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Naiya Meri Chalti Jaaye Saharey Tere Badhthi Jaaye
Film Name:My Friend
Singer(s)Mohd Rafi    
Lyricist:Hasrat Jaipuri 
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Naushad narrates this poignant story of what Aradhana, Rajesh Khanna and Kishore Kumar factor had done to the psyche of Rafi and how he managed to bring his pet singer out of it all. In Naushad's own words:

I had come to hear that Rafi had so lost his nerve that he was making basic mistakes at the mike. But I wasn't prepared to take them at their word, I wanted to see things for myself. So, without Rafi's knowledge, I once sneaked into Mehboob Studios where he was recording a solo. And I felt shattered to see the way he was performing. Still I could divine that what Rafi had lost was his poise, not his voice. So I just came away, leaving word that Rafi should call at my Badra home on his way out of Mehboob Studios.

Rafi came home & explained that he had only been singing the way they wanted him to sing. 'But who are they to tell you, a stalwart of this industry, how to sing?' I demanded to know. 'Is there any male singer going who is even a fraction as good as you are? Just learn to be your vocal self in front of the mike, ignoring all extraneous instructions & considerations, and see how you have the ability to beat the daylight out of all of them even today.'
That however was easier said by me than done by Rafi at that stage of his career. I decided to organise a recording at which Rafi would be back under my baton, my vocal control. I was yet to begin work on My Friend. We were not quite ready to take off but, just to rebuild Rafi's confidence we hurriedly set up the first recording.
I rang Rafi and said I wanted him at 9 next morning at Mehboob studios. Rafi was taken aback - this was the first time that he was going to rehearse a Naushad tune in the recording room. Rafi was there at the appointed hour. He embraced me and broke into tears as I gave him the first line of the song. It so happened that this line succintly summed up Rafi's vocal plight at that point vis-a-vis the 'supporting' hand that I had extended to him in his hour of need.
Rafi thus had a problem controlling his tears as he now rehearsed that meaningful (for him) opening line from the song of My Friend. My gentle, understanding approach did wonders for his confidence and, within the hour, he was the old Rafi, prepared to take on the singing world. It might have been more satisfactory if we had rehearsed the song for 8-10 days at home, but the spot recording helped prove a point to Rafi that he was still as good as ever. For my point, I would like to believe that it was from this point at which we recorded that song, that the process of Rafi's rebirth as a singer took place.

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Javed Raza answers:

Arrey to mera favourite song hai...Do you know this movie was directed by Naushad sahab's son?....I sang this song in on the stage a couple of times in Hyderabad-India at Ravindra Bharathi auditorium.The lyrics are.....
"Naiyya meri chalti jaaye saharey tere badhti jaaye"
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