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Shradhanjali Shri Pawan Ji

This information is shared by Mr. Zorawar Chhugani, General Secretary, Rafi Foundation Memorial Society, Delhi.

Shri Pawan Kumar Asija

Shri Pawan Kumar Asija

Once again the time came for Rafi fans to get active all across for various activities associated with 31st July. As every Rafi fan was doing it, Rafi Foundation Memorial Society, Delhi (Delhi Chapter of Rafi Foundation) also got into action for their 31st July programme decided to be held at Gandhi Memorial Hall (Pearey Lal Bhawan, ITO, Delhi) with all its members doing their bit to make the programme a grand success and the feelings were that the programme should not go low anyways since Rafi Sahab’s name was attached to it.

We went through three rigorous rehearsals with DO RE MI Orchestra led by Shri Satish Popli and Shri Jaswant Popli.

The programme, started at 6.30 PM, got a well deserved audience response as the hall was jam packed with about 600 people inside the auditorium around 7.30 PM. The programme started with the title song of the evening, Meri Awaaz Suno and ended with Chal Ud Ja re Panchhi and O Duniya Ke Rakhwale. Everyone was happy about the resounding success of the nite but nobody knew what the destiny had in store for all of us.

Shri Pawan Kumar Asija

Pawan Ji performing "Tu Kahan Yeh Bata" during the nite held on 31-07-09

Our lovingly Pawan Ji, the backbone of every activity in our society and the soul of every musical programme organized by our society, left for his heavenly abode on 3rd September’09. He was admitted to the hospital on 4th August’09 and then after he didn’t come back home.

To our surprise, we came to know that even for the last rehearsal of the programme which happened on 30th July, he had come directly from hospital and that too without doctor’s permission. He had only told doctor that even if he is not allowed, he will have to go as he has to fulfill his duties not only towards society but towards Rafi Sahab who has been his strength for so many years.

We, all  at Rafi Foundation Memorial Society, mourn his death with deep regret and we know that the place vacated by him can never be filled for years to come.



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15 Blog Comments to “Shradhanjali Shri Pawan Ji”

  1. my self p.k.choudhary
    as i have resentlyu joined this society as i don’t know much about him .
    his sad dismesial is shocking , i read much about in this article
    my deep condolances to his family and to society. mob.9827620189

  2. Manoj Tyagi says:

    I recently aware about this society, & I wanted to know more about this, and the programme is being run. Further any thing is going to be done on 31 July 2012.

  3. mohamedparvez says:

    dear zorawar ji iam paying my humble tribute to pawan kumar ji, i have posted his picture in rafi saab”s blog,kindly visit our beloved rafi saab”s blog,total over 500 pages are there,to go to next page,kindly click older posts,you will find bottom of every page,don”t miss any page,kindly visit this links,take care

  4. mohammad sabir says:

    this is really a shocking news for all of us may god rest him in peace

  5. Narayan says:

    It is indeed a shocking and a very sad news to hear the demise of Pavanji a very devoted bakt of our idol Rafi sahab..
    We at Baar Baar Rafi Fan Club offer our condolences to the departed noble soul and have taken inspiration from his active life of making all music programs of Rafi Foundation, Delhi successful..
    Zorawar please convey our heartfelt condolences to his family members…
    Baar Baar Rafi Fan Club

  6. vinod mehru says:

    dear Zorawar ji,
    Regret to now the sad demise of Rawan ji.

    Please convey my condolence to family member’s of Pawan ji and member’s of Rafi Foundation Memorial Society to bear loss.

    vinod mehru

  7. ashish kapoor says:

    all rafi fans and lovers,
    pawan ji was the back bone of our foundation. if he was around, we never felt that any thing could go wrong.he was among the torch bearers of our foundation. before the programme was to be held on 31st july, zorawar and triloki ji were discussing about the permission to be obtained from the police dept ,pawan ji asked them not to worry and that he will see to it that all clearences will be taken care of. inspite of his failing health, he ensured that every thing went smoothly.
    pawan ji’s dedication towards rafi sahab was complete and we will miss him.
    his friendly and joyous nature shall always be remembered by all the members of the foundation. may god give courage and strenght to his family members to bear his un-timely demise

    ashish kapoor, vice president, rafi foundation memorial society (regd), delhi

  8. anil nakra says:

    as i have resentlyu joined this society as i don’t know much about him .
    his sad dismesial is shocking , i read much about in this article
    my deep condolances to his family and to society

