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Depiction of a Blind Love: Apni Aankhon Mein Basakar


There is a saying that ‘love makes someone blind’. What if a blind man falls in love? How can love be depicted through his blind eyes? The song ‘Apni Aankhon Mein Basakar‘ illustrates the truth that love has only one constraint- it should be between two devoted souls. If there is a devoted soul to understand the feel of love, you need not have the eyes to see the beauty of it, nor do you need the words to express the feelings of your heart.

How can love be so beautiful for a blind person? The song ‘Apni Aankhon Mein Basakar‘ explains it. The singer wishes to profess his love for his beloved by placing her in his eyes. If the lady in love is contained in his eyes, the effect of the love is automatically absorbed to his heart. He wishes to absorb the beauty of her love through her smile. He visualizes the entire world through the love of his beloved. The world has bestowed him with whole of the happiness through his love. In return to the eternal happiness, he is promising her to absorb all her sorrows to his heart.

Can ‘Apni Aankhon Mein Basakar‘ be considered as a throbbing of a silly soul, stricken by an infatuation? Of course, not. The depth of their love can be grasped by the deepest wish of the singer to make a passionate love towards his beloved.

Through the lyrics of the song ‘Apni Aankhon Mein Basakar‘ Sajan Dehelvi imparted a sensational feel about love to the lovers of the genre of the Bollywood of the 70’s.

Almost all the movies of Bollywood have depicted love in different forms, and many songs have been created from time immemorial to give life to the loving couples. However, the song ‘Apni Aankhon Mein Basakar‘ distinguishes itself from a large number of other songs, in its music quality, lyrics, and above all the voice of Rafi Sahab.

Mohd RafiMohammed Rafi, the legendary singer who immortalized many loving souls, once again struck the loving couples of the world with this song ‘Apni Aankhon Mein Basakar‘ in the movie ‘Thokar’. Mohammed Rafi – Sajan Dehelvi – Shyamji Ghanshyamji trio is behind the creation of this great romantic song of the era.

Rafi had been selected as the debateless singer for this song just because of the versatility he possessed in his singing. Being a maestro in Indian classical music and a variety of other Indian music, Rafi saab had been the perfect choice for a large number of movie songs for more than three decades.

The movie ‘Thokar’ directed by Dilip Bose was released in 1974. The theme of the story teaches the world a very important lesson that money cannot give the ultimate satisfaction to any soul. It can be achieved only through the power of eternal love.

Download: Apni Aankhon Mein Basakar
Film: Thokar (1974)
Music: Shyam Ji Ghanshyam Ji
Lyrics: Sajan Dehlavi

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41 Blog Comments to “Depiction of a Blind Love: Apni Aankhon Mein Basakar”

  1. Noor Farooq says:

    this is a beautifull song specialy 4 husband n wife

  2. Kanji Patel From UK says:

    Dear Sanjay,

    The song ” O meri sun le Din-Dayal ……” is from the film DUS LAKH starring Sanjay and Babita. The song was picturised on late Om Prakash.

  3. Rakesh says:

    I am looking for song by Rafi- O meri sun le dindyaal kar de mujhko maalamaal mero lottory nikal.Any idea which movie

  4. sanger padman says:

    dear who evr it may concern,
    love s indeed blind,that s why evn if the lvr btrays the lover she is still praying for his wellbeing.i am a ardent fan of rafi songs

  5. sanjay patel says:

    rafi came to planet earth to destroy the evils of music. I remember; music director Vasant Desai once said that ” rafi ek shapit gandharva tha jo apne prayshcit ke liye dharti par aaya tha” his singing will still be there even after humanity will not be there..

  6. Narayanan says:

    Dear Sur,
    The Jugnu song is in this website . kindly browse for the articles patiently. u will find them. I do not remember the month but it was shown in feb/march 07. for any help write to the webs email id

  7. sur says:

    does anyone has a video/song for movie jugnu( 1947) rafi sahib acted in that

  8. Ganesh says:

    Can anybody send me the following songs plz

    1) Jab Jab Apna Mel Hua (Mahua)
    2) Mere Bhagwan Tu (Bazaar)
    3) Jane Walon Ka Gham To (Kali Ghata)


  9. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Music Director Shyamji Ghanshamji scored nice songs in “Dheun Ki Lakeer” as well, the song ‘Daur Woh Aa Gaya Dil Ke Armaan Lute…’ sung so nicely by Rafi Saheb was the film’s attraction. Anybody need this song can mail me.

