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An Appeal: Bharat Ratna for the Legendary Singer, Padmashree Mohd. Rafi Saab

This appeal is shared by Mr. Naresh Sharma.

An Appeal Bharat Ratna for the Legendary Singer, Padmshree Mohd. Rafi SaabName of Rafi Saab is synonymous to the arena of playback singing and so long as there are music lovers in any nook and corner of the world, the name of this legendary singer and a saintly figure, who left for heavenly abode 27 years back in 1980 (31st July, 1980), can not be forgotten. In 1967, he was bestowed upon the Padma Shree by the Government of India in recognition to his contributions to the field of film music. To keep his memories alive, the Government of Maharashtra has named a road in Mumbai as “Padmshree Mohd. Rafi Chowk” also.

Amongst the greatest Indians born, Mohd. Rafi Saab was unarguably the true ambassador of this country – an iconic symbol whose persona and career can be succinctly eulogized as cultural heritage. There is not a lexicon made that can encompass his astonishing feats. The respect, love and adoration the whole country has for him is phenomenal by all standards. His music is not restricted to Indian territory only. His was voice not only of Indian the sub-continent but also of the whole world, i.e. the impact of his music and personality still influences not only the Indian sub-continent (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Nepal, Burma Afghanistan etc.), but also the Middle East, South Africa, Canada, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Fizi, West Indies and African and European countries. The music critics treat his voice to be the most democratic, secular and divine one.

In his 36 years long career as a playback singer, Rafi Saab sang all types of songs/music (Bhajans, Patriotic Songs, Classical Songs, Ghazals, Qwwali, Sad song, Happy songs, Humerous songs etc.); he sang for every mood and for every occasion. His songs were (rather are) for people of all the sections of the society, different religions/faiths & practices/sects and age groups. He sang for all-from a rickshaw puller to a landlord, from a beggar to a king, from a child to an old man. It was his voice which rose above all petty human barriers and set a glorious example of impeccable dignity and honour in a strife-torn world. This was the reason that even after 27 years after his death, his divine and soulful voice continues to inspire people of all age groups, all sections of the society, all religions etc.; his matchless and evergreen voice has inspired generation and will continue to do so. Truly, he was the singer of the masses.

Mohd Rafi
Mohd Rafi

His sweet-peerless voice has become integral part of our life and psyche. Rafi Saab, as the world knows him, was an epitome of excellence and paragon of virtues in an industry known for its crass commercial values. Rafi Saab provided unmatched brilliance to thousands of compositions of great lyricists and music composers of that era (1944-1980). Musicians of the yesteryears and of present time, who have worked with him, consider his voice to be God’s own voice. For this legendary singer, the song came first, rewards and remunerations later. He was a humble man and very down to earth. The glory of Rafi Saab will never fade away from human memory. An ideal citizen and an ideal professional, he was an embodiment of all virtues. He will remain a source of inspiration not only for the music lovers, but also to all those who are blessed to be born in this country.

Mohammad Rafi is a jewel in India’s crown. People already consider him “Bharat Ka Ratna”. However, it is prayed to the Government of India to confer upon him posthumously the highest civilian award, Bharat Ratn, for which if there is anybody whose name first comes to the mind, it is Rafi Sahab’s only. Mohammad Rafi deserves Bharat Ratna for reasons more than one. Followings are some of the supporting factors:-

