleeds that not even 1 pence goes to that genius for if not for him I wouldn’t ever buy any song. So if the family now feels little cheated then I don’t blame them at all. Imagine all that money Heineken beer is making, music duo SJ surely will get a cut in royalty for creating the music but that very artist for whom there is now 10 million hit don’t get a single paisa.

    having said that I am aware Rafi sahab never cared about money, he was a saint, May god Bless him and his family for ever and ever.

  38. Utthara says:

    Binuji (post 51),

    I have not met him though I have read his interviews.



  39. Rohan says:

    It’s sad that Rafi Sahab’s pure and divine name has been dragged in a controversy like this. Lata has to take the full responsibility for that. Just compare the smile of Rafi sahab’s to Lata’s (if you find any) and feel the real characters of the two. Listen to the Rafi lata versions of the solo songs like….

    Mere mehboob
    Ehsan tera hoga mujh par
    Jub jub bahar aayi
    Pardesiyon se na
    O mere shahe khuban
    Tum mujhe yun bhula na paoge

    ….And see lata is nothing compared to Rafi Sahab. She should have been little more intelligent before talking like that.

  40. Hans says:

    post 36

    syed pasha ji

    while commending the writer for conveying the true feelings of all rafians through the heartfelt write-up, i would like to tell you that neither you nor the daughter-in-law of rafisahab have understood the royalty system.

    the whole royalty of the film went to the producer of the film and even the director or the biggest of the actors did not get any share in it. it was only for the music records of the films for which the md got the royalty. the md gave music first for the film, which included the background music and received one time payment for it. then he recorded the music for music company and he was paid 5 per cent share in the royalty in lieu of payment under a contract. the singer got one time payment for both the recordings. lata wanted to get the share beyond her payment by twisting the arm because of her premier position as singer and wanted support from rafi because it would have been easier to twist arm with his help.

    she never wanted royalty for other singers and her talk about that is a later thought and only a rhetoric. if rafisahab’s daughter-in-law blames rafi, it is not only wrong but immoral also, because whatever comfort they have is because of rafi. it would be interesting if she would pay royalty for her book to every person involved in the publishing of her book, including the typist. i doubt if she would even share that with other children of rafisahab, though she is encashing the legacy of the great man and the other children have equal right to it. she should perhaps gather information about the people for whom rafisahab sang for free of for lesser payments and drag them in court for the balance payment to satiate her greed.

    i agree that rafisahab would have got the royalty if he wanted and would have made his children richer, but could that have earned the good wishes and goodwill of the millions and billions which they now enjoy.

    and your comment that rafi won the battle is patently wrong. because he never entered into the royalty battle and as such the question of his winning does not arise. he only won the hearts of people by not being greedy.

  41. Ahamed Kutty says:

    The following may be my wrong thought and if it is so please
    correct it.I have one music cd of rafi saab.there are two
    songs of rafi saab music by rdb is one after another.”kya
    hua tera waada” and “tum bin jaaoon kahaan”.the clarity
    of the sound and the echo effect in the song “kyaa hua…”
    was fantastic at the same time the song “tum bin jaaoon”
    the effect was not good.whether there was any foul play
    while recording the latter to give more priority for the
    kk version?

  42. Deepak Rahi says:

    Dear all Rafians,
    32 yeara after peaceful demise of Rafi Saheb,the admiration and respect being commaded by him is just unparalled. Few months are more than enough to forget near and dear one whereas Rafi Saheb is still missed and remembered. It clearly established his supermacy. Many icons and legends of yesteryear are alive and living their lives as forgotten. This applies on Sisters as well. Rafi Saheb’s songs are related to many aspects of ones life. Hence, it is just impossible to forget him. He is just indelible

    Rafi Saheb is Rafi saheb.

  43. Good day to all the life forms of : THE RAFI AGE. By reading the posts and comments on Moh’d Rafi, I come to the conclusion, and I ask , please correct me if I concluded right or wrong, I definitely need your enlightenment. Why is it Rafi is not a recipient of India’s highest national award for the arts among the many other aspects of his national contribution to his country, because he is muslim? If this is the case, permit me now to open a pandora box. Religion IS man-made. therefore, it is subject to CHANGE. If decision arrived at to sidelline Rafi of his contributions to the arts as my above conclusion suggests, then those decisions clearly, has NO merits, whether it comes from the man in the street or the highest office of the land. We as dedicated Rafians and devotees should accelerate our efforts now to lobby those in authority in the high office of the land to re-visit those past decisions where they systematically and otherwise, denied this great soul of his just due and recognition. Those who were responsible for this should reflect deep down in their inner consciousness and see what they did IS grossly wrong and despicable. They should try to correct their wrong doings NOW. If they ignore this request, then their silence confirms my above conclusion. thanks again folks. So long. Soni.

