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Some Rare Diamonds of Rafi Saab – 2

This article is written by Mr. B.Venkatadri.

Some Rare Diamonds of Rafi Saab - 2We all know many pairs of songs that are somewhat similar in tunes either in the Mukhda or in the Antara, in many cases because both the songs in the pair were based on the same classical Raaga. But, we do not come across very often pairs of songs that are almost identical in tune both in the Mukhda and also the Antara. Today, let us deal with two such pairs, keeping others for a later date.

Friends, Iqbal Quereshi is one of my favorite Music Directors and belonged to my city, Hyderabad. He has composed two such songs, both duets of Rafi Saab, which are identical in tune both in Mukhda and also Antara. The only difference is that one duet was of Rafi-Lata , the other identically tuned one being of Rafi-Asha. And both are excellent songs.

Mohd Rafi with Iqbal Quershi
Mohd Rafi with Iqbal Quershi

The Rafi-Lata duet was composed first by Iqbal Quereshi for the 1962 film, Banarasi Thug(1962). It goes thus: ”Aaj Mausam Ki Masti Mein Gaaye Pawan”

Listen to Aaj Mausam Ki Masti

The identically tuned Rafi-Asha duet, also composed by Iqbal Quereshi, came later for the famous Film:Cha Cha Cha(1964). It goes thus:”Ek Chameli Ki Mandve Thale, Maikade Se Zara Door Mukh Mod”. This song would have certainly rung the bell for many readers, as it is later and more popular than its identical twin by Rafi-Lata from Banarasi Thug!

Listen to Ek Chameli Ke

Hear for yourself both the songs and keep wondering why Iqbal Quereshi has tuned two such identical songs in two different films !

Next, N.Datta is another favorite MD of mine. When you talk of N.Datta, one song you instantly remember is “Dil Ki Tamanna Thhi Masti Mein” from Film:Gyara Hazar Ladkiyan(1962).

Mohd Rafi with G.P.Sippy and N.Dutta
Mohd Rafi with G.P.Sippy and N.Dutta

But, I am now talking of two of N.Datta’s other songs which are both sung by Rafi Saab as solos and which are both identically tuned both in Mukhda and Antara. The first one was composed by N.Datta for a Film called Mohini(1957). It goes thus:”Kya Kya Na Sitam Tujh Pe Huve Mehlon Ki Rani”

Listen to Kya Kya Na Sitam Tujh Pe

The second and later one was also composed by N.Datta for the 1959 film:Dhool Ka Phool(1959) in a tune that is identical to the above song from Film:Mohini(1957). And it goes thus:”Tu Hindu Banega Na Musalmaan Banega, Insaan Ki Aulad Hai”. I am sure this song is known to many Rafi fans, being the more popular one than its twin from Film:Mohini(1957).

Listen to Tu Hindu Banega Na Musalmaan

So, why don’t you hear these two songs also and tell me why N.Datta, quite like Iqbal Quereshi above, too had chosen to make two songs of identical tune in two different films? I will write my guess on the reason for this, in the subsequent comment posts.

Mind you, friends, both the songs in each of the above two pairs are identical in tune for all practical purposes, both in Mukhda and Antara. That’s what makes them special. What is also special is that Rafi Saab figures in both pairs!

Otherwise, we have many other pairs wherein both the songs are somewhat similar either in Mukhda or in Antara, but not in both. We are not talking of those.

Also, check the video of Tu Hindu Banega Na Musalmaan

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36 Blog Comments to “Some Rare Diamonds of Rafi Saab – 2”

  1. CA Sanjay D. Shah says:

    Dear all,
    I love one non filmy song by Mohd. Rafi where one of the stanzas is,
    “Mal mal ke banayi thi tasweer e mohabbat
    Apne hi hatho se mitayee nahin jaati.”
    Can any one guide me, from where to down load this gem?

  2. sudhir dwivedi says:

    awesome work…….I have got a list which I am sharing here.but can any one provide me link to download aal thse songs……….if ny one knows it then pls mail me at……

    1. “Ek Chameli Ki Mandwe Tale”–Film: Cha Cha Cha(1964)—MD:Iqbal Quereshi–Rafi and Asha

    2. “Aaj Mausam Ki Masti Mein Gaaye Pawan”–Film:Banarasi Thug(1962)—MD:Iqbal Quereshi—Rafi and Lata

    Pair 2—This is actually a Triplet!