  1. He was one simple soul who was much above the factional and communal politics. He was an apostle of secularism. By conferring Bharat Ratna on Mohammad Rafi posthumously, right signals will be sent to all the right-thinking people of this country.
  2. Bharat Ratn is being given to the personalities related to the field of art and culture (music, literature etc.). It is being given posthumously also. The precedent to bestow this coveted award posthumously and to the people belonging to the field of Art & culture is already there.
  3. Rafi Saab was a true Gandhian. After the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi in 1948, he paid his tributes to the “Father of the Nation” by singing the song “Suno suno ae duniyawalon Bapu ki ye amar kahani." The song was so soulfully sung by this singer that even Pt. Nehru could not stop his tears.
  4. During the wars with China and Pakistan in 1962 and 1965 respectively, when the nation was in difficult times, his patriotic songs gave strength to the soldiers and the whole nation. During the wars with Pakistan and China, he even went to the war fronts and sang amongst the soldiers (Jawans) in his joshbhari voice.
  5. He was the biggest ambassador of this country in the field of Art & Culture (music), who has been adjudged as singer of the millennium. His contribution in spreading Indian music to outside world is phenomenal.
  6. Since this wonderful artist and a great human being (fakir/saint by nature) got (and is still getting) love from people of all the religions/faiths/practices/castes/creed/gender and nationalities, it is earnestly felt that giving this long-awaited recognition to Rafi Saab will serve as a great binding force for the distanced communities.
  7. This one-man music institution has given bread and butter to thousands of people. Today, twenty-seven years after his death, he is still a one-man ‘Gharana’.
  8. He was a Muslim by birth. He regarded all the religions to be one, which he even asserted in many of his songs. In his songs, he sang everyone-Lord Ram, Lord Vishnu, Lord Krishn, Lord Shiv, Guru Nanak, Yeshu, Islamic devotions, Saint Kabir etc.. Despite being Muslim, counting of the Devotional songs/Bhajans and Patriotic songs rendered by him are far more than those by any other playback singer in the Indian Film Industry. He has worked for uniting the whole of India into a single entity by way of his songs sung in almost all the Indian languages, for people of all the faiths, castes, creeds etc.
  9. A person of his caliber, contributions and qualities is the most deserving one.
  10. Honouring Mohammad Rafi is honouring the humanity itself. In fact, the title Bharat Ratna would feel honoured to be bestowed upon to this truly great son of the soil.
  11. Amongst the nominations for this prestigious Highest Civillian Award, his is the only nomination from the field of Art & Culture.

Though Maharashtra Government has agreed in principle for awarding of Bharat Ratn to Rafi Saab, it is prayed to the Government of India to confer the country’s highest civilian award on him which he so rightly deserves.

In view of the aforesaid, it is once again requested that the Government of India agrees to this earnest appeal and announce him to be Bharat Ratn awardee on the occasion of 26th January, 2008, for which he is the only nominee from the field of art and culture this year.

Long live India long live Mohammad Rafi !

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82 Blog Comments to “An Appeal: Bharat Ratna for the Legendary Singer, Padmashree Mohd. Rafi Saab”

  1. Asha says:

    Bal Thackeray says “I would reject Bharat Ratna even if offered. I don’t know what is happening to this Bharat Ratna. This award has been cheapened so much that it has lost its sheen. I will never accept it. Of course, this is bound to generate questions as to who is going to give me. But nevertheless I am clear that I will never accept it”

  2. Rajnath Singh says:

    today, there is a news govt. not give any bharat ratna to any person.

    This really shock to me…..all political played dirty politics & in this Rafi Saab, he was from art & music……I don’t know what happen.

    I am truly suppoter of BJP, i like each & every bjp leaders except, advani who always play negative roll & ready to make new contravarsy.

    Why he asked bharat ratna from manmohan singh in public, he could contact him personally or talk on telephone.

    If Rafi saab not awarded this year…..then all blame go first Indian Jinnah (Advani).

  3. binus2000 says:

    the bharat ratna award :

    many stalwarts and the name of opportunist politicians
    have been suggested for the”bharat ratna” award… but , one
    who is non-controversial, one who has a pan-indian and pan-
    worldly appeal is only one person : the legend of legends and the
    stalwart from the stalwarts : shri mohd rafi saab…

    the bharat ratna award will get some shine and glory when it’s given
    to the one in many centuries legend : shri mohd rafi saab…..

    rest in the fray are all ” paani kam chai ” it’s honestly felt.
    i also support the shiv sena’s once in a while : ‘wise remark’ that
    the bharat ratna should not be given to “politicians” who are most
    of their lives “wily”, dis-honest and cheaters of public trust and
    their money.

    binu nair..

  4. binus2000 says:

    dear rafi lovers :
    today, zorawar ji has confirmed that he has forwarded the
    Bharat Ratna Appeal to about 50 top decision makers of the
    country alongwith naresh sharma and ashish nehra…..
    our work has just started or begun.

    more, zorawar ji is bringing out an advt in the times of india
    on jan 26. saying raif saab is “bharat ka ratan”… its being
    published from new delhi…
    can rafi saab lovers follow suit……?..

    krupesh patel also is bringing out an advt in the hindi papers
    from madhya pradesh..

    thanks to both these rafi lovers who are stalwarts for all us .

    pl. keep up the good work..

    binu nair, the rafi foundation.