  44. I feel sad at what Lataji has said about the great Rafi Saab.Much has been written by Rafi fans and others condemning what Lataji has said.Everyone knows that there is no truth in what she is saying.The sisters were jealous of Rafi Saab and even today it is the same.He is the only person of whom they were afraid of since he was more popular than them.He was liked by all the people in Bollywood, throughout India and the entire world.
    I am only sad that not many stalwards of the Hindi film industry have come forward in support of Rafi Saab.Where are all the actors who became famous because of Rafi Saab? Even heroines become famous because of Rafi Saab’s voice used by heroes.People went to films to hear the golden voice of Rafi Saab.The film industry is an ungrateful place.

  45. santosh says:

    Why single out lata .Tell what the film industry has done in memory of rafi saab.Not a single award in his name.This is really patethic to ignore the best playback singing god of all times.Really it is a shame on bollywood.Tell me except md with whom rafi saab worked and some exception of singers like sruesh wadkar, yesudas, balasubramanium sonu etc has any one praise rafi saab openhearteldy,The answer is a clear no.What a shame to say the least.I feel the stupid asha bhosle is more vocal in support of kk.She told on indian idol that kk is her idol.I dont know in what sense she said so,For todays fm, reality shows the golden era means rd burman, kk, asha and lata.Rafi saab does not exist.I appreciate Ismail Darbar for saying on Amul star of india show that only one star of india was there and that was rafi saab.Kudos to him for saying it on national television.Most of people like lata ,asha etc are reserved in their praise for rafi saab.So dont single out lata , the whole film industry is very proffessional and idiots like himesh reshamiya rule the charts.So no wonder the best is forgotten .Had it been US rafi saab would have been on a pedestal.Here forget Bharat RAtna,DADA sahab phalke awards, etc etc not a single award in his name.Shame,sham,Sh;;;;;t.

  46. Nagesh Sidhanti says:

    Dear NRPbhai,

    A seasoned word-smith comes out of this essay full of compelling submissions & I nodded my head in agreement as I read along. Beautifully articulated NRPbhai!!

    As someone aptly said, Rafi sab & Lataji completed each other musically but this re-opening of an almost forgotten, 53 years old difference of opinion, is baffling to say the least. Or perhaps not so baffling considering that a genius singer and a flawed human could easily co-exist.

    Best of god’s creations always come in limited edition, one such was born a day short of 1924 years after Jesus.

    Adaab Rafi !!

  47. Audrey Hatia says:

    Lataji has truly hurt the sentiments of millions of fans of Rafi Sahab.It would have been better if only she could keep herself from exhibiting her jelousy for Rafi sahab. Her statement simply reflects her ego on one hand and at the same time a blind eye towards the massive popularity of the all time shining super star of Indian film music.I agree that she lacks the humility and modesty to admire her co-artists .Her attitude does not suit her.

  48. Pravin B Dave says:

    Congratulations on writing a timely and fitting open letter!

    Why has she not published THAT apology letter yet?
    Turning guns on her younger sister, I remember her interview to a London radio station only a few months after the Farishta left us. She acclaimed HIM as the greatest. Now she does not miss any opportunity to denigrate HIM. I suspect that both the sisters are getting increasingly unsecure about their overall position in history vis-a-vis the REAL Bharat Ratna.
    Incidently I am a Rafi-pujari since I was nine. Now I am sixty-nine and have dwelved into deeper qualities of HIM.

    Pravin B Dave

  49. Binu Nair says:

    Uthara ji Post. 40

    Lata Mangeshkar brought ‘in’ Mohd Rafi, Jaikishan and S.D.Burman on the eve of her birthday interview to that ‘infamous’ Journo known as Subhash Jha.

    Someone told me that he wrote some nasty things (unprintable) things about Sonu Nigam and he was ‘boycotted’ by the industry for some years. The source has told me that he is settled in Bihar and writes from there (mostly controversial items)

    He is the Item Boy among the Journos i n bollywood.

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