    1. “Tu Hind Bane Ya na Musalmaan Banega, Insaan Ki Aulad”—Film:Dhool Ka Phool(1959)—MD:N.Datta—Rafi

    2. “Kya Kya Na Sitam Tujh Pe Huve Mehlon Ki Raani”—Film:Mohini(1957)—MD:N.Datta—Rafi

    3. “Gham Hon Ke Sitam Tu Kabhi Aansoo Na Bahana”–MOVIE : NAI MAA (1960)–MUSIC : RAVI–Rafi

    Pair 3

    1. “Main Kal Phir Milungi”–Film:Dr.Vidya(1962)–MD:SDB–Rafi & Lata

    2. “Kisi Ki Mohabbat Mein”–Film:Kaise Kahoon(1964)–MD:SDB–Rafi & Asha

    Pair 4

    1. “Parwadigarey Aalam Tera Hi Hai Sahara….Film: Haatim Tai(1956)–MD:S.N.Tripathi–Rafi

    2. “Choota Watan Hamara ,Hafiz Khuda Tumhara…Film:Khuda Ka Banda(1957)–MD:S.N.Tripathi–Rafi

    Pair 5

    1.”Agar Milgayi Mujhko, Rah-e-Madina, Mohammed Ke Nakshe”–Islamic devotional–Rafi

    2. “Unhe Qissa-e-Gham”–Non-Filmi–Rafi

    Pair 6

    1. “Hue Hum Jin Ke Liye Barbaad”–Film:Deedar(1951)–MD:Naushad–Rafi

    2. “Basi Hai Dil Mein Nabi Ki Yaad”–Islamic Naat–Rafi

    Pair 7

    1. “Har Bekass Ke GhamKhaar Ho Tum”–Islamic Devotional–Md:Khayyam–Rafi

    2. “Mere Geeton Ka Singhaar Ho Tum”–Non-Filmi–MD:Khayyam–Rafi

    Pair 8

    1. “Pyar Ke Sagar Se Nikli–Ek Jhoot Hai Jis Ka Duniya Ne”–Film:Jadoo(1951)–MD:Naushad–Rafi

    2. “Jab Se Nabi Aankhon Mein–Yeh Haal Hai Mera Kursat Mein” –Islamic Devotional-Rafi

    Pair 9

    1.”So Ja Sanam Teri Jawan Palkon Tale”–Film:Rocky Mera Naam(1973)–MD:Sapan Jagmohan–Rafi

    2. “Pyaar Lage Raat Aur Din Ka Yeh Milan Pyar Ki”–Film:Habari(1979)–MD:Sapan Jagmohan–Rafi & Sulakshana Pandit

    Pair 10

    1. “Bol Bol Bol My Little Dove”—Film:Baap Bete(1959)—MD:Madan Mohan–Rafi

    2. “Kaun Yeh Aaya Mehfil Mein”—Film:Dil Deke Dekho(1959)–MD:Usha Khanna—Rafi & Asha

