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Mohammed Rafi and Biswajeet Chatterjee

Sunday, April 20th, 2008

(Rafi Saheb sang for romantic lover with strappy guiter)


This article is written by Mr. Biman Baruah from Assam. The photos are contributed by Mr. Shashank Chikarmane and Mr. Parvez.

Mohd RafiMohammed Rafi Saheb had lent his golden voice in the above amusing song for romantic hero Biswajeet in Subodh Mukherjee’s APRIL FOOL (1964) under amazing composition by Shankar-Jaikishan in the lyrics of Hasrat Jaipuri and the song was picturised on Biswajeet and Saira Banu in the plot of April Fool. April Fools’ Day is a notable day celebrated in many countries on 1st April as a day marked by the charge of tricks and other practical jokes of varying cleverness on friends, enemies and neighbors or sending them on fools’ tasks with a aim to make uncomfortable the innocent. The history or origins of April fool’s Day custom are complex and a matter of much debate. It is likely a relic of the once common festivities held on the vernal equinox, which began on the 25th March, old New Year’s Day and ended on the 2nd April. However, the present thinking is that it began around 1582 in France with the reform of the calendar under Charles IX and New Year’s Day was moved from 25th March to 1st April. (more…)

Dil Jo Na Keh Saka

Wednesday, February 27th, 2008

This article is written by Ms. Chandni

Dil Jo Na Keh Saka by Mohd RafiWhat could have been a better way to express the choked emotions in a love triangle than this song? The movie ‘Bheegi Raat’ (1965) had a number of very melodious songs including this ‘Dil Jo Na Kehesaka’. This is a song that has been marked as an all time Rafian hit. Sang on a rather high note with a suppressed chuckle, it suits the majestic persona of Pradeep Kumar. (more…)

Din Dhal Jaaye … Haaye .. Raat Na Jaaye

Wednesday, February 20th, 2008

This article is written by Mr. Shrirang Nawathe, Muscat. 00968 92 89 90 89

Mohd Rafi and Dev AnandWhile viewing the song, DIN DHAL JAAYE HAAYE… RAAT NA JAA.YE. TU TO NA AAYE TERI..YAAD SATAAYE … from the 1965 film GUIDE, one can easily be filled up by number of thoughts. Even after listening the song NON STOP 3 horus, I still have desire for ONCE MORE…. The beauty of the song lies in the fact of “Dedicated Team Work”. Every member of the team had contributed the best and therefore the product has come out with the tag of Excellent Quality. The quality which lasts for the decades and centuries. (more…)

A Letter to Raju Bharatan: On Rock ’n Roll

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008

from P. Haldar

Mohd Rafi and Jaikishan
Mohd Rafi and Jaikishan

Mr. Bharatan,

I read your recent article “Pancham Revisited” in Hindustan Times (January 4, 2008). The article starts with the following statements about Pancham:

“He scored for 331 films in 32 years. How does his Kishore Kumar song-tally compare with Asha Bhosle’s? Where Kishore sang 558 songs for him (227 solo, 245 duets), Asha rendered 840 of his compositions (406 solo, 338 duets).” (more…)

Some Rare Diamonds of Rafi Saab – 4

Sunday, January 20th, 2008

This article is written by Mr. B.Venkatadri

Mohd Rafi, Kishore DaRafi Sings For Kishore. We will continue the topic of Rafi Saab’s duets with other male singers in the subsequent parts. But, today, let us take up another theme! The one thing that puts die-hard Kishore Kumar fans instantly on the defensive is the fact that MDs had made Rafi Saab sing at least 6 songs for Kishore Kumar’s acting! This is quite a remarkable occurrence considering that Kishore too was an accomplished singer! (more…)

Mujeh Chu Rahi Hein

Sunday, January 13th, 2008

This article is written by Ms. Chandni

Mujeh Chu Rahi HeinLove and romance are always entwined to music. Music has the power to create illusions stronger than reality. This song from the movie ‘Swayamvar’, sung by the great Mohd Rafi and Lata Mangeshkar creates an unfathomable magic. Picturized on Sashi Kapoor and Mausumi Chaterjee, this song sounds very very sensuous. Even with Mausumi Chaterjee is fully draped in a very elegant black sari, she seems to be just looking as bootylicious as any of our so-called modern divas. Even the not so romantic and boyish looking Sashi Kapoor creates a spell with his eyes. (more…)

O Duniya Ke Rakhwale

Sunday, October 28th, 2007

This article is written by Mr. Shashank Chickermane.

Rafi Sahab singing O Duniya Ke RakhwaleThis marvelous song was written by Shakeel Bhaduyani, music direction by Naushadsab and sang by none other than Rafisahab. This three muslim personalities have given us lot of songs with Bhajans & classical songs also. Now, in this song one sentence is there “Aab tho Neer Bahale”, but I want to point out that in the Kannada language “Neer” means “Water”. What an word has been used by Mr.Shakeel Sahab, perfect one. Hear this song and you will find this word in the sentence. (more…)

Yeh Desh Hai Veer Jawanon Kaa

Saturday, March 24th, 2007

This article is in appreciation of the song Yeh Desh Hai Veer Jawanon Ka from Naya Daur. ©

It is the rhythm of the rural India where the golden grains sow the seeds of prosperity, where the hardworking couples pray to the Mother Nature with their sweaty hands, and where the children taste the saltiness of the soil in their early days, that can be experienced throughout this song. (more…)

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