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To Heal a Broken Heart: Yeh Dil Nahin Hai Ke Jiske Sahare


Reviewing a melody like this is a real treat amidst the candy pop that is getting passed off as music in today’s films. Unfortunately that seems to be the norm with most of the Hindi film music composers. This makes one reminiscent of the golden era that Bollywood went through. The song – Yeh dil nahin hai jiske sahare jeete hain from the movie Aabroo is a great example of the magic that music makers of the yesteryears have woven.

Still from Aabroo

A 1968 release by Raval Films, Aabroo is a classic love story with the protagonists played by Deepak Kumar, Vimmi and Ashok Kumar. Though the base formula is a very vanilla love triangle, we can see the fine nuances of a pure genius in this movie. The solid star cast has ensured that the acting is superlative. Very effortless rendering of emotions by all the actors has brought the story characters to life; at some point they ceased being actors and got under the skin of the characters that they were portraying.

The song in itself is a soulful rendering of the pain that the hero is going through. Trying to drown his sorrows by sinking into the welcoming bliss of alcohol, he paints a painful but real picture that everyone can identify with. One is compelled to reach out and empathize with the troubled man. Beautifully done, this melodious piece is one of the main attractions in the album.

The music produced by Sonik Omi is one of the finest works done by him. It helps to bring the lyrics to life, giving the song a lot of credibility. The most interesting part is the way that he has used various instruments to create a wonderfully melodious song. The use of the violin and the sitar, for instance, is done expertly. Ordinarily, other directors would have been more conventional, but by merging different instruments, he has done something completely different and commendable.

Talking about the lyrics, G.L.Rawal has outdone himself with this one. The lyrics are completely capturing the emotions that the hero is experiencing- they make one feel his pain, his misery and to express something like that through words is not an easy task. The lyrics take you through various phases like flowing water, it’s a treat to listen to it and simply sink into it.

Mohd Rafi with David

Mohd. Rafi compliments the song so wonderfully; it is difficult to explain it. His charisma actually comes through in the song and he sings like a true drunk and that is a nothing but a compliment! Like all his other wonderful songs, this one too makes you sigh. A great pick from his collection.

All in all, a really nice song to listen to when you are feeling blue – makes you feel that you have a comrade in grief, which are very hard to come by.

Download: Yeh Dil Nahin Hai Ke Jiske Sahar
Film: Aabroo [1968]
Singer: Mohd Rafi
Music: Sonik Omi
Lyrics: G.L.Rawal

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69 Blog Comments to “To Heal a Broken Heart: Yeh Dil Nahin Hai Ke Jiske Sahare”

  1. Hussein Sheikh says:

    No one can touch Rafi Saheb, Yesudas is a good singer, but he can’t be compared to Rafi Saheb at all. Ask Yesudas himself and he’ll say Rafi Saheb is the best of all.

  2. Raajkumar Akela says:

    zeenath baby, how dare you compare rafi saab with yesudas on linguistic
    ground ? Rafi saab was popular not because he was singing hindi film songs, but because he was blessed with golden voice. anyone, who has a high pitch voice, can sing “MAN TADAPAT” or “O DUNIYA KE RAKHWALE”. sonu nigam has sung the song in rafi saab’s scale…that is “F”. Even chanchal can sing the song, but can your ears differenciate the melody of the voice ?
    to sing a song is another thing and to justify with the song is another thing ?
    May be you are a great fan of yesudas, but please do not bring him near legendary rafi saab.
    everybody sings in our country…from sahgal to baba sahgal. But only two voices are sent down from heaven…Mohd rafi and lata mangeshkar. one is
    incarnation of “SARSWATI” and rafi saab is the “BETAZ BADSHAH” of singing.
    Can you deny this ? rafi saab has already been bestowed “THE BEST MALE SINGER OF THE MILLENNIUM”. to replace rafi saab a singer has to take rebirth in next millenniun.
    Till then…bye !

  3. P. Haldar says:

    Hi Zeenath, I know you love Yesudas and I also consider him to be a great singer. But don’t say that he was better than Rafi in “Man tadpat hari darshan”. No Hindu saint would be able to bring the effect of the words “Hari Om” the way Rafi did. It’s just not possible. Check the live version of that song in youtube and you’ll know what I mean. There are some songs of Rafi’s that no other singer — male or female, North or South — can come close to and “Man tadpat” is one such song. In her Shraddhanjali series, Lata has sung Din dhal jaye, Kabhi khud pe, Man re tu kahe na dheer dhare, Dil ka bhanwar kare pukar… I haven’t listened to any of those because I know that none of them can come close to the original. And Lata is someone whom most Rafians consider to be the second best!

