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Rafi saab – King of Playback Singing

Thursday, August 31st, 2006

I am Sunil Handa, I wrote earlier to your site regarding the Great Mohd Rafisaab, and the reactions that I got for my article has encouraged me to write again, because being Rafisaab’s great fan I feel it is my duty to share my views with fellow Rafians’ who have grown listening to Rafisaab’s song and are still listening to those wonderful and everlasting songs, sung by the King of Playback Singing.

I downloaded a 1977 BBC Interview of Rafi saab that was placed on your website, and when I listened to that interview, Rafisaab’s spoke so voice softly that you just cannot believe that this is the voice of a man who has sung so many songs and when he used to sing his voice was totally transformed. (more…)

Concert in memory of legendary Indian singer

Wednesday, August 30th, 2006

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INDIAN music group Doha Waves will hold a concert in memory of legendary Indian singer Mohamed Rafi at the Indian Cultural Centre (ICC) on August 31. It is being held in association with the ICC and Indian Community Benevolent Fund (ICBF). (more…)

Tu Ganga ki mauj Main Jamuna ka dhara

Tuesday, August 29th, 2006

This article is contributed by Mohan Flora.

Rain came to the city as budding singers sang the melodious songs of Mohammad Rafi set to the music of maestro Naushad in the preliminary competition organised Yaadgar-e-Rafi society at Bal Bhawan on Saturday. It was a good feeling to hear old and familiar numbers sung by young hearts, says Nirupama Dutt (more…)

The Rafi Phenomenon

Monday, August 28th, 2006

This article is by Mr. B.Venkatadri from Hyderabad.

While the Rafi Phenomenon is best viewed and understood as a whole and not in its bits and components, one is still tempted to understand the bits and components that make up Mohammed Rafi. (more…)


Sunday, August 27th, 2006

This article is by Nair. It was posted as a comment on Rafi and Yodeling article.

“yodeling is a type of singing in which high falsetto and low chest notes are rapidly alternated; its production is helped by the enunciation of open and closed vowels on the low and high notes of wide intervals” (Encyclopedia Britannica). (more…)

Rafi an unknown entity in his birthplace

Saturday, August 26th, 2006

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Once upon a time there lived a young boy Pheeko in this village who would go around singing ‘Khedan de din char ni maen’, which means ‘Life is too short so we should enjoy it’. Pheeko was the youngest of the five sons of Haji Ali Mohammed. (more…)

A Desire to Meet Rafi Saab

Friday, August 25th, 2006

This article is by Anmol Singh.

This is an expression of feelings of a fan about an artist. There are many Rafi fans all over the world that may have the fortune to see him sing live or meet him personally. Perhaps there are many fans that never had the opportunity or the privilege to see him or listen to him sing live or meet in person. (more…)

Mehel Udhas Aur Galiyan Sooni

Thursday, August 24th, 2006

This is written by Nair.

The accusation that Rafi cannot raise his pitch the to “tivra nishadam” is baseless. Tivra nishadam is normally a feminine position because it makes the voice to taper to the extreme. Rafi Sahab is a master in this, say for example, in a live concert (available online) in Oh Duniya Ke Rakh Wale; (more…)

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