  5. Mehboob says:

    A S Murty ji
    ref : post 42, ditto. i couldn’t have put it better.

    to all rafians, please, please, please forgive and forget.

    and to those rafians who are saying that we should not ask the govt to bestow the bharat ratna award to Mohammed Rafi sahab because he is above all awards etc.
    I say to you yes, Rafi sahab is above all these awards, and he himself never cared for such awards but we rafians do. i personally would like Rafi sahab to be awarded all awards that are possible (eg dada sahab phalke award too). This is because too many anti rafians try to make out that other singers were equal or even better than Rafi, we all know that there is no comparison between Rafi sahab and any other singer male or female. but unfortunately, the general public who do not know too much about music slowly start to accept the lie. to me these awards are like a small weapon in an argument when you try to convince others that Rafi was the greatest ever. the evidence is already out there in the media when some are promoting there favourite singers and try to make out that their singer is the greatest singer.
    awrads didnt mean much to Rafi sahab but should do to all rafians, i dont know about you but i just cant take it when someone does not accept that Rafi was and is the gratest ever singer. I dont mind people syaing there favourite singer is this or that, each to there own but when someone tries to spread a lie that this singer or that singer was the best ever than i cant accept that. this is why i say to you that these awards are like a weapon in trying to convince that Rafi is the BEST EVER.

    Binu ji and all the rest involved my best wishes to you all.

  6. binus2000 says:

    Ref : Post 32 : dearest rafi saab lovers:

    whenever u take ur pen or weave ur thoughts to take potshots
    at rafi lovers remember the wise words of halder saab.(refer to
    post no. 32)

    remember, wise men talk less and listen more..

    binu nair…..from the rafi foundation, mumbai…..

  7. rony says:


  8. A S MURTY says:

    on ndtv india (hindi) there was this discussion on whether political parties have politicized the bharat ratna issue this year. this was on 19th jan at 8.30 p.m. participants included mr manu singhvi (congress), mr prakash javdekar (Bjp), one ex-cabinet secretary of the government and also mr ramvilas paswan. the anchor initially asked mr paswan the reasons for suggesting the names of mahatma phule and mohd rafi sahab by him. to this mr paswan informed that it was the bjp first which raked up the name of mr atal bihari vajpayee and then the bsp which named mr kanshiram and the politicisation of the bharat ratna award was started by these parties and not by mr paswan. mr paswan went on to add that both mahatma phule and mohd rafi sahab were no more unlike the bjp’s candidate. also, during their entire life, both these names were never associated with any controversy. lastly, mr paswan argued that when lata mangeshkar could be given the bharat ratna, why not mohd rafi saha, who was her parallel in the music world. there were other view points by the other participants which are not necessary to be mentioned here. there was also a chance for viewers to air their views through sms on 56388 to which i sent the following – mohammed rafi sahab bharat ke sachhe ratna hai – and this was found on the ticker scroll from 8.45p.m. to the end of the programme. readers may also send email to ndtv to on this specific subject.

  9. A S MURTY says:

    I have gone through the various comments and counter-points raised by m/s raju kortiji, binu nairji, the admn of this website and the author mr naresh sharmaji on the article. I have the highest regard for all of you for having done so much for spreading the magic of rafi sahib through your various articles, comments and work outside this website also. Also we are very thankful for this website for providing us all a platform to air our views and participate in healthy discussions all these years. It therefore pains us to see that a needless and untimely controversy has brewed up between the same persons who have the calibre and genius to carry forward the ideals of all rafians and who have contributed immensely all these years selflessly. The time is for all of us to work unitedly and for our most noble cause – that of carrying on the campaign for conferment of the bharat ratna to rafi sahib. While the campaign has just began, these little irritants can cause immense harm to our campaign and instead of channelizing our energies on the right track, we shall drift onto matters that should have no place amongst us. It is my earnest appeal to mr raju koriji and mr naresh sharmaji to reconcile, despite whatever has happened. To forget is godly and to forgive is divine, isn’t there such a saying ? this website is watched not just by all the rafians with a fond hope that sooner than later our dream shall be realized and we have lot more to look upto, but also perhaps by adversaries, who are waiting for something just like this to develop. Come on friends, let bygones be bygones and begin our work afresh. Keep up the good work, we are with all of you.

  10. Rafisahab's Die Hard Fan says:

    Bharat Ratna to Great Rafi Sahab? HA HA HA !!! NO…no…not at all..
    Did Mahatma Gandhiji got any award? Who gives the awards? (The Human)
    Gandhiji and Rafisahab don’t need any award. They are “ABOVE” the awards.
    They have been sent by God for special mission.
    Don’t insult his soul….Aise Gayak baar baar janam nahi lete.