  4. H.V.GURU MURTHY says:

    Mr. Krishna,

    The song ‘Mehfil Se Utha Jane Walon’ is from the movie “Dooj Ka Chand” starring Bharat Bhushan and B.Sarojadevi, South Indian Heroine, music by Roshan. The film was released if I am correct, in 1964.

  5. zeenath says:

    there is a malayalam version to jab jab bahar aye sung noneother than by the great KJ JESUDAS THE GREATEST OF ALL INDIAN may try to hear it.kj excels even rafiji in rendition of that song.recently on a RAFINIGHT program i herd him singing man trpath hari darsan.he handlled the high pitches very easly and rendered it sonicely to the astonishment of the audience.later oni herd its recording.he is equal torafi.his only defect is that he is not ahindi singer.hindi singer means wide popularity as majority in india speak hindi

  6. Dear krishana,
    Mehfilse ooth janewalo…is from “DOOJ KA CHAND” acted and produced by bharat bhoosan .

  7. KRISHNA says:

    Dear Rajkumar,

    Can you let us know this song you have quoted is from which movie.mehfil se uth jane walon tum logon par kya ilzam

    Dear Narayanan,

    How are you.. I am the one who gave you the mail id and phone number.


  8. Abhisek says:

    Rafi was an ordinary singer.

  9. unknow1 says:

    Sir u r right,
    why we should compare sun light with moon light because light which is from moon it is from the sun….

  10. Rafians

    Humble re quest to all , dont creat any controversis and dont try to give reply at the time of comparision our rafiji with any other singer.

    Make this site healthy with your own experiance with Rafiji or with giving some informative news about our rafiji a great human being and his songs.

  11. P. Haldar says:

    The song “Koyi sagar dil ko bahalata nahin” (Dil Diya Dard Liya) would fall in the broken heart category, I guess. I particularly like the stanza beginning with “Zindagi ko aaine ko tor doon”.

  12. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Very well said Mr. Akela. No one can touch Rafi Saheb.

  13. Raajkumar Akela says:

    Dear Rafians !
    Please stop talking or writting about Kishor Kumar. He was just an ordinry
    singer and not a legendary singer. Please do not waste your time.
    We all know Rafi saab was bestowed “BEST MALE PLAYBACK SINGER OF THE MILLENNIUM”…and so was lata as “best female singer” …and so was Amitabh
    Bachan as “BEST MALE ACTOR”. So there ends this prolonged discussion.
    Rafi saab was an institute. New generation can learn a lot from the songs he
    has left for us. Actually rafi saab was a “GHARANA” in himself. Shabbir Kumar,
    Mohd aziz, Devashish dasgupta, anwar, sonu nigam and we all rafians belong
    to this “GHARANA”. can Anybody deny this ?
    rafi saab was the best vocalist of all. the melody of his voice is incomparable.
    only lata mangeshkar can match her in india …that too in middle and low
    pitches. in high pitch songs no one can touch rafi saab.
    ‘JAB JAB BAHAR AAYEE…” this is a song in the film “TAQDEER” sung by rafi
    saab, lata mangeshkar and mahendra kapoor. When i recall this masterpiece
    of laxmikant-pyarelal i remember only one singer…mohd rafi. others seem
    fading from memory. so please do not compare an incomparable legend.

  14. unknow1 says:

    to KK fans,
    they delete what I wrote is true in KK said by them KK fans was at the top from 1970 to 1987 and I put i list of around 233 flims from 1970 to 1995 which was wrote by mr Rashed Khan,some said that Mohd Rafi was workless from 1970 to 1980 all these flims he was workless!!!!!!KK fans are happy that Kummar Sanu copy KK but they don’t want say that Kummar Sanu said that he is better than KK…………….