  3. Ashok Parekh says:

    Ref: post 14 by balushi & 15 by Narayanan

    I had posted my letter on 10th with the title, “R D Burman’s utter disregard for Rafisaab in respect of the same article in Hindustan Times supplement Cafe dt. 4th Jan. Since I could not place the said web page, I quoted relevant portion which was removed by from public view. Shri Manish Kumar in his post dated 11th advised me to keep cool saying, “Don’t jump the gun too quick! Think patiently & calmly first! This interview is FABRICATED! RD Burman never believed those quotes. It is very sad that Raju Bharathan has to unjustly defame a great talent & human being like RD by giving fabricated quotes! Raju Bharathan is the same writer who gave suspicious “quotes” from Rafi Sahab himself. The comments toward Talat Mahmood appeared very unlike the Rafi Sahab that many insiders in music industry personally knew and unanimously stated was a saint. Raju Bharathan is the same man who said Mohammed Rafi’s “Baabul Ke Dua” was a “vocal gimmick” (the song where Rafi Sahab cried during the recording because it reminded him of his daughter he gave away 2 days before). He is also the writer that instigated and supported Anil Biswas interview “Rafi was no singer”. I have 0 respect for this “journalist”. His commentary has often appeared very unintelligent. Raju Bharathan’s trash will inevitably perish but Rafi Sahab’s golden voice will always be like sunlight for new generations to enjoy – they will hear for themselves & decide. Pay not attention to such dribble!”
    What I want now to say is that same Raju Bharatan again came with a write on 12th Jan on 90th birthday of C. Ramchandra and in last para wrote about C. Ramchandra’s similar feelings as RDB for Rafisaab. However, in his subsequent article on 14th titled, NO SECOND RENDITIONS.. under the column MAUSM HAI MUSICANA, he has strongly defended Rafisaab stating among others that Shanker Jaikishan and o P Nayyar had no problem with him for long years and and summed up with Nausad saabs words, “Even as I rehearsed Rafi for, say, Aaye naa baalam in Raag Gaud Sarang going on Bharat Bhooshan in Shabab, this tenor knew there wouldn’t be any change for tune. The composer seeking a change of tune after rehearsingthe singer is no comper at all!” ” If the mausiqaar doesn’t know his own mind,”” observed Naushad, ‘how does he intereact with a total composer-follower like Rafi” Remember, once you played something like Koee Saagar in Raag Kalavati to Rafi, it got printed in his mind – bas chhap gayaa samajiye.” INDEED, A SIMPLE READER LIKE ME FIND IT DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND RAJU BHARATAN.

    BTW I should not forgot that I am writing this in response to GREAT series of “Some Rare Diamonds of Rafi Saab” by our learned and knowledeable Shri B. Venkatdriji. I sincerely and eagarly await further links to the series. MY MOST SINCERE APPRECIATION TO SHRI VENKATDRIJI FOR ALL HIS EFFORTS AND SELFLESS DESIRE TO SHARE HIS VAST REPERTOIRE.

    Ashok Parekh

  4. Aseer says:

    i remember another pair, this time by lesser known Sapan Jagmohan.
    two songs, so ja sanam from rocky mera naam and pyara lage pyara lage , i dont rremember the movie…… with the same tune.

    and both sung by Rafi sahab

  5. A S MURTY says:

    thanks very much Mr. Shirish Kulkarni for the information on dharwad and hubli etc. it would be good if photographs and other details of these events there are known to all of us.

  6. Ref: Post 18
    Dear Murthy Ji,
    I just spoke to my relatives in Dharwar. Yes, it is a fact that a function is held every year on 24th Dec to commemorate the birthday of Rafi Sahab. One orchestra is held in Hubli and another one in Dharwar. I have requested Mr. Mohan Shirhatti of Dharwar to send me some photographs. His contact number is 094499 14843. He himself is a great fan of Rafi Sahab and also a good singer.

    Shirish Kulkarni
    98204 52562

  7. Ref: Post 26
    Govind Kumar Sahab,
    Can i have your contact number pl?

    Shirish Kulkarni
    98204 52562

  8. b.venkatadri says:

    The main purpose of this series is to enjoy and discuss some of Rafi Saab’s rare and lesser-known diamonds. This series, if encouraged by patrons, can run for at least two to three years!

    I thought this is a more fruitful exercise compared to writing articles after articles on Rafi Saab at a macro level and in generalities! Just an observation!


  9. b.venkatadri says:

    Gobind Kumar Ji,

    Welcome on board! “Ab Woh Karam Kare” is a great solo and also qualifies as somewhat ‘rare’. The other SJ solo, “Aaye Bahar Ban Ke Lubha”is a divine solo, though not that rare.

    Incidentally and coincidentally, Siva’s theme of Rafi Saab’s duets with Male Co-singers is the next part of this series. Shall be grateful for the continued participation by all you, connoisseurs!


  10. Beautiful article Mr.Ventadiri, I want to add a song “Maine chand aur sitaro ke tamana ki thi” from the film “Chandrakanta”, by N.Dutta, what a beautiful song it is. Another one from Qureshisahab “Subah na Aayi Sham na aayi”, the last alap which rafisahab sings such a way that the cloud burst into tears. what a superb songs conducted by this 2 great music directors.