  11. sayyed says:

    rafi never in his life care for any award in his life nor does he had care for this worldly things..what he had achevedin this life…he was grateful to almighty his entire lifee..
    he was just man with humilition and love for poor..
    that reflect in his life..
    he had the same feeling what he had face in his childhood.
    coming from barber family he never loose his temptation and remain the same till his death..
    once nausahd had said ,,whole world changed but rafi remain the same..
    i think that feeling of that tiime which he had spend in his life and when he he living in suburb of bhendi bazar always struck in his heart..
    there fore he always prefer to choose the simple life ..he sused to live in childhood
    he always want to seee happiness in all indian..poor . rich and all
    he was an true example for humanity..

    if had been alive he will never ask for this award..
    or if we as his fan demand then he would have definelty prevent us claiming award and he would prefer other singer… for this award..
    now if government honour we must accept from the dephtness of our heart..
    if he doest recive the award then we should not insist more and leave up to the destiny..
    day will come the government will really recognised his award …and will be honoured this award..
    i think this is the least goverment can do for him..
    but we cannot imagine this jewel..

  12. Aseer says:

    Raju ji, Binu ji, and others
    I m only a young Rafi lover, still studying and what u all are doing amongst urselv is inspiring me too much
    Hats off to u all
    Kya mahfil sajayi hai aap logon ne
    Rafi sahab jannat me mumain hain ise dekhkar, yaqeenan

    I can never reach ur heights, salutes to all big guns

  13. N.M.ALI says:

    I fail to under stand why & on what account the Ratna of Bharat Mohd Rafi cannot be awarded with”Bharat Rantna”. Perhaps, he may be more higher than the award, like Mahatma Gandhi & Leo Tolstoy far more higher than the Nobel Prize.

  14. santosh says:

    Dear all respected persons(binuji,rajuji & sharmaji)

    I salute you all for your efforts to give our rafi saab his due.Pl do not fight amongst yourselves.Just think what our rafi saab might be thinking by looking at all of you doing this.So I AGAIN REQUEST TO STOP FIGHTING FOR RAFI SAAB’S SAKE.

    I am of the opionin that if any historical wrong has been done it must be corrected if there is a chance of doing it.EVEN IF RAFI SAAB IS GIVEN THE AWARD NOW IT IS STILL RELEVANT FOR US.

  15. binus2000 says:

    trying to build a “national organisation” with no political or ulterior
    motives is occassionally hazardous .

    my apologies for rafi lovers. i expected “big hearted” rafi lovers
    support us…it’s happening too , as we are following a great legend
    with the greatest of strenghts in his professional field as well as
    in his personal relations..

    we will correct ourselves for lapses and apologise to rafi lovers for the
    occassional “slips” we have in our dedicated approach to matters
    that are ‘near’ to our heart.

    binu nair…. the rafi foundation.. mumbai.

  16. Raju Korti says:

    may i request the administrator pradeepji (whom i respect) to please delete the credit line given to me in the new appeal? and i assure you i will keep visiting the website though i won’t be contributing to it any more. thanks