  15. nadeem says:

    Hi fans, there is a great lot of rafi sahab songs collection filmi, non filmi,other languages in 250 Imported Audio Cassettes which contains more than 3000 songs mostly rares are going to sale Entire Lot Rs. 40000/= or Rs.100/=, Rs.150/= & Rs.200/= per cassette

    Please contact immediately in Mumbai

    email address:-
    cell no. 9920482737

  16. Shahbaz says:

    What a song Rafi Sahib sang for Sonic Omi. I have all the song of Muhammad Rafi sahib in this film. Every song of Muhammad Rafi Sahib is more precious then a gem which cannot be purchased by anyone. A song of this film Har Chehra Yahan Chand and Meri aankhon ke ujalay are also remarkable. I slute Muhammad Rafi sahib’s humanity and his art.
    As Manna Day said about Rafi Sahib, “Muhammad Rafi Male singer ki haisiyat se Indian Film Industry ka sub se bada ganay wala hai”. This is a universal truth which cannot be denied.
    greetings to all my Rafian friends

  17. ATM SALIM says:



  18. mohamed parvez says:

    i would like to request every body to go trough the old articles of rafisaab that you will find in archievs so that you will be to know more about rafi saab also i would like to request u post a comment on each article

  19. H.V.GURU MURTHY says:

    This film “Aabroo” had Deepak Kumar making his debut as a Hero (who incidentally did only one more film “Khoz”), Vimi (of “Humraaz” and “Patanga” fame and who faded away later) as Heroine, also starred Ashok Kumar and Nirupa Roy and Sonik Omi as MD. The film was also shot in Kashmir. The film was an average movie. The biggest plus were the songs. Three solos by Rafi – ‘Aap Se Pyaar Hua’ (Dopehlu with Asha), ‘Har Chehra Yahan Chaand’ and of course, ‘Yeh Zindagi Hai’ apart from a Mukesh solo – ‘Jinhe Hum Bhoolana Chahe’.

  20. P. Haldar says:

    Would “Koyi sagar dil ko bahalata nahin” (Dil Diya Dard Liya) fall in this category? Have been listening to this gem since I was a kid; never get tired of it. I especially love the part starting with “Zindagi ke aaine ko tor doon”; how beautifully Rafi modulated his voice for Dilip Kumar!

    Mr. Akela, you had earlier asked a question about P. Raj from Kolkata. He was what we used to call in Kolkata a “hotel singer”, meaning he used to sing at restaurants, bars, weddings, etc. I’ve heard him sing “Chalo dil daar chalo” at Kala Mandir in 1971. I doubt he ever sang with Rafi, though.

    There were many “nokol Rafis” (naqli Rafis) in Kolkata. One of them was Mohd (Munna) Aziz who along with Shabbir Kumar (from Surat) got a fair number of songs in the 80s. I didn’t want to bring up this point in the other forum, but the truth is that these naqli Rafis themselves were getting a large number of songs, including those for the reigning superstar, after Rafi passed away. Imagine what would have happened if Rafi were alive! I don’t understand how someone can compare any singer with the asli Rafi.

    Mr. Nair, you mentioned that RD had hit the bottle after a series of flops. Again, I must confess that I don’t know much about the post-1980 period. But I was wondering which song their loRD was singing to himself during that period: 1) Mujhe duniya walo sharabi na samjho 2) Sawan ke mahine mein 3) Kabhi na kabhi kahin na kahin koyi na koyi to ayega 4) Chhalkaye jaam or 5) Peete peete kabhi kabhi yun jaan badal jaati hai. Yes, all these songs came from a man who never touched alcohol; that’s really hard to believe, right? He was India’s first and foremost “acting singer”.

  21. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Right, Rafi Saheb is still alive with his magical voice.

  22. unknow1 says:

    Dear Hussein plz don’t use word of WAS when u say all rounder about Mohd Rafi because he will be until there human on the earth.
    I don’t know about the music jest but when I listen to KK or Mukesh or Manny Dey i think they are good singer but when I listen to Mohd Rafi jest I think how some compare Mohd Rafi with other singer,Who want to compare Mohd Rafi with any singer plz listen to Mohd Rafi song when u r writing to compare Mohd Rafi with some one.
    I don’t know what is high pitch or low pitch it was said by RD in 1980 after mohd Rafi died that his last song he singed with mohd Rafi as RD that was greatness of Mohd Rafi that he singed with me that he know that i can’t sing in low pitch Mohd Rafi almost sing the way other co singer can sing.
    Plz listen Mohd Rafi songs when ever Mohd Raf enter in a song late as in Film Kranti in Dilip Kumar voice and many more

  23. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Rafi Saheb was an all rounder, he was capable of singing any type of songs, He sang songs with ease and very comfortabely, he was music directors’ first choice.

  24. Pearl says:

    Dear Krishna Saheb,

    for heaven sake, don’t do such bullshits in future. If he said he is a great
    Kishore fan why did you start the argument ? Did he say something about
    Rafi ? shame on you, that for some stage singers you can can start debate
    and fight. Comparing Rafi and Kishore is your biggest mistake that too for
    the sake of this stage singer.