  11. Govind Kumar says:

    Two of my personal favourites are the exquisite ‘Ab Woh Karam Kare’ from
    the film ‘ Marine Drive’ composed by N.Dutta and the soulful ‘Aaye Bahaar
    Banke ‘ from ‘Rajhath’ composed by Shanker Jaikishen. I can listen to these
    songs a million times over and still yearn for more such is magic of Rafi Saab’s divine voice.

  12. Govind Kumar says:

    Another superb duet of Rafi Saab’s with Talat Mahmood was ‘Gham Ki Andheri Raat me Dil ko na Beqarar Kar’ from the film ‘ Sushila’

  13. P. Haldar says:

    ref post 22:

    mr. siva, the manna-rafi duet “tu hai mera prem devta” is from kalpana (music by op), and I think that the rafi-talat duet you cannot recall is “gam ki andheri raat mein” from sushila (music by c. arjun). Both these songs are outstanding.

  14. Nadeem says:

    Good article Iqbal Qureshi was really a very tallented music director. I often very impressed by his music, but alas he didn’t get success as a star music director while he had right. His unremarkable compsition in 1) Kawwali Ki Raat. 2) Chaa Chaa Chaa, 3) Daastane-E-Laila Majnu & Etc. In Daastane-E-Laila Majnu what agreat experiement he did as nowadays A.R. Rahman did in LAGAN He mixed both Hindi & English in same raaga very beautifuly in a song “O re chori… Maine payar tumhi…” same thing he had done in this film He mixed how beautifully two situations song in a same songs and same ragga i.e “Subah Chale Sham Chale Zindagi Ka Qafila” P;z listen and imagine his tallents

  15. Siva says:

    Thanks to Mr Venkatdri & Mr Binu for their kind words. Rafi saab had the unique distinction of singing many duets -not only with female singers (which is a normal thing in film songs) but also with many male singers. I had given few examples in my earlier posts. Few more gems that come to my mind:
    1) Tu hai mera prem devta with Manna da(I do not know the film)
    2) Kaisi hasin aaj , baharon ki raat hai, ek chand…with Talat (and also with Mahendra Kapoor in the film version of the song) from Aadmi-music;Naushad ji
    3) Phir tumhari yaad aayi ae sanam with Manna da (Rustom Sohrab); music :Sajjad
    4) Few later period songs like bane chahe dushman zamana hamar with Kishor in Dostana
    I am unable to recollect one more such duet with Talat, which I shall inform once I remember.
    One more interesting anecdote-this one I heard from Pyarelal in a program in radio: Rafi saab was very fond of Chai, that too a special one with Badam, Pista added which his wife used to make and he used to take it for recordings. Pyarelal used to tease Rafi saab by asking for that Chai which he was reluctant to part with!!
    Also Rafi saab was so shy that when he wanted to record some Non-filmy ghazals & bhajans, he invited Khayyam saab to lucnh at home and his brother-in-law raised this topic!! He had felt that the same type of filmy songs gave him all the recognition and fame, but not self -satisfaction. This he got from these gems like “Tere bharose he nandlal”, dard-e-minashkese (Ghalib’s ghazal)
    Hope some of may be aware that he had sung the Telugu version of “Aaja tujhko pukare mere geet re, mere meet re”. In spite of singing in a south indian language, his pronounciation was perfect. I always feel sad that he never sang in my mother tongue Tamil(to the best of my knowledge)

  16. Pramod Survase says:

    Hi . Rafi Has always been the epitome of ever lasting fantastic songs ..

  17. Dr. Khaja Aliuddin says:

    Janab Venkatadri saheb, Adab Araz hai. You are 100% correct. I am Pakka Hyderabadi. Saleem is my childhood friend. I am the distributor of his book, “Biography of Mohd. Rafi with two CDs” in USA. Venkat Anna, I am a die-hard fan of Mohd. Rafi Saheb. But infront of you and Saleem, my knowledge about Rafi Sahebs songs is very minimal. Many salams to all Rafians.
    Long live Rafi Saheb,
    With regards,
    Dr. Khaja Aliuddin

  18. Rajnath Singh says:

    It is trum card played by Advani. he demand Bharat Ratna to Atal Bihari, most probably on republic day govt. announce bharat ratna to any single person.

    only once time govt. gave three bharat ratna to sardarpatel, netaji bose & rajiv gandhi.