  10. hicham boumlik says:

    hi all the rafi lovers mohd rafi is famous in the arabian countries .we don’t understand any things about indian and english luanguages because in my country morocco we speak arabic and french and i work hard for sending some words to rafi site and to make friendship with you all the rafians around the world and i wish you agree that i and mohammed al saiety being in you familly; salam

  11. binus2000 says:

    hi hicham boumlik and saiety: Yesterday I met amin sayani the great
    indian radio artiste.. He said that Mohd Rafi lovers are all around the
    world .. Please take a postcard and write to the President of India
    and the Prime Minister of india to bestow the nations highest civilian
    award to legend mohd rafi who was also a great son of india and its
    greatest cultural ambassador.
    the government may perhaps heed..

    binu nair

  12. Raajkumar akela says:

    Hi Everybody !
    Mr. Saiety is a very good friend of mine.
    He is from Libya…. but loves Rafi Saab
    very much. We often chat and talk over
    internet phone. He speaks English. Here
    is his e-mail id…

  13. hicham boumlik says:

    salam; i’m hicham i’m from morocco i like mohd rafi’s voice likes my friend from lybia don’t understand any words in indian luanguage but i like the melody and the voice the skills of the king mohammed rafi and thank you for this beautiful site;salam

  14. binus2000 says:

    My e.mail i.d. is given below and I look forward to hear from
    rafi saab lovers….

    In Mumbai there is a meeting of rafi lovers at vileparle east and
    thereafter a feast of rafi saab songs by rafi lovers.. it will start from
    8.00 p.m sharp and interested ones may write to me urgently. the date
    is 11.7.07 (wednesday). Mr. Narayan the secretary and the coordina-
    tor is also attending the function.
    Please contact urgently: binu nair de rafi foundation: Mumbai

  15. mohamed parvez says:

    i need mohamed al saeitys email address i will send rafi saabs pictures &songs my email address is

  16. Guru says:

    Yes mohammed al saiety you r the real fan of Mohd rafi

  17. binus2000 says:

    Dear Mohd al saiety : welcome to the great forum and we
    love u for the sweet sentiments mentioned above for the legend
    mohd rafi saab..
    I visit RAFI SAABS grave occassionally and would be pleased to
    accompany u and meet u in Mumbai…
    we have the rafi foundation and we are pleased to invite u to this
    forum….. and please get in touch..
    readers pl. note that there is no alphabet b in arabic language hence
    the letter used instead is p ; hence the above letter is perfect and
    error free.
    please be in touch and we compliment u for your love towards the

    binu nair….

  18. dears….
    i am libyan..from libya.arabic muslem..45ys old
    i start love mohd rafi when i was just child..
    when i her his songs from film aap aye pahar was the first time.
    i started love him to much without any aknowlodhe woh is hi? wher he from?
    even i dont know what is india mean that time.
    belive me dears that hi makes in my mind the peauteful music..idea..thinking..hi grow ub in my heart jungle every good things.
    i did not get chance to visit india while hi still a live..there was some problem.
    now i am thinking about visit india to visit him in his grave.
    thats all what can i do for him.
    some peoples in libya call me (( majnoon)) when they saw how much i love him..they was asking me stupped quistions like (( you dont know what hi dont understand hindi . how you listen to him?
    i was sayng to them..its voice..its music.. music and love no need for launguage.
    i also thanks for all peoples who still keep love for my legend of legends…at last ** the singer is dead..not the sung.
    yours..mohammed al saiety….libya

  19. Narayanan says:

    Dear Anmol and Rajkumar sir,
    well said about our Rafi saab who sings for passion,love,compassion,charity,patriotism and last is money to run his fmly.
    dear Akmal sir,
    Rafi saab has no emotional feeling towards co-singers like lata,geetha or asha but he gave his best co-operation to all his contramperies

  20. akmal jangvi says:

    dear fans
    is there any emotional feeling of rafi with lata or geeta?
    can any one answer me.?
    i do not think so.clear it please?

  21. Raajkumar Akela says:

    Dear Unknow1,
    no question of my love for lata mangeshkar becoming less and less
    as I have never loved anyone except the great soul named Md. Rafi.
    I knew music through him..liked music through him…and love music
    through him. I love his golden voice more than any thing in this world.
    we can not hold everyone’s tongue…but i wonder how someone can
    deny his singing talent…his greatness…his generous heart towards
    the needy and poors…his simplicity and his vertu !!!
    Let them bark…asman par thooknewalon ko kya kahen ???

  22. unknow1 says:

    Dear Sir Raajkumar Akela,
    why not we should stop some one who said wrong about other great Mohd Rafi?how some one can say bad about Mohd Rafi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?he was a great human not only a singer Lata Ji is a great singer but when u read about her more and more u r love to Lata Ji become less and less.


  24. Anmol Singh says:

    Rafi sang very song with perfection, whether for a small time film maker / music composer. He treated very one equally. That’s why his majority songs are fabulous

  25. Usha says:

    Correct Nazeerbhai,
    As Rafi sabs fan we should be always keep smiling and enjoy the maestros melodious music.

  26. nazeer says:

    ashu…aswin…..why shold we boycot him.let him air his opinions.we get pure music from rafi sahib.which always enrich our mind and we shuld have such a mental capacity totake any baseless comments coolly.even kk couldnot bypass rafi as asinger.these people can do nothing

  27. Raajkumar Akela says:

    Hi friends !
    why don’t you stop answering this ‘bahurupia’ ashu/ashwin.
    he is a ‘virus. for this beautiful website. Please aviod him.
    Nana patekar was very much right when he said…”ek machhar
    sare aadmi ko hijda bana deta hai”.
    Please think of coming 31st July !

