Mohd Rafi Musical Night on Rafi Sahib's 77th Birthday - 24th December 2001

Golden Tunes and in association with Lions Club is organizing Mohd Rafi Musical Night program on Rafi Sahib's 77th birthday on the 24th of December 2001.

The program will be at :

Dinanath Natyagraha
Vile Parle (East)

The tickets are in the denominations of Rs. 60, Rs. 50 and Rs. 30/-

For more information please can contact Seema/Suren Amre at 

  • Poona : 95205435870 (till Monday - 17th Dec 2001)

  • Mumbai : , 8640277, 9869018473 (Tuesday onwards - 18th Dec 2001)

Previous Shows

Mohd Rafi Musical Night was conducted on 1st December 2001 - Saturday at Prabodhankar Keshavsitaram Thackerey Natyagriha, Borivali (West) Mumbai 92 by Suren & Seema Amre. This was a great success with overwhelming audience response, awesome orchestrization and exceedingly well performed by Various Artists. 

Coming Soon : Video clippings of performers, Snapshots and writeups about the musical night.


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