    Very rare chances to give bharat ratna this time more than one person, who will be either Rafi Saab, Atal bihari or someone else.

    But demand by Advani its really trouble for getting Bharat Ratna for Rafi Saab.

  19. A S MURTY says:

    ref post 11 by Mr binu nair. i was told by mr shashank chickermane (he has written an article posted on this site earlier) that in Dharwad town (karnataka) every year on the 24th dec and 31st july a procession is taken out in memory of rafi sahab. there are no photoes available as yet with mr shashank chickermane but maybe one of the ‘rafians’ visiting this site can throw light on the nature of the procession and who these activists are and what other programmes they conduct in the name of rafi sahab. also if one can collect photographs of their activities etc it would be great stuff for sargam magazine and this site too. i also understand from mr shashank chickermane that in malleswaram area of bangalore, there is a cyber-cafe owned by a very elderly gentleman who has seen rafi sahab’s concerts in bangalore city years ago and has many an anecdote of rafi sahab’s visit to bangalore city. may be our narayanan sahab can get more information on this. i am adding these here because this page is the latest to be visited by all the rafians for its otherwise good writeup on the ‘pair’ songs by mr venkatadri.

  20. Najeeb Koya says:

    I thank Sri.B.Venkatadri for giving us a couple of sweet songs of Rafi Saab. I also appreciate him for analysing the unusual behaviour of two great music directors(by recreating a same tune used in a former film) from an entirely different angle. I personally feel that this is because of the fact that their favourite tunes with high expectations, went unnoticed & unaccepted by the public in the first instant; so that they wanted to retry it again and made them a hit.
    I have noticed Salil Choudhry using his hit Hindi Film tunes in Malayalam and Bengali as he might have felt that the people of Bengal & Kerala should be given a chance to enjoy those great creations.

  21. b.venkatadri says:

    Reg. posts no.s 12 and 13.

    Dr. Aliuddin Bhai, Lagta Hai Ki Aap Bhi Hyderabadi Hain, Ya Hyderabad Se Kuch Na Kuch Talluqat Hogi!

    You are spot on in your statistics reg. Iqbal Qureshi and N.Datta and also Dattaram! What is the secret of your correctness? Janab Salim-ul-Haq? Just joking.

    Many thanks for your appreciation of the songs presented. Please keep posting.



  22. Narayanan says:

    post 14 yes Balushi sir
    Yes we have to collectively sue Raju Bharatan for his such blunders n follies for misquoting and Iam surprised that he claims to be a bigger fan of Rafi sahab.
    kindly get the email id of Hindustn Times feedback to the editor and we all will send our protest to them.
    The same Raju was praising Rafi sahab on the death n birth annvrsary tributes articles in HT.

  23. Dr. Khaja Aliuddin says:

    Venkatadri Anna, Sorry, actually I wanted to tell you about music director N.Dutta. Rafi Saheb sang 49 solos, 51 duets and two corus songs with him. Please correct me if I am not.
    Long live rafi Saheb,
    With regards,
    Dr. Khaja Aliuddin

  24. Dr. Khaja Aliuddin says:

    Venkatadri Anna, Namaste aur Adab Araz hai. Your selection of these songs itself shows that you have extensive knowledge and taste about Rafi saheb’s songs. Rafi Saheb sang 34 solos, 38 duets and one chorus with music director, Mr. Iqbal Qureshi. With Mr. Datta Ram, Rafi Saheb sang 10 solos, 13 duets and two chorus.
    Long live Rafi Saheb,
    With regards,
    Dr. Khaja Aliuddin

  25. binus2000 says:

    Sivaji: rafi saab ka aawaaz : ” gods ” ka aawaz hai…..

    Not less , not more….

    let’s all spread the “magic” of our ‘bharat ka ratan’ and pls
    do send anecdotes and rafi saab related matters to
    sargam magazine – published from mumbai…

    binu nair… the rafi foundation….

  26. b.venkatadri says:

    Well-said, Siva Ji. Many thanks to Messrs. Unknow1, Biman Baruah, Hussain Sheikh and Mohammed Parvez for their comments.