  17. Raju Korti says:

    a correction to begin with. time and again my surname gets misspelt as korte. it’s actually korti. anyway, that’s besides the point.
    i have a few questions to ask mr naresh sharma. if my piece was not perfect, as he so pompously claims, why did he get inspired with it? and i wrote that piece not to claim my authority over rafi or over my skills as writer. i wrote on a specific request by binuji who will bear me out. any person who knows a little bit of the subject can make out that what sharmaji has written is utter hash. but then, he is entitled to his views. what riles me is he blatantly plagiarised from what i wrote, and then has the audacity to say it was not perfect and also say it was good. he also comes across as holier-than-thou by saying nobody can be perfect. to cop it all, he justifies his act by talking about issues like patents. as a top government official (and i don’t know what’s his rank) i hope he understands the ramifications of his actions and speech. will he please explain what he has done in his capacity as government official to get the bharat ratna for rafi? all we see is politicians acting like spoilt teenagers to scramble for the country’s top honour. if sharmaji has the slightest courage of conviction, he should use his so called expertise in persuading his political bosses to correct, as i have said in my appeal, a historical wrong. instead, he indulges in one-upmanship.
    of course, i do understand that this is the time for all rafi lovers to be together and fight for a cause. frankly, i have seen a few posts on the wbsite which say that it doesn’t really matter whether rafi gets bharat ratna. his place is reserved in history books with all the prominence that it deserves. personally, i am of the opinion that rafi is far above any award, because the moment we are doing that, we are limiting his achievements. i wouldn’t want rafi to be evaluated in any way simply because his persona and karma are much beyond out woefully inadequate abilities. and what does sharmaji mean by binu nair and company? is he referring to me as part of binuji’s company? he must be some kind of “antaryaami” to know sitting somewhere else, that i am a part of some caucus or company. i am sorry this is getting bitter, but i am afraid sharmaji has brought this upon himself. the issue here is not just about plagiarism but of consideration. sharmaji could have confided in me out of sheer courtesy and not because i am a great writer or whatever i do is perfect (which i have not claimed at any point of time). if sharmaji with his high-ranking position in government is capable enough to get bharat ratna for rafi single-handedly, please let him continue. we will all be indebted to him for the rest of our poor lives.
    without offence to anyone or being prejudicial in any way, i would like to make it clear that please do not include me in this campaign hereafter. if people think i have politicised the matter, i don’t deserve to be part of the campaign. the rafi charisma is much too strong to be undermined by rthe likes of raju korti or mr naresh sharma.
    as long as the singer and his songs are in my mind, life is good enough. please carry on the good work, but count me out. i thank all those who have been nice, kind and supportive.

  18. Asha says:

    shame on rafi fans begging for a over politicised and manipulated recognition of bharat ratna. rafi is very fortunate for not being defamed with this deviously influenced award. i sincerely request u guys to have some “gairath” and to rafi’s family members to have some “izzat” at least for pure soul of Rafi Sahab, don’t accept this award after so many years. Even if govt gives it, simply decline and slap them at their face.

  19. P. Haldar says:

    ref post 29:

    I echo the sentiments of mehboob bhai. I think we should refrain from taking shots at one other and instead focus our energies on attacking those industry-wallahs and press-wallahs who have been maligning the farishta. My blood pressure rises everytime I think of how the matlabi film industry has treated him.

  20. Rajnath Singh says:

    Dear Binuji, Nareshji, Rajuji….

    All of you forget song ” mere deshpremiyon apas mein prem karo”

    in this song Amitabh gathered all different religion people…….This was last patriotic song of rafi saab.

    Mr. unknow1 says….why lata awarded first……this is not a question.

    there is famous quotation ” Gaddhe khate hain gulab jamun”

    In history of india always, second person in row sucess & famous for example.

    Karna was better than Arjun……..but, Arjun more famous
    Sardar patel was better than nehru……but, nehru more popular
    Rafi saab is/was more perfect………….but, lataji more in news

    bhai, jeevan mein bahut sari baaten INSAAN ke bas mein nahi hoti….HAQEEKAT har koi janata hai.

  21. binus2000 says:

    Naresh ji..

    I stand by my viewpoint made and referred by u.. the administrator
    has corrected the same….

    now can we concentrate on the real issues or go sulking and forget
    the issues raised ..

    have a big heart…..and i look forward in receiving articles from u
    on the same high standards…

    needless to say, we all will benefit…

    binu nair…

  22. Mehboob says:

    Naresh bahi, Binuji bhai, Raju Korti bhai and others,

    please do not hurt each others feelings.

    you all have contributed greatly to this great deed and no doubt you are doing this job not to further yourselves but for your love of Rafi sahab. It hurts me to see us quarelling amongst ourselves. please remember the ultimate goal. does it matter who gets the credits and who doesn’t.
    please be humble and dont hurt each others feelings. i feel like we are one family aur bhai, bhai mein differences hote lekin please try to be polite and humble and dont show our differences to the outsiders.

    I have been visiting this site for quite a while now and have enjoyed reading about Rafi sahab and learnt that i am only a small time fan of Rafi compared to the many of you who are sacrificing your time and money for the sake of our Rafi sahab. I, as a Rafi fan am indebted to the likes of yourselves for making this effort in persuading the govt. to bestow the Bharat Ratna to our Rafi sahab.

    I pray to God that our wishes are answered.

  23. This is with reference to post # 17 and 18

    It is really shocking and disturbing to see Raju Korte Saab protesting and Binu Nair unnecessarily demanding acknowledgement for Raju Korte Saab in the new appeal sent by me.

    Question of protest (by Raju Korte Saab) and giving acknowledgements to Raju Korte ji (as demanded/requested by Binu Nair) arises only when I have sought any sort of credit or patent for the appeal.

