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Transforming audience to fans

Sunday, October 30th, 2011

by Rtn. Vidyut Shenoy

Transforming audience to fans

Transforming audience to fans

IFRM stands for International Fellowship of Rotarian Musicians. (The author Rtn. Vidyut Shenoy is the Core-Committee member of its Dist. 3190 Chapter).

IFRM Dist 3190 chose the redoubtable Indian singing icon Mohammad Rafi’s 31st death anniversary to put up an event showcasing his songs. Chairman Rtn. Manoj Agarwal and IFRM India’s Regional Director Rtn. Nagesh Sidhanti worked tirelessly behind the scenes to arrange ‘Meri Awaaz Suno‘, an event named after one of Rafi Sahab’s everlasting numbers. (more…)

The brilliant songs sung by Mohammad Rafi in the year 1960

Sunday, October 23rd, 2011

By Souvik Chatterji

Mohd Rafi with Lata Mangeshkar and Jaikishan

Mohd Rafi with Lata Mangeshkar and Jaikishan

Mohammad Rafi is considered to be one of the greatest playback singer that India had ever produced. Right from the early 40s till 1980 when he died, he was the ruler of playback singing in bollywood films. 1960 was a very notable year for Mohammad Rafi.

Few of the films where he had sung landmark songs were probably masterpieces. The lyrics and the compositions were the best in the history of bollywood music. For example his song in the film Chaudavi Ka Chand had the landmark song “chaudavi ka chand ho ya aaftab ho job hi ho tum khuda ki kasam lajawab ho” composed by Ravi can be considered as one of the ten greatest songs, Rafi had ever sung. The song was picturized on Guru Dutt. (more…)

Main Yahan Se Wahan Jaise Yeh Asman

Sunday, October 16th, 2011

By P. Haldar

Shammi Kapoor in Junglee

Shammi Kapoor in Junglee

That was his voice, ranging from here to there, just like the skies. Fifty years ago, when the actor came sliding down a snow-covered slope like an avalanche, he and his voice morphed into one. A junglee was born. And 31 years after the voice left him, he joins his “asman se aya farishta” voice. Thirty one:  3 and 1.  Shammi Kapoor was born in 1931. Rafi left us on July 31. Both of them left us on the 13th day of Ramadan.

31 is a prime number.

31 = 10 X 3 + 1. Ten hat-tricks plus one. (more…)

Tribute To Rafisaab

Sunday, October 9th, 2011

Written By : Suneil Makwana

Rafi Sahab's Final Resting Place

Rafi Sahab's Final Resting Place

I am Suneil Makwana from Mumbai and I am a big fan of The Legend Immortal & Eternal Singer Mohd. Rafisaab. I like to listen Rafisaab’s melodious songs and his voice give me peace to my mind. Unfortunately, I have not met the Legend because I have born in 1985 and I think it’s my bad luck Rafisaab left us in the year of 1980 but when I listen songs rendered by the legend I feel that he is somewhere around. (more…)

Rafi Nite “Yaad na Jaaye”

Saturday, October 1st, 2011

By Nasreen Hafesjee

Yaad Na Jaaye

Yaad Na Jaaye

Salaam-Namaste !

Ek haseen shaam ko, dil mera kho gaya !… Jee haan doston, uss haseen shaam ko hum sab ke dil kho gaye the, Rafi Sahab ki yaadon mein.

Friends, Radio Manpasand, want to say a very heartfelt Thank You for joining us last Sunday, 12th June at Cook Neighbourhood Hall for “Yaad Na Jaaye”. You came and just as we had predicted, we all took a trip together Down Memory Lane. And what a nostalgic, beautiful trip it was! One we could take again and again and never be bored. That is the magic of Rafi Sahab. (more…)

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