    My god !!! In that case, there are a number of singers who sing Kishore/Rafi/
    Mukesh songs. No point of doing silly on the basis of who they are fan of.

  25. Narayanan says:

    Excellent comments on the article above.
    Yes Krisha sir No one can come closer to Rafi Sahab and that is the reason the kk clone singer vanished when u challenged.
    For all lovers of Vintage music it is Rafi Sahab only and then followed by Lataji.

  26. Anmol Singh says:

    Rafi Saab has sung many songs in which he has been used at a much high pitch compared to the female counter part.

    Some examples
    Dekho Rutha Naa Karo – Rafi/Lata
    Chalo Dildaar Chalo – Rafi/Lata
    Ye Dekh Ke Dil Jhuma – Rafi/Asha
    Bahut Shukria Badi Mehrbani – Rafi/Asha
    Mein Pyaar Kaa Rahi Hun – Rafi/Asha
    He Unchi Unchi Baathon Se – Rafi/Usha (Mr Natwarlal)

    and many more.

  27. irfan says:

    Dear Mr Binu nair,P.Haldar,Mohan flora,Manish

    Thanks for your great insight into various songs sung by Rafisaab as well as the way you people always try to give in proper details and reasoning you people are also very ýgifted as you can jot down feelings into words
    .Wow Anmol singh jee, what an article you have written,Thanks a lot sire for the wonderful work done.

    I used to think that I was one of the greatest fans of Rafi saab and over the years I have seen so many much greater and dedicated Rafisaab’s fans that it makes my heart gladden with joy.
    Keep up the good work Dears.

    Thanks and Regards

  28. Raajkumar Akela says:

    nobody can heal a broken heart but time. yes, i have experience this. there
    was a time when someone broke my heart and i tried to find relief in songs
    like “mehfil se uth jane walon tum logon par kya ilzam..” and “tere pyar ne mujhe gham diya tere gham ki umrdaraz ho..” and “nigahen na fero chale jayenge hum..” and “fir wo bhuli-si yaad aayee hai..” etc. etc.
    with my broken heart, when i used to listen to thes songs I felt as if rafi saab
    was inside me and i was singing these songs to relieve myself.
    no doubt, this was rafi saab’s jadoo !!!

  29. Raajkumar Akela says:

    In this high pitch – low pitch discission I would like to add some new points.
    I love Lata tai’s voice next after rafi saab. she is really cuckoo.
    Rafi saab and lata tai have sung so many solo songs of the same lyric and in the same film. As for examlpe…
    1) Mere mehboob tujhe…
    2) Jab pyar kisise hota hai
    3) Ehsan tera hoga mujh par
    4) O mere shahe khuba
    5) Tum mujhe yun bhula na
    6) Teri aankhon ke siwa
    and many many more. And no doubt when we recall these songs… only
    one voice echoes in our ear and that is rafi saab’s. can anybody deny this ?
    lata tai also sang these song with her full ability, but just close your eyes and recall “Mere mehboob tujhe meri mohabbat ki kasam…” or recall “tum mujhe yun bhula na paoge…” and say truly whom you remember !
    I do not want to humiliate lata tai, as I have already written in the beginning she is my next favourite after rafi saab. But the fact is fact.

  30. H.V.GURU MURTHY says:

    Mr. Pearl,

    Perhaps ‘Ramiah Vastavayya’ from “Shree 420” can be a good example, where Rafiji sings in a high pitch where as Mukesh sings in a low pitch. Similarly, the difference between Rafi and Lata as for as high pitch singing is concerened is clearly noticeable in ‘Phool Hai Baharon Ka’ from “Jigri Dost”, as also in “Aadmi” song ‘Kaisi Hasin Aaj’ where Rafi appears to be effortless as compared to Talat. Also in the title song of “Pyaar Mohabbat” (Dev Anand and Saira Banu starrer), though Rafi is at high pitch as compared to Asha, still Rafi never wavers and matches Asha each line. Well, such examples are endless.

  31. Prakash shah says:

    Its good that many have sense of high pitch and low ,but only one ortwo word is not enough for a person like Rafiji.
    He is a king till hindi cinema survive.
    A film naming chambal ki kasam has a duet lata-rafiji under batonof khayyam, as well aadmi musafir hai from Apnapan and darde dil darde jigar from karz and a song with kishore -rafi from deedare yaar and a solo under MD usha khanna hum is tarah se form aap to aise na can be cosider some of the last songs of rafiji and are my favourite along with othrs.