    First of all, with due respect, I may tell u that the orginial appeal prepared and posted on the website by Raju Korte Saab was really a very good appeal, but it can not be treated as perfect. I am not saying that the appeal sent by me is the perfect one; it may also has scope for improvement. In this regard, it may be checked up from the post, I sent to the website wherein I categorically asked Binu Nair to c it, make the amendments wherever necessary and and after ,finalizing it, place it on the website.

    The earlier appeal could have served the purpose. But I felt that the appeal made by Raju Korte Saab was finding faults (here and there in the appeal) with the Govt. of India for not bestowing upon Bharat Ratn Rafi Saab as yet. As I strongly fee that when it comes to seeking something from somebody, ur approach should be polite, which (I felt-though I may be wrong) was missing in the original appeal.

    Secondly, the appeal (prepared by Raju Korte) was time and again (here and there) repeating the request for Bharat Ratn for Rafi almost in each para, which makes the text less interesting for the Dealing Hands in Government to India for processing. I know this better than Raju Korte Saab as I am a part of Goverment of India and holding a good position.

    Thirdly, in the appeal (prepared by Raju Korte) there was no supporting points summarised in the end of the appeal, which, if made in the proposals, makes it easier for the Dealing Hands to process the case conveniently and in a better way.

    Latly, with due respect, I accept that approximately one third of the appeal drafted by me was inspired from the one prepared earlier by Raju Korte Saab. But, creating rest of contents, rephrasing, summing up rest of the matter with sequencing (which I felt was right-though I may be wrong) has been done by me, for which neither I have asked for my name to be published nor have I claimed any sort of copyright or patent.

    In view of the aforesaid, the work done by me (preparation/redrafting of the appeal) can not be treated as straightaway lifting of the contents from the appeal of Raju Korte Saab. I have worked hard for rephrasing/sequencing of the content of this appeal taking help from the appeal from Raju Korte Saab, for which I don’t even seek any word of praise or words of thanks becuase whatever I have done is for Rafi Saab only and not for Binu Nair & Company.

    As regards Binu Nair’s comments that Raju Korte is the best writer he has come across, I want to say that nobody in this world is the best. I have learnt from Raju Korte Saab about art of writing, and I respect him though I have not met him personally. But it maybe noted that there is no dearth of good writers in our country; so even a better writer than him can be found in our country. With ref. to the comments of Binu Ji that Raju Korte Saab can write thousands of pages on Rafi Saab, it is himbly stated that even I can write hundreds of pages on Rafi Saab, if not thousands. So please don’t go for flattery.

    If u feel like, the appeal sent by me may be withdrawn, but God’s sake don’t politicise the matter, especially for a person who was much above all such things.

    (Naresh kumar sharma)

  24. unknow1 says:

    Bharat Ratna so so so so small for Mohd rafi,we should feel sham iF mohd Rafi got Bharat Ratna award after Lata Ji had it before him,mohd Rafi should get award of sub-continent,Mohd Rfai having Award of the God after 27 years still God make him at the top no othere can be 50% of him….
    God don’t do the mistakes we human only do as God award he is still at the top………………………

  25. binus2000 says:

    rafi lovers :

    Please see post 12 and post 24..

    thanks krupesh patel ji…

    if rafi lovers do put ads, on republic day jan 26,it will be wonderful :

    the advt culd be : Amar Mohd Rafi , Bharat Ka Ratna…. King of Melody…

    Tum mujhe yoon bhula na paaoge, Jab kabhi bhi sunoge geet mere,

    or the eternal : ” Mujhko mere baad , zamaana dudhenga” dil ka
    soona saaz, tarana dudhenga….

    it is wonderful i feel…

    binu nair…. the rafi foundation…

  26. Yes, now it is a time to give Mohdrafi a prestigous award for his kind work in the film industry. He should have been given when he was alive, but our government is not serious about this things.

  27. Krupesh Patel says:

    I am living in Toronro, Canada but, belongs to Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

    I talked to local newspaper in indore to advertised my thanks to Govt. of India for honoring BHARAT RATNA to Rafi Saab on FRONT PAGE of leading Madhya Pradesh Newspaper………….

    Title of my article will be”

    ” Jinki Awaz mere liye prakruti ka chhatha tatva hai”

    He is the only one right person for honouring BHARAT RATNA.

