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Saturday Night Fever – A Shower of Rafi Melodies

Monday, March 31st, 2008

This article is written by Mr. Binu Nair.

Saturday Night Fever - A Shower of Rafi MelodiesON MARCH 8TH, Rafi singers “sizzled” and Rafi lovers lapped up the magical Rafi melodies at Mumbai’s Naushad Hall located at Koliwada, Sion. Nostalgia and mirth was high in the air on the cool Saturday week-end evening as singers after singers belted out rare, popular numbers from the by-gone golden era of hindi film music. Nanjibhai Bahadur the 87 year seniormost musician and singer who worked alongwith Rafi and Saighal played some very rare music pieces played by him in the original recordings some 60 years back. His zest for singing was in sight too as he sang two Rafi numbers working on the harmonia and delighting the packed audience. (more…)

Classical Rafi

Wednesday, March 26th, 2008

This article is written by Mr. H.V.Guru Murthy.

Classical RafiI have a Cassette by name “Anmol Ratan Volume 12 Mohammed Rafi” – “Phir Rafi” released by HMV which I very frequently listen to while I travel. All the songs are classical based and are soothing to ears. Side A contains “Radhike Toone” (BETI BETE) music by SJ, “Manare Tu Kahena” (CHITRALEKHA) by Roshan, “Madhuban Me Radhika” (KOHINOOR) by Naushad, “Saaz Ho Tum” (SAANZ AUR AWAAZ) by Naushad, “Nache Man Mora” (MERI SOORAT TERI AANKHEN) by SDB and “Aaye Bahar Banke” (RAJHATH) by SJ. (more…)

Hamare Rafi

Tuesday, March 11th, 2008

This information is shared by RAFI PUJARIS.

Hamare Rafi by Rafi Pujaris“HAMARE RAFI” = “RAFI PUJARIS” are found in largest number in India as well as all over the World. Rafi Pujaris would celebrate Rafisaab’s birthday on every 24th Dec. They did it this year too. “HAMARE RAFI” a group of RAFI PUJARIS celebrated their dearest Rafisaab”s 83rd birthday at Rafi Mansion, Bandra. A large number of Rafi Pujaris were present: Shri A.Narayan (Singer), Kishore Makwana (Singer), Bharat Dave (Artist), Hitesh Makwana (Singer & Graphic Designer), Shri B K Arte (Treasurer Cine Society), Dr .Ram Kataria (Dentist), Shri Kiritbhai Bhuta (Businessman), Shri Anil Mehta (Advocate), Arvind Solanki, Chanderbhai, Atulbhai Makwana, Tushar Trivedi, Manish Karnik, Dr.Yunus Sumra (MBBS) and Many more. (more…)

Ishq Ki Garmiye

Wednesday, March 5th, 2008

This article is written by Ms. Asha specially for: Ishq Karne Walon Ke Liye.

Ishq Ki GarmiyeWhat do boys in love do nowadays to profess their love? They go to a card shop and pick up something “mushy”, or they go and pick up a bunch of roses, soft toys are a very popular choice for many. But the easier ways are doing it online or on the telephone. It is truly sad to se that romance is dead and buried. Even for those who claim they are in love, time and money are too important and they wait for a chance when they are free. Well, no one said that girls were easy and though diamonds are a girl’s best friend, they go weak in the knees when someone opts for something truly romantic. (more…)

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