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The Rafi Legacy Lives On

Saturday, July 31st, 1999

This article was featured on Express India on account of Rafi’s 19th Death Anniversary.

Express India On Rafi’s 19th Death Anniversary. It is exactly 19 years since Mohammad Rafi passed away (July 31, 1980), but his voice continues to haunt us even today. After all, he’s left behind a rich legacy of songs sung by him over 35 years. (more…)

Rafi Lives on in Maldivian fan’s memory

Thursday, January 28th, 1999

Article by Khilath Rasheed written on Thursday, January 28, 1999 06:03:44 PM for Haveeru Daily Online

MALE, Jan 28 (HNS) – A huge black-and-white poster of singer Mohamed Rafi decorates the bedroom wall of young Yoosuf Rasheed. The 23-year-old restored the singer’s poster after it almost got destroyed while lying at the bottom of a cupboard in his flooded room during the heavy rains of April 1991. (more…)

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