  28. Raju Korti says:

    thanks mr pradeep. but just have a point. we are all working to get india’s greatest legend a coveted award. but we should exercise honesty while doing this. rafisaab himself was a modest, honest and god-fearing person. how can we be rafisaab’s admirers if we resort to dishonesty? and wouldn’t we be sending wrong signals to the powers-that-be by writing a plagiarised article that doesn’t do any good to0 us and our website which has done yeoman’s service too far?
    my apologies since it’s not my intention to hurt you.

  29. binus2000 says:

    Pradeep ji..

    i love the sentiments and ur magnaminous ways…..


    binu nair… the rafi foundation…

    9833 250 701

  30. Pradeep says:

    Please accept my apologies, Mr. Raju and Mr. Binu for an innocent plagiarism. The credits are duly updated now.

  31. b.venkatadri says:

    Whether awarded or not, Rafi Saab is indeed Bharat Ratna for the following three strong reasons!

    1.Of course, his unmatched prowess as a play-back singer is only too well-known!

    2. Additionally, the tens of Patriotic songs that he had sung in such soul-stirring and hair-raising fashion make him the darling of Bharat Mata! Mahatma Gandhi’s soul must be resting in real peace, not because of what politicians are upto, but just because of Rafi Saab’s divine rendition of “Suno Suno Ae Duniya Walon, Bapu Ki Yeh Amar Kahaani”, a full 13 minute song!

    3. Last but not the least, the hundreds of ever-lasting devotional songs that he sang, both Hindu and Islamic, makes him the dearest to all Gods!


  32. Ahamed Kutty says:

    In the article there are various points to award “Bharat Ratna” to
    Rafi Saab.As we have pointed out in various comments Mohamed Rafi Saab changed the entire film music prior to his period thereby
    he provided livelyhood for thousands of people across the country.
    It will continue for ever and on everything that is enough for the
    award of “Bharat Ratna” to Mohamed Rafi Sasb.

  33. binus2000 says:

    mr.zorawar ji and naresh sharma ji:
    since this article is part written by one of the biggest fans of
    the legend who has met rafi saab, the acknowledgement to
    respected raju korte ji is missing from the by-line.

    more, the appeal if sent to raju korte, he would fine tune the same.
    let me tell all rafi lovers that raju korte is the editor of a regional
    english newspaper and he is the best writer i have come across to
    write on rafi saheb.
    more, he can write hundreds of pages on rafi saheb and most of
    them in few sittings…

    so next time contact raju korte saab for a flawless prose on rafi saab
    is my suggestion.
    due to lack of time i suppose the above article was rushed up for
    publishing… any way well done….

    binu nair…. the rafi foundation…

  34. Raju Korti says:

    i understand mr naresh’s keen desire to get a bharat ratna for rafisaab. but i am sad to note that large chunks of his article are a straight lift from my own article which this website published in november. please compare it with my piece which you will find in the november archives. let’s not be blinded so much that we resort to this kind of literature theft. i strongly protest

  35. ssmakkar says:


  36. K.J.Ravi says:

    Rafi Sahab’s unique contribution to NATIONAL UNITY makes him eminently suitable for the Bharat Ratna Award. Whatever be the occasion — a festival (Hindu, Muslm, Sikh or Christain), an anniversary (e.g., Mahatma Gandhi or Jawaharlal Nehru) or any other celebration (e.g., Independence Day) — there is a Rafi song to mark the event. Very few singers (if any) are in this special category.

  37. Rafi Saab deserves the AWARD. Goverment can favourably consider the plea of all Rafians and I am sure, there will not be any opposition to his name from any quarter. When some of the most undeserving people have been bestowed with BHARAT RATNA because of politics, why not RAFIji who is still serving millions of not only Indians but non-Indians with his voice.


    1.- All views expressed by Mr Sharma go in line. One automatically feels that, Bharat Ratna shoudl go for Rafi Sahab only.

    2.-Among all the nominations, Rafi Sahab’s name is just class apart and Govt. of India should look in to the same for awarding the highest award to the right personality.

    Shrirang Nawathe

  39. binus2000 says:

    I wish rafi lovers insert an advt on Jan 26 on these lines :

    Mohd Rafi saheb : Bharat ka Ratan : Photograph

    and a message giving the local units contact detains

    in the newspapers.

    the message can be :

    thou shall not rise again, thou music will…
    above the cacophony of sounds,
    melodies of yore, bringing joy to human souls.

    songs for every mood, across all borders…
    thy name is music, thou name bharar ratna mohd rafi…

    binu nair,,, the rafi foundation.. mumbai..