  32. Pearl says:


    Yes, you are right. Rafi Saheb’s skill was amazing. High pitch, low pitch that too with
    perfection and melody. It’s tough. But Amar Akbar Anthony doesn’t seem to be a
    good example. I listened to it, and I loved all the singers. I think they sang in high and
    low pitch with ease. This is not an example of that kind. All 3 sound equally good
    and melodious. Hope someone will provide songs where Rafi’s high pitch is notable
    preferably duets.

  33. mohanflora says:

    A connoisseur of Hindi film songs can discern that Rafisaab felt more comfortable in higher tones. In fact on entering the high ranges he made the song sound so easy and would prefer to stay there whereas even brilliant singers like Mukeshji and Kishoreda felt uneasy in the high pitch and would want to make a hasty retreat to the lower ranges! Just note their duets together as in Amar Akbar Anthony and Dostana and many others and you will note the difference. Rafisaab shone the brightest in all ranges!

  34. Anmol Singh says:

    Most of the high pitch songs sung by Rafi Saab are effortless. There are many songs where the mukhda of the song is sung at very high pitch. For example “Wakht Se Din Aur Raat”, “Dil Ek Mandir Hai”, “Nafrat Ki Duniya”, “Mujhe Teri Mohabaat Ka”, etc.

    Then there are songs where he starts on higher tone and gradually comes down on lower note. Example “Ek Hasin Sham Se”, “Ye Dekh Ke Dil Jhuma”, “Akele Akele Kahan Jaa Re Ho”, etc.

    His switching of scales is so effortless that it makes singing appear very simple. But when attempted by someone else then one understand Rafi Saab better.

  35. H.V.GURU MURTHY says:

    After Rafi Saab emerged in the forties, the Music Directors could explore the Singer in hitherto unheard of ranges. Rafi could maintain his melody at very high pitch as well as at very low pitch. Just listen to ‘Tumse Kahun’ solo from “Dastak” or ‘Pukarta Chala Hun Main’ from “Mere Sanam” or ‘Ek Shahanashah Ne’ from “Leader” or ”Ye Kooche Ye Galiyan’ from “Pyaasa” all sung at low pitch. Contrast this with other songs sung at high pitch like ‘O Duniya Ke Rakhawale’ from “Baiju Bawra” or ‘Yahoo’ from “Junglee” or ‘Cuckoo’ from “Farz” or ‘Zindabad Zindabad’ from “Mughal-E-Azam”. The melody at whichever pitch, is maintained thoughout the song. A perfect example will be ‘Ye Mahalo Ye Takhto’ from “Pyaasa”. Rafiji commences at very low pitch but reaches the crescendo at the end ‘Jalado Jalado’. Who can sing such songs? I am a great admirer of Lataji also who has enthralled music lovers for the past five decades. But let us admit that when it came to singing at high pitch she was also found wanting. The only two singers who could be compared to Rafi while singing high pitch songs were Mannadey and Mahendra Kapoor.

  36. Raajkumar Akela says:

    Krishna is very much right. I am also from music field and I know that it is very difficult to sing certain songs sang by Rafi Saab. He was the only singer who could sing in three octaves. The more high pitch the more melody in his voice. This was possible only in Rafi saab’s voice. other singers lose their
    vocal melody when they go to high pitch, but Rafi saab’s voice sounded more melodious when he sang in high pitch. this quality was given to only rafi saab
    by the nature. and one mero one can sing a song without rhythm, but rafi saab made this impossible possible in film “LAL QUILA”. Listen to the song “NA KISIKI AANKH KA NOOR HOON…”
    Who else can do this miracle ? Kishor kumar or manna dey or mahendra kapoor or mukesh ?
    The fact is that no music director will dare composing such a song for these singers as they do not deserve the quality. Even if they sing, probably nobody will appreciate the song.
    to sing a song without rhythm… it needs heavenly blessings.