    I said in this article that I would give my guess on the reason for Iqbal Quereshi, N.Datta and later SDB also repeating the same tune for two different songs from two different films.

    When Iqbal Quereshi tuned this very nice Aaj Mausam Ki Masti song (Rafi-Lata) for Film:Banarasi Thug(1962), he must have been disappointed that it did not become a great hit and did not get the credit it deserved. So, he must have tried the same tune in a later/higher-profile film, Cha Cha Cha and this time, it became a great hit!

    So also with N.Datta and SDB for his pair, which I have not named above.


  27. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Nice continued article by Mr. Venkatadri. Nice and beautiful rare songs mentioned by you in the article. One can go on hear these songs.

  28. biman baruah says:

    venkatadri sir . my best complements for sharing the rare rafi gems. we would like to know more about such rare rafi gems from you later also . please e-mail me some such rare rafi gems to me, i will be ever thankful to you.

    biman baruah
    sivasgar, assam

  29. Siva says:

    Mr Venkatadri–thanks a lot for the two rare songs ” Aaj Mausam ki masti ” and “Kya kya na sitam”. Many of us have not heard these-they are exactly like their respective popular pairs. Iqbal Quereshi and Sajjad Hussain are my favourites too-many of the songs from Cha Cha Cha are masterpieces of Rafi saab. Wo hum na thi wo tum na thi, Subah na ayee, shaam na ayee jis din teri yaad na ayee are from this movie. In the last lines of ‘subah na ayee’ song Rafi saab as usual reaches the peak with aa..jaao, aa jaao.

    I would like to share an anecdote about Rafi saab, Kishore & Mukes which I heard in radio few months back. It seems Rafi Saab & Mukesh were once together and were feeling a bit sad for Kishore that he was not getting the songs that he also deserved.(Note the selfless attitude in those days compared with the high ego in singers of today). Rafi saab then said to Mukesh that wait till we fade away from the scene-Kishore shall definitely get his due. This reveals the ultimate humility & greatness of Rafi saab. There cannot be a great human being & singer than Rafi saab. This differentiates his songs as it is directly from his heart & soul.

  30. mohamed parvez says:

    dear venkatadri ji thanx for posting rare songs i am looking forward to lot of rare songs in future

  31. unknow1 says:

    Tu Hindu Banega Na Musalmaan Banega,jest listen to this u will feel that ur only a human not Hindu or muslim.I thing this song can stop war between muslim and hindu if we used goodway by media

  32. binus2000 says:

    two songs I recollect which rafi lovers will love…

    Caravan gujar gayee written by kavi neeraj tuned by roshan saab

    and woh hum na the, woh tum na ti…… composed by iqbal quereshi…

    binu nair… the rafi foundation…

  33. b.venkatadri says:

    A.S.Murthy garu, many thanks for your appreciation which also shows how keen and tasteful a listener you are. In fact, there are a few other such (almost) identical pairs, all of Rafi Saab only! One such pair belongs to S.D.Burman during early sixties, once again the ealier one being not so popular and the later one being quite popular. And one is a Rafi-Lata duet and the other is a Rafi-Asha duet, as above in I.Quereshi’s case! Let us see whether we can bring in those at a later date.

    Binu Ji, thanks for the appreciation. I will work on your proposal and send it to you in due course.


  34. binus2000 says:

    well done : mr venkatadri…

    there are some real gems of rafi saab which are really immortal.
    can u send me a list of hundred such songs for our sargam magazine
    for its march issue.. with an introduction of yourself with ur pictures.

    the magic of rafi saab has to be spread and we will do our
    small bit…

    binu nair. .. the rafi foundation..mumbai..

  35. A S MURTY says:

    Fantastic compilation of this ‘pairs’ of songs with same tune in the mukhada and antara and that too a ‘pair of pairs’ and to top it all it has rafi sahab donning the mike in all four of these songs. good stuff and many of us would not have not this hidden aspect in rafi sahab’s singing career. i thank mr venkatadri for bringing out this to the fore and to the knowledge of all of us. i had heard the first ‘pair’ example through mr venkatadri himself here in hyderabad but was not aware of the ‘second pair’ so far. great article, keep it up.

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