  40. binus2000 says:

    Post 4: gmc alley :

    sir, i have met the family members of rafi saab and they support
    the issue of bharat ratna to the legend – like a majority of rafi
    lovers do.

    they support us “silently”. they are a small family and they are
    busy in their affairs and they love rafi saab lovers.

    this is my true experience……

    binu nair …. mumbai….

  41. binus2000 says:

    post 6 :

    Harvinder ji..
    yes . there is a precedent… about giving bharat ratna – posthumously.

    Mr. Kamaraj was given one after he died and before the tamil nadu
    elections – which i recollect now.

    post 8 : not clear. please post it here..


    binu nair. mumbai..

  42. A S MURTY says:

    Good work by Mr. Naresh sharma ji and i fully concur with what has been written and also with the subsequent comments. in particular mr n g rangaswamy has given us the right direction too. almost all that has occupied my mind over the last several months has found place in this one article. we may be running out of time for this year, but let that not dampen us. we must pick up the threads from here and prepare for a very sustained and comprehensive campaign so that if not this year, atleast next year the name of rafi sahab becomes the unanimous choice for all the political parties and the entire nation. the political parties may try to bring in unwarranted criticism over one another’s choice of names for this prestigious award, but we should not be carried away by that. where are all the mps from the bollywood? they must all do their duty to the nation and to a person who alongwith the likes of lataji, mukesh ji and others has brought the name of bollywood to reckon with and on the world map. rafi sahab undoubtedly is the most deserving of all the names that have surfaced in the recent run up for the highest civilian award of the country.

  43. Harvinder says:

    Harvinder says,
    Further to my post # 3

    Dear Reader,

    Your comment is now displayed on
    Please click here to view it on the website. And do keep writing in.
    Thank you,


  44. GHAFFAR says:


  45. Harvinder says:

    Very sincere article by Mr Naresh sharma – makes one impossible to disagree with anything stated by Sharmaji. I know that Mr Paswan has already nominated his name and Rafi saheb will unanimously get the nod. Only obstacle can be POSTHUMOUS. Is there any precedence ?

    Compared to the other nominations, Rafi Saheb stands tall for a simple reason that there is absolutely no controversy or political connection in him.

  46. SHUJA ANSAR says:

    undoutedly rafi sab is the strong contender for bharat ratna award.

  47. G M C Ally says:

    I find all that writing about Mohammad Rafi a liitle over the top to say the least. Do we really need all that to remind ourselves of him? I hope not otherwise it will make us sad charaters indeed. Nobody mounrs his passing away more than I do although I never had the opportunity to either meet him or see him perfoming live, but that is irrelevant now. We should consider ourselves previledged and those who have met him honoured to have been in an era when the man was. Mohammad Rafi went from a mere mortal to a legend even in his lifetime. What he has given us and left behind is for us to cherish and let us cherish that instead of making continuous remarks about him. Remember he left behind a family and we should consider their feelings. Let the man rest in peace and let us enjoy the ever lasting gift he laeft us ‘HIS VOICE’

  48. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Rafi Saheb deserves Bharat Ratna. The Indian Government should realize atleast now and honour the greatest ever singer and saint Mohammed Rafi Saheb. May God hear our prayers.

  49. Magnificent work by Binuji. You may also forward the copies to Shri Dilip Kumar Saab, Hema Maliniji, Dev Anand Saab, Dharmendraji, Javed Akhtar Saheb, Shabanaji, Jaya Pradhaji, Jaya Bachhanji, Shatrugan Sinhaji and many other film personalities including Amitabhji since many of them are already MPs either in Rajya Sabha or Lok Sabha so as to pressurise and convince the Govt. Even if the copies are sent to Ram Vilas Paswanji and Mulayam Singhji or even Lalu Prasadji it will be a bonus. Also please do remind and mark the same to our own Chief Minister Shri Vilasrao Deshmukhji and even Shri Balasahab Thackreyji and his son Udhavji and nephew Rajji, Smitha Thackereyji so as to get a face lift. Time is short please buck up.


  50. syed says:

    Regards to all my fellow “Rafians” – i take my hat off to Binu Nair for helping keep Rafi Saab’s name alive so activeley.
    Is there anything else we can do like a petition or letter or even telephone calls to someone in the Indain government who can help us Rafians acheive our dream of the Bharat Ratna for Rafi saab. I have also contacted Madame taussauds requesting that they consider a waxwork of the greatest singer in the world.

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