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Mohammed Rafi

Monday, May 15th, 2006

This article is written by Raj Kaushal and contributed by Mohan Flora.

The CBSO celebrates the legendary Bollywood singer Mohammed Rafi, Bollywood’s answer to Frank Sinatra. Like Mohammed Ali, listen to another Mohammed who was simply the greatest. (more…)

Oh! Take Me With You….

Wednesday, May 10th, 2006

This article is written by sajdah@HF in tribute to the loving memory of Naushad Ali.

Naushad Ali ! The name conjures up a never ending stream of haunting unforgettable compositions that we’ve made a part of us. In the galaxy of Hindi movie music, he spun in a different orbit altogether. Take any one of his compositions ! Even his harshest critic wouldn’t dare to call it crass or tacky — such was his supreme command over his brand of music. (more…)

BBC Interview of Rafi Sahab in 1977

Monday, May 1st, 2006

Here is an audio treat – the audio interview of the legend. This was in Brittania, during 1977 while Rafi Sahab was on world tour. My thanks to Shuklas@HF for providing us all this interview. The transcript of the interview is below. Just read through and listen to Rafi Sahab speak in his soft voice. How transparent he is in his thoughts.

Mohd Rafi, jo lagta hai abhi kal taq jo hamare darmiyan the, aur phir voh chale gaye. Abhi chand baras huve jo woh London aaye the; unse ghulmil kar baatein ho rahin thi. Yakeen nahin aata jitni oonche unki taane thi, use se bhi oonchi aasmaanon mein unhone basera kar liya hai, aur jitne neechi unki sur the, unhe us se bhi zyada neechi need aagayi hai. Mohd Rafi, marhoom. (more…)

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