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Mujhe Mat Roko Mujhe Gaane Do

Thursday, August 30th, 2007

This article is written by Mr. P. Haldar

Mohd RafiRafi pleaded Mujhe mat roko mujhe gaane do in front of a 12,000-strong audience at the Netaji Indoor Stadium, Calcutta, on a February night in 1980, sending a strong signal to the producers and the powers-that-be in the Bombay film industry. Almost 40 years before that, Rafi had to persuade his father to let him go to Bombay so that he could sing in films. When Rafi’s father came to see him off at the railway station, he told Rafi, “Be a good man.” Twenty seven years after Rafi left us, we still keep debating whether he was a greater singer or a greater human being. When Laxmikant and Pyarelal composed their first film song, Rafi handed over the fee that he received to them saying “wapas mein bnaat lo”. (more…)

Clarion call to Bollywood

Monday, August 27th, 2007

This article is written by Mr. A.S.Murty

Mohd RafiMohammed Rafi, the Numero Uno among all the singers that our country has produced, ruled over Bollywood for close to four decades. He sang over 27000 songs and in many languages and he sang all types of songs. Be it ghazals, geets, qawwallis, bhajans, romantic or tragic, patriotic or plain MESSAGE BOARD songs, Mohd. Rafi rendered them all with such subtle ease and passion that he has no parallels in the music industry. He worked with all the top film producers, directors, music directors, female lead singers, male lead singers and a host of chorus artistes. (more…)

Visit to ‘RAFI MANSION’ a pilgrimage

Saturday, August 25th, 2007

This article is written by Mr. Subnavis Ramakrishna.

Rafi MansionFrom my very childhood I used love the songs of Rafi Sahab. That was the time when I was not understanding Hindi or Urdu ( my mother tongue is Telugu ), but neverthless the heart touching melody & softness in rendering had developed a prominent position in my deep within, which has become an inseparable bondage. I started craving for Rafi sahab. I used to get sleep while listening to these melodies. I dint know when my mother had switched off the radio. That was the time when I was in a small village Sakhigopal in Orissa. (more…)

Koi Sone Ke Dil Wala

Thursday, August 23rd, 2007

A True Words For Padamashree Mohd.Rafi Sahab by Mr. Hitesh.K.Makwana (Suniel), The Rafi Foundation . . Mumbai.

Mohd RafiSome words are really made for Padamashree Mohd.Rafi Sahab ( The King Of Melody ) and his every song has a m’essage for his fans, like Wadiyan Mera Daman Rashate Meri Rahe Ja oo Mere Siya Tum Kaha Ja oo gee. My Father Mr: Kishore.M.Makwana and My Self (Suniel.K.Makwana) are very great fan of Padamashree Mohd.Rafi Sahab. We are staying near Famous Studio at Tardeo were Rafi Sahab use to come for his song recording and whenever we listen the songs sung by him we always say (more…)

Rafi’s Late Entry

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007

This article is written by Mr. H.V.Guru Murthy.

Rafi's Late EntryMohammed Rafi has sung innumerable duets with Lata Mangeshkar, Geetha Dutt, Asha Bhonsle, Suman Kalyanpur, Sharada, Shamshad Begum, etc. apart from other male Singers like Mannadey, Mukesh, Kishore Kumar, Talat Mehmood, Shailendra Singh, Balbir, etc. But there are certain duets where the other Singers commence the song and Rafi enters the song late. Invariably it is found that in such songs Rafi has stolen the thunder from other Singers and has elevated the quality of the song. (more…)

Single Rafi Songs

Saturday, August 18th, 2007

This article is by Mr. H.V.Guru Murthy

There are many films where the Music Directors or the Heroes have used Singers other than Rafi. There are also movies where Rafi has sung just one song in the movie and the other songs are sung by some other Singers. What was the reason for the MDs / Heroes choosing Rafi for the particular song. Is it because of some superstition that Rafi Saab has to sing at-least one song in their movie or is it because they thought, perhaps rightly so, that the particular song can be sung only by Rafi. (more…)

Rafi – Lata Misunderstanding

Saturday, August 18th, 2007

This article is written by Mr. H.V.Guru Murthy.

Mohd Rafi and Lata Mangeshkar misunderstandingMohammed Rafi and Lata Mangeshkar have perhaps sung the maximum number of duets as compared to any other Singers, which was even admitted by Lata in her SHRADDANJALI. Those days, the MDs used to get the complete Royalty for any record sold. In the mid sixties, these two great Singers had a rift due to which they did not sing together for about three years. Officially it was given that Lata wanted a higher Royalty for the Singers, and thought that with Rafi’s backing, as he was the most popular singer during that period, (more…)

Teri Ada

Wednesday, August 15th, 2007

This news is shared by Reliance Communications, Narayani Music, Mumbai and Binu Nair.

Teri Ada, an albumTeri Ada album is like unearthing a veritable goldmine lost in the sands of time. ‘TERI ADA’ Love is in the air’ brings out the last few songs of Mohammad Rafi, composed by late Chitragupt Ji and penned by Late Kafil Azar. Recorded 28 years ago, these hitherto unheard of songs are now being released by the composer duo Anand-Milind exclusively on the Reliance Mobile World. (more…)

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