  37. javifazl says:

    Dear unknown: I like your thoughts

  38. javifazl says:

    Thanks for the article and the rare photo

  39. unknow1 says:

    to KK fans,
    why we don’t compare Mukesh,Talat.Hemant,Manna Dey with Mohd Rafi because all these singers they said that Mohd Rafi is better singer than them offourse it is greatness of them but it is true.when we speak about Kishoreda there RD name come out why?Kishoreda was good singer but not Mohd Rafi or Manna Det or Mukesh class…………
    I don’t want to write in KK site and I hope that Mohd Rafi all fans will do the same

  40. Anmol Singh says:

    Thanks for this wonderfull photograph of Rafi Saab, always Cheerfull 🙂

  41. KRISHNA says:

    Dear Friends,

    Last Saturday evening I came accross a guy who is a great KK fan. He sung a KK song on the stage and I went to him requesting him to sing one Rafi Song. He said he didnt have the tune and said he is a great KK fan. I then entered into some arguments with him. Finally he took my number and said he is open for challenges but has never called me till now. I asked him if he can sing two of the songs. MADHUBAN ME RADHIKA AND O DUNIYAKE RAKHWALE. Poor fellow where will he go.. He was supposed to me a RJ of FM Radio City 91.1 He tried singing Churaliya he Tumne jo dilko and I said it is him who is singing and not Rafi Saab. I then hummed a tune like how it should be sung.. No answer from him. Then came a challenge about KK singing MERE NAINA SAWAN BHADO.. There are atleast 10 songs I have heard from Rafi Sahab in that RAAG, to say, BAHAROAN PHOOL BARASAAVO. Is that not enough.. Finally I said, Mohammed Rafi is for the Soul and may be KK is for the body alone. Long Live Rafi Sahab.. Where is this guy missing…

  42. Narayanan says:

    Thanks for the article and the rare photo of our Guruji Rafi Saab with the versatile late actor Davidji.
    This is a very rare photo of our legend.
    Thanks once more . Also can someone send this superb song to my email id
    Long Live Rafi Saab,
    Rafi Saab always will live amongst all music lovers amd innumerable fans FOREVER.

  43. mohamed parvez says:

    dear hussein sheikh saab i need meri ankhon ke ujale that song my email id is if u have rare songs of rafi saab u can send me i will give u name o the film-milap-shaayad-aman-ek naari do roop

  44. unknow1 says:

    Maybe u KK fans will say that Rajesh Khanna said if u say that u wrong yes Rajesh Khanna said the KK singed the way as I am singing,plz listen to Mohd Rafi songs was singed for Rajesh Khanna and also sone said from KK Fans that Rajesh Khanna said that the was song singed by Anwer If there was Mohd Rafi maybe be can’t sing as singed by Anwer!!!!!!!?????
    there was no one in KK site to write and put topic Mohd Rafi Vs KK!!!!and this topic bron

  45. binus2000 says:

    Dear unknown: I like your thoughts..

    But I cant understand your language on what you want to say.
    Thanks for being a great rafi saab lover


  46. unknow1 says:

    for KK fans
    how they can say to Mohd Rafi to sing in Abhiman because if u look the story of the flim Lata ji was the winner and she singed better than KK(Bachchan),As said that flim Abhiman was one of mr bachchan best flims as a actor,who said that KK was at top from 1970 t0 1976?when Rishi Kapoor and flim said to Madan Mohan to use KK in flim Laila Majnu but Madan Mohan said no way plz put kk in these songs.
    Why u KK fans d don’t answer what asked?why it said that music born in late 1940’s was baby in 1950’s was young in 1960’s was old in 1970’s and died in 1980’s?if u r honest u will see only Mohd Rafi it,
    Dear KK fans please give one name if u take kk out from him u will not get anything from him?about Mohd Rafi said by them if there was no Mohd Rafi there was no O P Nayar,Naushand said Mohd Rafi was 50% in his Music,Shammi Kapoor said mohd Rafi was his voice…………………..

  47. Hussein Sheikh says:

    There are two more songs from ‘Aabroo’ – Meri aankhon ke Ujaale… and Aap se Pyaar Hua… by Rafi Saheb and both are beautifully sung, specially the first one is a song, a hope on brother….. I have these songs anybody wish to have can mail me….
    Hussein sheikh, Burundi, Central Africa.

  48. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Sonik-Omi’s favourite singer was Rafi Saheb, even in their first film, ‘Dil Ne Phir Yaad Kiya’, they had used Rafi Saheb’s voice and what great songs they created. In short, Rafi Saheb was every music director’s choice.

  49. Hussein Sheikh says:

    A very nice song really, only Rafi saheb could sing such nicely. Apart from this nice song, “Aabroo” has another beautiful song – ‘Har Chehra Yahaan Chaand to Har Zarra Nazaara…’, so nicely rendered by Rafi saheb, that one can hear oftenly. Rafi Saheb’s voice was/is a magical blessed by the above Almighty.

  50. mohamed parvez says:

    this song is all time favorite song of rafi saab this is one of the best combination of rafi saab and sonik omi thanks or this article

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