  9. Shikha Vohra says:

    Pavan’s diabetic condition meant he was on a roller-coaster of highs and lows.. But if anything kept him elevated it was music and his idol Mohd. rafi, whom he selflessly and steadfastly celebrated despite illness. Such was his love for music that he drove several long distances to sing one song in a sangeet smriti in-house mehfil, and leave. He took charge at rehearsals, seeing to it that every singer got his just attention and practice, and encouraged newcomers with his infinite patience, besides giving them a solid platform.
    he was one of the pillars of Sangeet Smriti, taking charge with his shudh Hindi accents and his dedicated interest. Pavanji, I will miss your wall of support and the cup of tea I always enjoyed at the stall below your office, with the accompanying kachoris. Rafi Foundation Delhi, will have a hard time getting their show together without his sincere organisation and leadership qualities, but I am sure that they will keep his torch burning brightly, whilst he may perhaps meet his beloved idol up there.

  10. S.P.Dwivedi says:

    It is very sad moment to all of us as Pawan ji was one of the most important person for Rafi foundation. Before annual program and during the rehearsals he was always busy with the activity and taking all major responsibility even if his health does not allow him. On rehearsal day he never takes food before his rehearsal as to sing better. As he was telling that everybody used to ask him ” why are you always busy with the work related to the program?” he always tell “I have a (kira) in my mind to do so”.

    As always happen, the demand of good person is more there in place of here.

    Rafi foundation, Delhi

  11. Sudarshan Pandey says:

    I am really moved to read about Shri Pawan’s dedication to his idol Rafi Sahab. Fan hon to aise. aur idol agar rafi sahab sa ho to aise hi fans honge. I pray for his soul and I salute him.

  12. binu nair says:

    IF EVER THERE WAS A SURVEY OF “true” MOHD RAFI bakhts, Pawanji would stand tall as a claimant to the throne alongside many other rafi bakhts. just a week before he getting a stroke, i had met this great friend at delhi’s music event staged by another rafi fan girish mathur.

    pawan-ji was animatedly discussing about the future programmes of new delhi rafi foundation even of forthcoming dec 24 events. i am aware that one arm of delhi rafi foundation will be missing zorawar ji with the leaving of pawanji. but, i am certainly sure that, that pawanji might have created ten rafi lovers by his selfless, dedicated work in ur delhi unit. these ten will in future carry on the divine work of taking our music and culture forward.

    may pawanji’s work and enthusiasm ‘outlive’ us and his soul rest in peace.

    binu nair, rafi foundation – mumbai….

  13. H.V.GURU MURTHY says:

    What a devotion towards Rafi Saab, coming directly from the hospital without the permission of Doctors. Rafi Saab, aap dhanya hain, aap ke bhakton me bahut sare aise bhakt hain.

  14. sundeep pahwa says:

    it is shocking to hear the demise of pawan ji
    he was amongst a few persons whom i knew
    personally who was doing tremondous work
    for the rafi foundation in delhi.Zorawarji
    may allah give all of you and his family
    members the strength to bear the loss
    personaly i have lost an elder brother
    sundeep pahwa newdelhi

  15. A S MURTY says:

    zorawarbhai, a shocking news to all of us. i remember pavanji as a good anchor and a good singer of rafi sahab’s songs when i had personally watched him in one of your rehearsals last year in july. he was very energetic and conducted the proceedings with flair, taking care that each of the singers has had his/her due. i could only briefly talk to him that day for he was very busy behind the mike and felt that here was a dedicated fan of rafi sahab who paid so much attention to the minutest of details. i join the thousands of rafi bhakts in conveying our deepest sorrow and hope we can all follow the simple ideals that pavan ji so strongly represented. while the reporting of the grand show on 31st july by rfms, new delhi made refreshing reading, the news of pavanji’s demise saddens us all.

    a s murty,
    rafi foundation,
    hyderabad chapter.

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