  28. Ali Akhtar Khan says:

    this song is for who said that Mohd Rafi was not at the TOP in 1970’s plz jest listen to this song and put u r top singer as u think was in 1970’s as I think answer will be only Mohd Rafi………… His 27th death anniversary is on 31st july 2007.However he will always be alive in the hearts of millions of music lovers for the grand and rich legacy
    he has left behind for all music lovers like us.



  29. Anand says:

    Very well said Sir, you have done true justice to one of the gems of Rafi Saheb. i always thought that there could be no one more dedicated to Rafi Saheb than me, but after visiting this site and after reading articles like this one and reading comments of all people esp P.Haldarji ( i have also read your comments in KK site), Raajkumar Akelaji and Mr. Unknow1 and many others, i feel like i am way behind in a very long queue. All of you have tremondous knowledge abt Rafi Saheb and also indian film music. i would like to say thank you all for all the information on this site. This site has brought me closer to Rafi Saheb than i ever was before and given me insights into the life of the only person, whom i regret not meeting in person. July 31st indeed is sad sad day for me as it reminds what a loss i have had of not meeting, not only a true legend but also a very and humble person (i am not finding the right words).

  30. Raajkumar Akela says:

    Dear Mr. Halder !
    Chithi English-e likhchhi..coz everybody is writting in English.
    You wrote you are trying to convince some of your misguided
    friends….and i have experienced it. you can not transform an
    ‘ass’ into a ‘horse’. an ass is always happy in his original form.
    Millions and billions time you say rafi saab is the best singer
    of this universe…and they will just nod.
    it is just like “bhains ke aage been bajana”.
    or may be deliberately thay want to ignore rafi saab !
    it is upto one’s choice. fans of other singers will never accept
    this in public that rafi saab is not the better, but the ‘best’
    singer……..whileas they know and accept it in their heart.
    apni apni majboori hai !!!
    How can one say mere dad se tumhare dad jyada handsome hai !

  31. P. Haldar says:

    ref. post 10

    Mr. Akela, apni Kolkata’r seta aagey bolben to. Sune khub bhalo laglo. I’ve been trying to convince some of my misguided friends from the city, but to no avail.

  32. Raajkumar Akela says:

    Dear Mr. Halder,
    You are most welcome.
    I am born and brought up in Belgachia (Kolkata).
    Aamra ki e-mail-e porichoy aadam-prodan korte
    pari ? My e-mail id is…

  33. P. Haldar says:

    ref post 6

    Mr. Akela, thanks for the information. I haven’t seen Goody Servai perform on stage but I gather he was an outstanding accordion player, who used to play in sj’s orchestra. Of the more recent ones, I’ve heard of Sumit Mitra, who used to arrange LP’s music. Thanks to you and mr. shah for sharing the information on dheeraj.

  34. sangeetvishwa says:

    Dear All

    We can find unending list of songs sung by Rafisahab which have been composed by relatively lesser known music directors but see the justice he did to each and every song he sung in his life.Its not just music but there is
    a lesson to learn from our beloved guru Rafisahab that give more than 100% in whatever you do.

    His 27th death anniversary is on 31st july 2007.However he will always be alive in the hearts of millions of music lovers for the grand and rich legacy
    he has left behind for all music lovers like us.



  35. mohamed parvez says:

    this song is one of the rafisaabs signature song i would say you should listen film version of this song

  36. Raajkumar Akela says:

    dear mr. halder,
    as i have been given information by mr. prakash shah,
    the accordionist of the song ‘teri pyari pyari soorat ko…’ sung
    by rafi saab in “sasural” was mr. dheeraj…a talented musician
    from gujarat. thanks.

  37. nazeer says:

    i herd this song for over a hundred times .but todayi understood its meaning after reading this article. i am from kerala.only barrier between rafisongs and many of his fans in kerala is hindi language.most of us donot know much hindi.but weunderstand rafi songs due to his devine rendition reflecting moods very no problem

  38. Monty says:

    “Apni aankhon mein basakar…” is indeed one of Rafiji’s best rendition. I haven’t heard so sweet and magical voice in the universe.

  39. prakash shah says:

    Hussain shaikh post 1:t is good that u r intrested as if my opinion ,but it looks frm yr choice that u will get faint if you listen haste zakhm “Tum mil gaye ho”Rajhath” and lastly what he(Rafiji) sang most memorable is in “KARZ” _Darde dil and “AAP TO AISE NA THE”_Tum is tarah se”and inbetween from gul boulochi to aas paas is called history for all of us.

  40. unknow1 says:

    this song is for who said that Mohd Rafi was not at the TOP in 1970’s plz jest listen to this song and put u r top singer as u think was in 1970’s as I think answer will be only Mohd Rafi…………

  41. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Quite nice article, this could be one of the best songs of Rafi Saheb. This lovely song picturised on Baldev Khosla, a new actor then. Music director Shyamji Ghanshyamji worked hard on this song. Another master piece of this music director was “Daur Woh Aa Gaya, Dil Ke Armaan Loote…” from a movie called “Dhuen ki Lakeer”, and sung by Rafi Saheb again. As said earlier too, Rafi Saheb was every music directors’ first choice. This song is a must for every Rafi fan. Anybody need it, mail me.

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